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Damage Inc Possibly Re-Opens


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This will affect the clan world but I think a lot of wannabe's will join them, curious if they manage to reach the point they once had and claim #1 again.


I think they'll officially open somewhere in summer, anyway good luck to them. :thumbup:





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I don't like the idea of clans reopening. Gl to them however.

Same, if it's done its done. Ghjjf left because he was bored with the game - once summer is over I'm sure he'll resume his boredness and quit again. And if he does, there is no point keepind DI open, because as much as you may like to make fun of him DI woudln't be the same without him.


I highly doubt they could get anywhere close to their old power as well.

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Read this last night, will DEFINITELY be interesting to see how this impacts other clans, the crash fest, as well as to see how DI manages if they do so choose to reopen.


I wish them the best of luck.

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Could be intresting, especially for the likes of VR,Corr,DF with the crashing row.


I wish them the best of luck


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it's going to add a twist to the crash war. We'll see how many clans will be susceptible to a mass leave after this.

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Major Troll. Lol made me laugh


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