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What would Life be like without...?


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The point of this game is that: The first person (me) comes up with a thing (person, animal, or mineral (or anything else within reason)), then the person who posts below me tells what would life be like if the thing had never been invented/come into existance.




Trust me, it'll get easier as we go along.


The Rules:


You may not use Chuck Norris, either as the thing or the reason.


You may not include nukes, bombing runs or lasers of any kind.


You may not flame other peoples things as a "reason"


And...have fun. ::' (Ok, so this is not a rule.)




I'll start:



Need a new signature....perhaps...

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Thousands of trees would have been saved, for junk mail would not exist if there were no mail boxes, making the world a better, more ecofriendly place. :lol: (I bet you want to go destroy some mailboxes now, huh?)




The smilies on Tip.it forums. :ohnoes:

Penguin Power!


^The last great war of the Wilderness....

Yeah, I don't have a cool signature, so the MSSW3 sig will have to do....

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Ok, I admit it, the rules may be a little too vague. I'll try to fix later...


Without smilies, there would be no way to express emotions visually, and we'll have to resort to picture text mail o_O.





Need a new signature....perhaps...

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More crap would decorate FG.




Urinating hobos.


Command the Murderous Chalices! Drink ye harpooners! drink and swear, ye men that man the deathful whaleboat's bow- Death to Moby Dick!



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*heavenly chorus*




Captain Falcon


Click the "Signed in as..." go to Manage ignored users, copy paste Toki_Hakurei.

I'm pretty sure having boobs is the most broken super power anyone can ever have. 0_0
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