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Old Wildy vs BH Worlds

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I like <3 ... is the entire wildy open though?




Everything except Clan Wars and the old BH arena is open.



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I love it. The loot is as good as it will get, and there are so many more people fighting.


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Plus I think the whole teenage girl thing will end soon (hopefully), because my girlfriend is absolutely in love with him(she is 18), and im beginning to feel threatened by his [Justin Bieber] dashing looks.

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I killed a dude with dragonhide and a rune helm and got 140k in items. the hillarious thing was that in the middle of the fight he dbow speced me and had a preset saying when he launched it saying "owned by *name*". after he hit 8-8 he started to run and I hit a 44 on him :twss:


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One factor of the old wild vs bh world is the risk.


In f2p I mainly see people dming in just monk robes and bow/2h or rune skimmy/2h combo. As you only need to risk 25k to get a legit drop.




So what Im saying is that the new wild took away the orginal risk feeling and replaced it with a 'If I wear this I can get a better drop!' feeling.

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The only thing I'm afraid of is the tremendous pricefall of corrupted items.




Jagex will need to bring some more 'nice' items in.

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It's alot better imo, i already made more money in 2 days fighting in rune than dclaw speccing in pvp. Target drops are unbelievable also, it's a guaranteed 500k+.


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i hope there will be a new pker rule,that you play with private on when at the ph worlds,so can pm,meet up,fight =)




havent tested yet,so not sure if most of the people hand around castle etc,like the GOOD old days,esp back in rsc.






i really hope they think something for duelling too,as it was popular beyond control too : )




recovering my pure atm,to give this a shot :thumbsup:

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I think the BH worlds are a good step towards old wildy, but it's not developed into what it should be. Some factors should have stayed the same from old wildy to new BH. Untradables are a hot topic, as well as teleing. Not that i'm a fan of teleing, but it would put more people in the wild if they knew they had a chance to escape. Even then, there would be suprise KOs. Also, the target system is a bit messed up...half hour for a targ? How are people supposed to get #1 on the BH high score when it takes a half hour for 1 targ? Needs some work, but it's heading down the right path.

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Only thing is on p2p bounty hunter worlds VS the old wild there were never God swords or dragon claws. So there was never the real threat of being one hit from high hp. It made the p2p wild a little safer then it is now.




i'd have to agree with that... it's less about skill and more about




"lol i had a god sword in my inventory waiting to spec you"




same with D-bow and D-claw they need to raise the HP cap or rework the fundamentals of the hp system, I've always said (even back in rs1) that the longer a game is out the more and more powerful items will become and the need to update the levels and caps that the game has....




the BEST example is dare i say it, WOW, they released WotLK and guess what? they up'd the level cap, yes you can say it makes some previous "best weps" pointless,


but thats like crying that your rune scim sucks when you go from f2p to p2p, get serious.




I play the game for fun, and if I'm in a fight and i eat three times cause the guy is * specing me and some dip*hit sitting there with void D-bow and melee prayer on specs me and nails like 30-30 or some ridiculous number then 1 of 3 things happens:




1. you die


2. you dont die and the kid runs out because your low on hp and still eating


3. your fast enough to pop pray and run out




with the introduction of these weps with good spec's and no change in the levels it has become increasingly easier and easier to get the levels (so more people are maxed)... it's basically made it easier to be childish and grief.

i don't play psykick anymore... i play 2ed: "pure fett"


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I personally liked the old wilderness better even through I almost never pk, but the Bh worlds are also very nice, not as good as I expected, but they still are good.

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Ah, the Old Wild vs New Bh argument. I personally just find it easy money, not that I pk much anyways, thanks to the mages and dclawers hanging around -.-. I guess, as Triple said, it's encouraging people to do 'real fights' more than just Dclawing all day, which is what JaGex was aiming for imo.




The loots are good, easily 'abusable' but I'm not complaining. I've never fought in the old wild before, so I have no idea, but when the old wild was here, it's relatively hard to get downed from full hps to 0 in a few seconds, compare that to now.

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Pretty nice. I think we should be able to get untradeables back, now that loot is mostly random; back in the old wild I was kinda against it, just because you loot what you kill, and most of the time a rune PK would just give you rune legs+a DDS.

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3 Targs, 4-5 randoms. I'd be 1Mish richer, i got [bleep]ing 500k. [bleep] this [cabbage] (and I do small risks, 90% of my k0s today where on 5hp in DH with non-welfare (300k+ gear).




[bleep] this [cabbage]. I got so many rune legs..



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