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Beautiful Skillcape Poll - Need screenshots of capes!


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Here is how it works:


1) You choose a skillcape that you think is beautiful trimmed or untrimmed, you can choose only 1. Don't choose it because it's "cool" or "rare" but because it's beautiful to look at.




2) I place your vote, and if the cape is not on the list i will add it.




I need screenshots of the capes (in High detail) so please take a screenshot of your character from behind with a cape and cut it out so that it's small and upload it and post it here!






[untrimmed Attack] [untrimmed Strength]090708183641.png[untrimmed Hitpoints] [untrimmed Ranged] [untrimmed Magic] [untrimmed Prayer] [untrimmed Summoning] [untrimmed Slayer] [untrimmed Agility][untrimmed Farming] [untrimmed Herblore] [untrimmed Runecrafting] [untrimmed Crafting] [untrimmed Mining] [untrimmed Smithing] [untrimmed Fishing] [untrimmed Cooking] [untrimmed Woodcutting]FiremakingCapeSetup-1.jpg[untrimmed Fletching] [untrimmed Thieving] [untrimmed Hunter] [untrimmed Construction]




untrimmedattack.png[Trimmed Strength]090708182724.png4253655c8d23c41e426b96751244805cadf611c.png [Trimmed Ranged]090708182720.png4253658c07fc62569f051bb14dfc109feac5d81.png [Trimmed Summoning] [Trimmed Slayer]AgilityCape.pngFarmingcape.png[Trimmed Herblore] [Trimmed Runecrafting]Craftingcape.png[Trimmed Mining]2eclurs.png[Trimmed Fishing]th_cookcape-1.png2il1rua.pngFiremakingcape.pngFletchingcape.pngThievecape.pngHunterCape.png[Trimmed Construction]










Summoning - 1 vote:






Firemaking - 2 votes:


Sonic3190, spooferfish, Championfurydelta123




Slayer - 1 vote:






Fletching - 2 votes:


cooldog08, 01sirt




Prayer - 1 vote:






Hitpoints - 1 vote:








Attack - 1 vote:






Defence - 1 vote:






Farming - 8 votes:


WoodenFruit, Agent1777, foofoomagoo, Rien_Adelric, Chaosxreigns, SirHemen, AgentEarl, Natedoggygog




Hitpoints - 5 votes:


abc1230, Zierro, tybone537, mister_moocky, cruzaar




Thieving - 3 votes:


dfchester, Wereta, ice_goddess1




Prayer - 5 votes:


Kingjoe, life_mage12, Embrace, DarkX99, OnyxStyx




Fletching - 2 votes:


a_local_guy, EGmaestro




Mining - 12 votes:


Fools_Taco, meziathol, chris924, Paul00, RunescapeVII, Killerred005, xxxgod, Koanga, Juhniz, Ollyc3, Master_Smither, 3nj0ylum6y




Smithing - 1 vote:






Agility cape - 3 votes:


TheLeonardo, Peter144, Peterpan538




Slayer - 6 votes:


Seraphyna, zwyrm, psvstef, nathanw16, colossus110, zaaps1




Ranged - 2 votes:


leonxb, britonlongbow




Runecrafting - 4 votes:


Bauke, Racheya, -Peronix-, doc_roe3




Magic - 1 vote:






Herblore - 6 votes:


tripsis, r0ckyk34n3, RyderJ, banjojam, biscithead, RayOxide




Construction - 1 vote:






Firemaking - 1 vote:



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Almost Voted for:




Agility is my favorite skill, but I do not think it's the best looking cape (close though!)




Farming is also a great looking cape, strong green.




and a tie between Def and Hp capes, both are just so nice.










I am voting:




I'm going with Mining Cape (t), it is honestly the best looking cape I've seen.

645th to 99 Agility.


I'm always up for a good chat, feel free to pm.

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