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Joey's Bloggeh!!! - QUIT

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If you have read this far, post.








I've quit. I sold my stuff, bought an easter and a ranger set, and gave everything else to swagger g. Rs has been fun, but for the past few months, I've hardly been on at all. I've been too busy and I've finally decided to quit. I just canceled my membership. I'll probably log into f2p every couple weeks to chill with friends in edgeville like old times. I'll miss you all, goodbye.
















Stats at Beginning (3/18/07)
















Current Stats
























Currently: Training Herblore :o








65+ All Stats - 17/23
















81 Hunting - most people stop at 80. And I can get 400 ranks lower than I would with 80.




~Hunting red chinchompas












85 Slayer - Abyssal demons is a great training spot, and the occasional whip will be nice. I know 9/10 people have this goal, I love slayer and I will get it eventually. I'll probably take a break every 5 levels or so.




~Doing Slayer tasks....












75 Thieving - it's not too hard, but not too easy. Also it's been 61 for like 6 months.




~Pyramid Plunder












80 Agility - More shortcuts are always good, this should be a tough one, but it'll be worth it.




~Ape Atoll curse












75+ Herblore - Nice number, not too hard, not too easy.




~Making whatever potions.












70 Construction - It's been pretty low for a while, the only problem is getting the money for it.




~Making Oak larders












75 Runecrafting - All stats 65+, giant pouch.




~I'll probably make natures, and use the profit for world 66 law company.












80 Fishing - I haven't trained this for about a year now, and I'm tired of looking at "77/77"




~I'll spend a little while flyfishing in Shilo.












98 Cooking - I'm tired of looking at "80/80" and everyone else is going for 99, so I'm just getting 98 to NOT get 99.




~I'll cook all my trout and salmon from 80 fishing, and then buy+cook lobsters in World 99 Edge.












98 Fletching - Basically the same reason as cooking, I could care less about the cape, fletching capes are so common nowadays, it's not worth getting.




~Fletching yew longs












70 Mining - I hate this skill with a passion, but it's time I've raised it.




~Powermining iron ores












68 Smithing - Smithing is very boring for me, so I never get it up. I would like to be able to make full mithril, and I need it for all skills 65+.




~I'll probably make some cannonballs and steel platebodies. Not sure yet.












75 Firemaking - I'd like to get 99 eventually, but I have had the willows for 75 for a long time, and it's time I've raised it.




~Burning willows in 99 Edge.












90 Woodcutting - Ah, woodcutting. Used to be my favorite skill. I've had 85 ever since 83 combat. 85 woodcutting was my 1300 total level :XD:




~Cutting willows in Draynor.












65 Farming - This one's for Dusty! I don't really like the skill, but it's time i've raised it.




~Growing trees and ranarrs.








Combat Goals!




I'll probably do a lot of my skilling before these goals.












90 Strength - I'm only 2 levels off, so it won't be too hard. I'd rather keep it at 90 for now, instead of going for 99.




~Slayer tasks












90 Attack - I've had high strength for a while, and it's time I've gotten my attack up. Hitting more often is always good. Another 90 skill isn't bad either.




~Slayer tasks












80 Defence - I've always had lower defence and high strength/attack. Eventually I'll get it the same as the others, but for now I'll keep it a little lower.




~Slayer tasks












90 Hitpoints - Having more health is always useful, and the more 90+ skills, the better. Plus this will help me get 110 combat.




~Slayer tasks












75 Prayer - I got 70 not too long ago, and I probably won't get this for a while, higher prayer is always good.




~Using dragon bones on a friend's gilded altar.












80 Ranged - I don't range often, but I've had 76 for a very long time and I need to raise it a few levels.




~Slayer tasks












99 Magic - On March 1st, 2007 I got 94 magic. I loved alching in edgeville world 99 with all the friendly tip.iters to keep me company. It's one of my favorite skills, but I won't get 99 for a while, I'd rather work on my others first.




~Alching yew longbows in world 99 edgeville.








Item Goals




Note: I probably won't get these goals for a long time, I'm a poor noob :(








Full Veracs




Full Guthans




Santa Hat




180k Crystal Bow




Barrows Gloves <-- Don't flame my black gloves:oops:




Torag Plate & Legs




























(The most recent will be at the top, and the oldest at the bottom.)








Level Ups




[hide=Level Ups]
















































































































Missed 86 Hitpoints pic




























Missed 65 theiving pic :(




























New record of genie lamps!
















Missed the pic again!
















I missed the pic.




















Other Pictures




[hide=Other Pictures]
































I used these right after I got 80 Hunting. New record!








I got 7 genie lamps in my inventory while hunting. I was saving them for a few days.
















About Me




[hide=About Me]




My name is Conner. I have been playing runescape since around the end of November 2004. I am in 9th grade, and am 14 years old. I have been playing the drums for 3 1/2 years, and I play in a band at my youth group. I listen to mostly classic rock, most of my favorite bands are in my sig. In my free time I hang out with friends, play runescape, watch TV, practice drumming, listen to music, and stuff like that. Also, I live in central California :thumbsup:
























Friends' Blogs




[hide=Friends Blogs]




Metal Heart6
























Blink182 F55
































I Harding I
















Swagger G








Th3 Crusader




If I forgot anyone's, tell me and I'll add it.












Daily Stuff




[hide=Daily Stuff]








[hide=March]March 18th-




Levels gained: 72 Hunting




Interesting things: Made mah bloggeh




This morning I played runescape for about a half hour, then I went to church. When I got home, I went to my computer to talk to my friends. I logged in for about an hour after that, when I got 72 hunting, and Pez convinced me to make a blog. So I logged out and made it; the rest of the day I was hunting. About 10k off level 73 right now.








March 19th-




Levels gained: 73 Hunting




Alright, I got on RS and did a bit of hunting to get 73. The rest of the day I barely got 50k exp because I was talking to friends and stuff. Later in the day I went to see Wolfhunterxz get 80 magic in edge, then I hung around there for a bit, and had to go log off.








March 20th




Levels gained: none




Didn't have a lot of time on RS today, had a lot of homework and stuff to do IRL.








March 21st




Levels gained: 74 Hunting




Today I had to go to school, drum lessons, and youth group. I was only on RS for like 20 minutes, so I got my hunting level that I was 9k exp off.








March 22nd




Levels gained: none




I did a bit of hunting today, I should be getting 75 tomorrow, I'm only about 40-50k exp off. Iwatake joined me for a little while today to keep me company <3: I should get a few levels over the weekend, and next week is minimum days in school, so I'll probably get 81 hunting pretty












March 23rd




Levels gained: 75 hunting




Interesting things: I sold 2k chinchompas for 1.4m




Finally! The weekend! Next week is minimum days, and then 2 weeks off for spring break! I logged in this afternoon and got 75 hunting, then spent the rest of the day getting like 50k exp more and selling my chinchompas so far. I have about 3m cash now. (yeah, I know. I'm pretty poor) Hopefully tomorrow I'll get 76 hunting.








March 24th




Levels gained: 76 hunting




Today I hunted about 500 or so red chinchompas. I was tired of being on ancients (I had been since I got 94 magic) so I switched back to normal today, should make it easier to get around. Only 367 chinchompas off 77 hunting, I should have 81 by friday (hopefully).








March 25th




Levels gained: none




I didn't get on much today because I had stuff to do. I caught less than 100 chinchompas, but I should get 77 tomorrow.








March 26th




Levels gained: 77 hunting




This week in school is minimum days, so I'll probably get 81 this week. I was hunting, and then one of my friends came to join me, we both got 77 hunting. Hopefully I'll get 81 hunting by Tuesday. (I'm leaving for 8 days to Hawaii 8-))








March 27th




Levels gained: none




Today I played for a little while, got about 40k exp off my next hunting level. I might get 78 tomorrow, but I have youth group and drum lessons on Wednesdays.








March 28th




Levels gained: 78 hunting




I logged in for a couple hours after school today to get 78 hunting. I broke my record of 7 genie lamps and I'm going for 12+.








March 29th




Levels gained: none




I didn't feel like playing RS much today, so I didn't get much done.








March 30th




Levels gained: 79 hunting




Interesting things: Spring Break begins




Today I logged in and hunted for a while, while 0x Sirex 0x joined me for a while. I got 79 hunting then, and tomorrow I won't be on much at all because I'm going to my cousin's house who's leaving to Iraq.








March 31st




Levels gained: none




Interesting things: Was gone all day




I went to my cousin's house today, and on the way back went to guitar center. I bought a cowbell and other drum stuff. I'll probably get 80 hunting tomorrow.
















April 1st




Levels gained: none




Today I didn't get on too much, I spent a few hours hanging out with friends IRL. Red Hydra hunted with me while I was on to keep me company.








April 2nd




Levels gained: 80 hunting




Interesting things: Leaving to Hawaii tomorrow




I was on for a while hunting today. I hope I can get 81 tomorrow before we leave to Hawaii, I got about 140k exp off the level.








April 3rd




Levels gained: 81 hunting!




Interesting things: left to Hawaii in the afternoon








April 4th- April 11th




Levels gained: none




Interesting things: Was in Hawaii








April 12th




Levels gained: 62 and 63 theiving




Interesting things: Started theiving at pyramid plunder




Today I started doing pyramid plunder. I got 62 theiving, and almost 63, then went to Sr Travis77's 99 fletching party. I realized I was 150 exp off 63 so I pickpocketed a few guys and told Manacit2 to get in the level pic.








April 13th




Levels gained: 64 theiving




I didn't get to train theiving a lot today, I was busy with other things. I logged in and spent a few hours getting Blink182 F55 a birthday present (which is on sunday). Thanks to Cheeseydude6 for helping me with that. So we finished that and I watched Blades of Glory. Then later I logged in and went to Moose585's 80 Slayer party. Later I logged in and went to pyramid plunder where I got 64 theiving, I should get a few more theiving levels tomorrow.








April 14th




Levels gained: 65, 66, and 67 theiving




Interesting things: Pharaoh's Sceptre from Pyramid Plunder!!




Today I did a lot of things. I started at pyramid plunder where I saw ugafan 2009 and Saruman44. I showed Uga how to do pyramid plunder and he stayed there the rest of the day with me. Then I did Itchlarin's Little Helper with Moose585 and got a couple theiving levels and a Pharoah's Sceptre. Then I went to V Redneck V's 82 magic party, and sold the 2k red chinchompas that were sitting in my bank to Genius93. Then I went back to Pyramid Plunder where Moose585 joined me and Uga. I got 67 theiving, and then went to bed with about 40k exp to 68.








April 15th




Levels gained: 68 theiving




I didn't do much today, just stayed at pyramid plunder the whole day and got level 68. Tomorrow I have school finally, hopefully I'll still be able to get on a lot this week.








April 16th




Levels gained: 69 theiving




Today I did pyramid plunder for a while and got 69 theiving. A while later I went to Kenshinjapan's 99 cooking party.








April 17th




Levels gained: none




I did pyramid plunder for a little today. I wont be on tomorrow either because of stuff IRL. Hopefully I'll get 70 and 71 theiving on thursday.








April 18th




Levels gained: none




I didn't get on today because of school, drum lessons, and youth group. Ill try to get a couple theiving levels tomorrow.








April 19th




Levels gained: 70 theiving




I didn't have time to get 71 theiving today, but I got 70! This weekend I have stuff to do with friends, but hopefully I'll still be able to get on for a little while.








April 20th




Levels gained: none




Today I decided to stop doing theiving because it's getting boring. I started doing some slayer and will hopefully get back to theiving in a week or two.








April 21st - 23rd




Levels gained: none




Interesting things: Didn't play these 3 days




The 21st and 22nd I was at my friends birthday party. Then I had to work on my science project.








April 24th




Levels gained: none




Today I did a little bit of slayer, finished my greater demon assignment with about 25k exp off 70 slayer.








April 25th




Levels gained: none




I didn't get on today because of drum lessons and youth group.








April 26th




Levels gained: none




Today I finished a bloodveld assignment and started a hellhound one. I am 5k off 70 slayer and will try to get it tomorrow.








April 27th




Levels gained: none




Didn't play much today, had stuff to do. I'm such a slacker, I know. It's taken me 8 days to get 30k slayer exp =\








April 28th




Levels gained: 70 Slayer




Today I played for a little while and got my slayer level. I started out killing some hellhounds, but they got boring so I went to castlewars with moose585. After a game of that, I changed my assignment and killed some crawling hands. Then I got a 135 troll assignment (I love trolls) and went to kill some, where I got 70 slayer. I don't know when I'm going to get back to theiving, I only need 5 more levels for my goal. After I finish theiving, I'm probably going to start Runecrafting.








April 29th




Levels gained: 86 Hp




Today I did some more of my troll assignment where I got 86 hitpoints. I'm about 60k exp off 89 strength and 105 attack, and I should get it on wednesday.








April 30th




Levels gained: none




Finished troll assignment and got a new one of Steel Dragons. I changed it to ghosts. Then my good RS/TIF/IRL buddy Manacit2 got 99 magic, so I went to see him get it.
























May 1st




Levels gained: none




I started my ghost assignment today, didn't get on much though. I hope I can get on tomorrow to get 105 combat and 89 strength, but Wednesdays are pretty busy for me.








May 2nd




Levels gained none:




I didn't get on at all today. I have about 6k exp off 105 combat and 89 strength, I'm getting it tomorrow for sure! WewtZilla (just for you davie <3)








May 3rd




Levels gained: 89 Strength, 105 Combat




Got a troll assignment where I got 89 strength and 105 combat. Getting close to my slayer level as well, about 40k exp off 71.








May 4th




Levels gained: none




Today I finished my troll assignment and started a dust devil one. Nothing too interesting happened today, weekend is here! I'm probably going to be working on a banner for my blog this weekend, but I don't know when I'll get it done.








May 5th




Levels gained: none




Today I finished the dust devil assignment, and a bloodveld one. I ended up with less than 1k exp off 71 slayer and if I get on for a while tomorrow, I'll get the level.








May 6th




Levels gained: none




Today I played for a while, but I was chilling at my brother's POH, he had a small party and I was bored. I invited a few friends too, that was fun.




(<3 Swaggeh)








May 7th




Levels gained: 71 Slayer




Today I completed a daggonath assignment, and got my slayer level.








May 8th




Levels gained: none




So today I got a slayer assignment of 13 Steel Dragons, which I skipped. Then I had to kill 15 Wall Beasts. After that I got another Daggonath assignment of around 150, and killed around 100 of them.








May 9th




Levels gained: none




Today I killed the last of my Daggonaths, and that's all I had time to do.








May 10th




Levels gained: none




Didn't get on much today, but I did do a little slayering.








May 11th




Levels gained: none




Testing is over in school! Today was a fun day! After school I got on RS to do some slayer, I'm coming up on 90 strength and 72 slayer and I should get sometime next week.








May 12th




Levels gained: none




I didn't get on RS today because I was spending the day at an amusement park with my friends.








May 13th




Levels gained: none




Today I got a hellhound assignment of around 150 and killed a bunch of them. I have about 90 left and I'm about 100k exp off 90 strength and 25k exp off 72 slayer.








May 14th




Levels gained: none




Today I killed some more hellhounds and I almost finished the assignment. I ended up today with 15k exp off the slayer level and 30k exp off the strength level! I'm so close!!!








May 15th




Levels gained: 90 Strength




Today I did some slayer until 90 strength where I got the level on my RL friend Manacit2 in the wild.








May 16th




Levels gained: none




I didn't get on at all today. School/drum lessons/youth group.








May 17th




Levels gained: 72 Slayer




Today I played for a while, got a skeleton task where I got 72 slayer, and then got a jelly assignment which I almost finished.








May 18th




Levels gained: none




Finished my jelly assignment and then got a couple noob ones which I burthorped. Then I got a troll assignment which I will do tomorrow.








May 19th




Levels gained: none




Finished my troll assignment today and got a bad assignment which I burthorped for a jelly assignment.








May 20th




Levels gained: none




Today I got 1m back from Skili which he owed me, and bought back my whip, so I'm going for 90 attack now. Finished my jelly assignment and then got an assignment of 161 elves, I was too lazy to kill them so I burthorped it.








May 21st




Levels gained: none




Got another huge elves assignment that I burthorped and finally got a black demon assignment which I started D-Hallying.












May 21st




Levels gained: none




Played for a little while today, almost done with my black demon assignment, getting close to 85 attack and 73 slayer.








May 22nd




Levels gained: none




D-hally'd some more black demons, this assignment will probably last me 'till friday because I have stuff to do this week.








May 23rd




Levels gained: none




Didn't get on today because of stuff IRL.








May 24th




Levels gained: none




Finished my black demon assignment today then I went to hang out in my rother's POH.








May 25th




Levels gained: 73 Slayer, 85 Attack




Today I did a Daggonath assignment and got 73 slayer as well as 85 attack. After I got the attack level, I went to the duel arena for fun and won 100k staking.








May 26th




Levels gained: none




I hung out in my brother's house for a while because I didn't really want to do anything today, my friend came over who plays RS and we chilled there. Then I gave my buddeh Swagger G some money to buy me Torag's legs and plate, they should help me with slayer a lot.




















June 1st




Levels gained: 74 Slayer




Today I finished off a noob wolf assignment, and then I got my best task ever. 199 Daggonath! So I got 74 slayer from that assignment. I'm also one level off 1700 total!








June 2nd




Levels gained: none




Today I didn't get ANY good assignments, I burthorped four. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a few good ones. Also today I went to Wakka's 99 slayer party.








June 3rd




Levels gained: none




Played for a little while today, did a bit of slayer, still no great assignments, but I did get 50 something kalphites and I killed the level 85 ones.








~I'm not likely going to update this anymore, it's too time consuming~




















Special Thanks




[hide=Special Thanks]




I'd like to thank pretty much everyone on my friendslist for being there for me. You guys are awesome and I love you <3:








Thanks to (in no particular order):








Blink182 F55




















Lord Rodyle0




















Eradicate It




I S K 1 L I








Mr S Scope












Pasta Cheif




Moopy M








Potter Pker








Who Le Ow




































Metal Heart6
















Wild Goat14












0x Sirex 0x
















Swagger G
















Nice Guy221




I Am Phi
















If I forgot anyone please let me know, I just skimmed my friends list for good tip.it friends. I probably missed a few.








If anyone donates anything I'll post the trade pics here too. :D
















Thanks, and please post :)

Quit - October 7th, 2007.

1700 Total, 4 years of RS.


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:shock: About time








I like good bands too ::'








Cookies and moose plawks =P~




BTW here's a picture just for you, take a good luck at the stuffs in red \'









hows the weather up there. where the rich people live. currently, in the poor area its -1.
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Good luck with your goals!! :thumbsup: \'

128+ Combat \\ 1900+ Total Level \\ 85M+ EXP

5,999th To 99 Woodcutting Achieved June 27, 2007

66,931st To 99 Strength Achieved January 23rd, 2009

Draconic Visage: 1+ \\ DK Drops: 169+ \\ GWD Drops: 74+

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Good luck on your goals. :)

I shall take my flock underneath my own wing, and kick them right the [bleep] out of the tree. If they were meant to fly, they won't break their necks on the concrete.
So, what is 1.111... equal to?



Please don't continue.


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Shun the unbeleivers!








Joey's blog rox my sox <3:








"65 Farming - This one's for Dusty! I don't really like the skill, but it's time i've raised it. "








Muwahaha :twisted:








HAHAHA!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm going to put a link to that movie :D :XD:








Thanks for the posts everyone. I R popular.

Quit - October 7th, 2007.

1700 Total, 4 years of RS.


^Click for Blog^

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