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  1. Thanks for moving! I was wondering though... I thought that the 4h trade limit would only intervene if you were to have bought your maximum number of a certain item. 10 for barrow items, 100 for runes and so on. I thought you would only not be able to sell the same item within 4 hours if you would have bought the maximum number. So if you'd have bought 10 dharok helms you wouldn't be able to sell those for another 4 hours. But if you were to buy only 1 dharok helm (or 1 SGS in this case) you would still be able to sell it directly because you haven't bought the maximum number of items you were allowed in 4 hours...
  2. Ok guys. I'll put this very plain and simple. Today I was trying to buy a Saradomin Godsword in the Grand Exchange, in order to go to Bandos with a few good friends of mines. It went down over 600k this night so I expected to be able to buy it for relatively little money. I started at the minimum price and I didn't get it, obviously, but it was worth a try right? Everytime I added 500k to my offer but even at the medium price I couldn't get my hands on a SGS, even though the sword shows signs of crashing. But you know what? I thought, it could very well be that a merch clan is buying out SGS's right now, trying to make millions on them. I ended up offering 64M CASH. Which is 2.8m more than the current street value and only 300k under the max price. Which I thought quiet generous for an item in crisis. Turns out to be that even for this ridiculously high price I could NOT buy the sword. --- Then I moved to the forums, hopefully being able to get a sword over there. I found a guy selling his SGS for only 60m, over 1M cash under the street price. How could this possible rhyme with my earlier experience at the GE earlier today? Not at all! I thought this guy was just ignorant. He surely didn't know that a huge merch clan was buying out his weapon for max prices. Looking at the graph of the SGS he must have become desperate to sell it, for this low price. In the end I paid the street value for this SGS, mostly cash and little junk. --- Even though I had plans to start 'Bandossing' once I got the sword I thought it might be worth it to sell the SGS through the GE. This could potentially generate millions in under a minute. I put it in the GE for 64m, then 63m, then 62m. I ended all the way at the street value, and I still hadn't sold it! --- Now what is wrong with this? For some reason I can't buy a Saradomin Godsword for MAXIMUM price but at the same time, I can't sell mines for the MEDIUM price. Something is not right here. Can anyone explain???
  3. Here's the ones I got and which you still seem to be missing. PS. Maybe make a small list on the top of this topic where you show us which parts you got and which you are still missing. Prevents us from having to open all hide/show tabs in order to see which are missing ;). ~ ResisttheNWO
  4. Indeed for you the best way to make that 25m is by using merchanting, however avoid clans at all costs. The leaders buy before they tell their members the item so they can still get them cheap, and they dump them before they tell their members to. Solo merchanting is the way to go, it's pretty easy actually and requires only 5 minutes a day. So there's plenty of room left for you to use the other money making methods you have tried simultaneously.
  5. Easily! I did it at roughly 50combat about 2 years ago with around 1 defence when I was a pure. It then took some more time and maybe two attempts to kill a boss, but with your stats you will deal with them easilY!
  6. Now that you are bored anyways do something that anyone should do once in a while but can't set him/herself to, take a break. Take a break and do some other things IRL you like doing, if you ever find the joy to start playing you can do whatever you like ;)
  7. If you pm me I can send you a link of a guide. In the past 5 days I made 14m and in the past 2.5 months about 180m (starting at 40m)
  8. ^Don't listen to him, it'll get you killed :o
  9. Very nice, an epic way to get it through MTA and crafting your own runes :o
  10. I still don't understand what makes people being able to stand the worst skill of the game! [99/99]
  11. Very nice and brief blog, good luck on all of your goals :) PS: The baby is cute
  12. If you got a nice bit of money I recommend you do GE merchanting, which can be comined with other cmb/non-cmb skills
  13. Green drags unless you are getting 83 slayer real quick :lol:
  14. Today I will be windstriking, that's all :D
  15. I used to play for fun, now I'm playing cause I feel I have to. Sometimes I just stand at the Grand Exchange for an hour not doing anything, not talking, not moving, just totally paralized :S I guess that means I truly need to take it slow and gradually say goodbye to the game I've always loved :(
  16. If they are just mature people I don't even ask people for their age or anything! I only ask for people's age when they are working on my nerves, and in that case they annoy the heck out of me!
  17. In my case you better ask me which task I don't hate lol: Abberant spectres (cannon), mutated bloodvelds, abbysal demons (I tend to hate them but I'll keep them on my list for you guys who still think they are good money), dagannoths (cannon), black demons (I kinda hate hem but I do them for their low def), dark beasts and waterfiends.
  18. There's not much more I can add, slayer is the way to go!
  19. Purely based on look I'd say the attack cape, dark red combined with gold looks pretty cool. However the bright light blue color from the defence cape has something extraordinary too it that makes me like it more than the attack cape.
  20. That really makes no sense, unless you are being sarcastisch without realizing it yourself. The chances that you are getting claws tomorrow are just as small as they were on the first day you started slaying tormented demons, and on the day when you will be reaching your 10,000th tormented demon. For every next kill you make, the chances of receiving a certain item are as high as they were on your last kill.
  21. For money, green dragons are by far the best!
  22. It is not worth camping or doing the 26k trick SPECIFICALLY for the brawling gloves. But if you are pking for fun, to make money, or doing the 26k trick and you get them as a drop they are a nice bonus! So pking for them specifically is not worth the time, they are not really rare but you do not get them very often either! In the time it takes you to get brawling gloves you could have gotten more exp in that specific skill. Also IF you get brawling gloves, it is still unknown which skill you get them for...
  23. Done the 26k trick for a week now (and trust me, not even extremely much!) and I got 14 brawling gloves. I used to get them every 3 kills or so, but today I've done 10 kills but gotten none...
  24. I've never encountered a loop and yet I have 99 slayer :o The max I've had is the same task for 3 times in a row, so that's kind of awkard :P
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