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The Gallery Rules, FAQ and Resources

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Table of Contents
I. The Gallery Rules
III. Helpful Tips
IV. User Tutorials
V. Media Resources
VI. Gallery Dictionary
VII. Sam's Helpful Resources
I. The Gallery Rules

  • The Gallery is for For posting and discussion of photographs, conventional and digital images, signatures, and all other forms of art!
  • Signatures used on this forum may not have a combined total size over the board limits, that is a width of 450 pixels, a height of 200 pixels, and a file-size of 100Kb.
    Note: This applies to the total size of the signature, meaning if two or more images are used next to each other (top/bottom or side/side) their sizes are added together to get a total size.
  • Excessive use of blood and gore is not allowed. These Signatures and Avatars will be dealt with on a case by case basis and are subject to removal at the discretion of the Admin team.
  • All images must be placed inside of image tags (). This is for the safety and security of our users. If you do not post images with these tags, the images will either be placed in the tags (if at all possible), or the link removed/post locked.
  • Your final product must include somehow some of your very own work. Blatantly posting copy/pasted parts together from materials by others is not allowed and in many cases - considered ripping.
  • Ripping will be taken very seriously. If you are caught ripping in your signature/art, disciplinary action will be given at the discretion of the Admin team.
  • Do not break into a users thread to flame their work, that is considered spam, if you have c/c to offer you may do so in a professional constructive manner.

Whether someone is a beginner who draws stick figures, or an accomplished artist who paints like Van Gogh, NO ONE deserves to have derogatory comments and flames posted about their work.

Posted Image


Can I sell Images/Signatures/Avatars/Items for rs gp?
No, Selling Signatures/Avatars etc. for RuneScape items/money is not permitted and is against Jagex Rules.

How do I post an Image or add a Signature?
Read the How-To Guide: Posting an Image

Where can I find someone to make my Signature?
Check the Searching for an Image Artist. thread.

III. Helpful Tips:

  • Don't post your first ever sig. To be quite honest with you, they are hardly ever decent. Remember, if you think it doesn't look good, it doesn't. For those of you who truely feel that you are hot stuff, ask for a second opinion such as family member, friend, or messenger buddy if you want a real opinion as to if it's any good. If they give good feedback, post away.
  • Being blunt here, but if you are New and using MSPaint for your sigs, chances are they aren't very good. There are a select few who can use MSPaint and make excellent pixel sigs. They know who they are. If you aren't one of them, I suggest you practice, practice, practice. It will take dozens of hours (only an assumption) to get decent at making pixel sigs. This type of art is incredibly detailed when done right, and takes many hours (just ask a pro) to complete successfully. Most importantly here, don't post your first pixel sig. They are rarely good and most times don't stand a chance.
  • If you posted your first sig and got medium to negative feedback, don't go off and open a Free shop. A Free shop should be made when you have multiple sources saying that they think it is a good idea, and you get good feedback regarding your art. You can ask the same friend or family member that commented on your first work.
  • Some people aren't genuine on these boards. When you ask for a rating (I personally think ratings are overrated, use comments and constructive criticism to 'rate' a work please), some people will use sarcasm, or try to be nice and give it a good rating. A good reader will give a comment that they truely feel is just, rather than be soft and post a rating that they feel the artist will prefer. You'll never learn this way, it corrupts you. Take in every comment that someone makes, and apply it to your learning. Also think about the fact that some people are just mean and will tell you things just to anger you but they might not mean it.
  • This is a biggy here: DON'T RIP! This means don't go and Google an image, crop it, and post it on a background you got off of a tutorial. This also means do not rip from other Signature Artists! The biggest problem lately is people seeing pro-pixelers and getting a bit envious, leading them to copy their image and change some things in it and calling it good to go. The next thing you know it's in a "Check out my first ever pixel sig!" post.
  • So you make your first visit to the Gallery, see some amazing sigs, and say "I want to do that!" First of all, don't make a post asking about how to make sigs. This is possibly the most ignorant thing you can say on these forums. Next, many people don't have expensive graphics programs and don't know how to use them. I suggest downloading trial versions of a program you're interested in, and learn how to use it as much as possible in that time. Hopefully you can decide if you want to purchase that program. Illegal downloading of graphics programs is against forum rules and the law.It cheats many people out of their money, violates copyrights, and raises prices for those of who purchase programs legally. Don't do it.
  • Signatures with poorly edited screenshots are generally frowned upon. This takes minimal effort and usually generates negative feedback. Remember, people like effort. Most people with the eye can tell how much time was spent on a piece. Amazing detailed pieces are rarely done in a short period, and a lot of time (often it's spanned over a few days) and effort is put into them. They often have a lot of meaning and are a unique style to them.
  • Without posting every Signature you ever make, try to have a unique style to your work. Most pixel art is does not have a unique style and it's way overused on this forum. There are only a couple of artists on these boards that have a unique look to their art. Be original, and have a style that when people see it, they know it's you.
  • Don't test your sigs by making a new thread about it. If you want to test your sig/avatar, please use The Signature Test Sticky which is always located at the top of the Gallery.
  • Just because you get negative feedback from a post doesn't mean you should give up. Learn new styles and techniques from friends or even tutorials (Such as Good-Tutorials or Web Machine). Don't post your results from every single tutorial you do and ask if people think it's cool. Many times people are on top of things and your first reply will be a dozen links to tutorials you could have used.

IV. User Tutorials: - PM A Gallery Mod if you wish to have a tutorial added or removed from this list.

V. Media Resources:
Here is a compilation of resources special thanks to User and Tyler for posting these links. All links are current as of 03-30-06 ~Alduron.

VI. Gallery Shops, Gallerys and more:

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VI. Gallery Dictionary

If you don't see a word your looking for or have a word you would like to see added, PM a Gallery moderator.

Also if you're looking for a certain definition, use Ctrl + F. :wink: Click on the hide tag below to reveal the dictionary.

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VII. Sam's Helpful Resources

Layered Image Files
Photoshop PSD's


Pat_61: Samus Tutorial

Littleboy: T Pain

Hawkxs: Guy Sig Tut

Tutorial Links

Resource Packs

Tuts+ Network - A fantastic network of design tutorial sites.
Tutorial9 - A photoshop-tutorial-blog kind of thing, popular too.
Abduzeedo - A tutorial blog with tutorials for Photoshop, Pixelmator and even the occasional GIMP tutorial.
SmashingMagazine - A popular design blog offering resources, interviews and insights on the creative world.
Bittbox - A design blog offering top quality freebies, made famous by it's themed "Texture Thursday"
Béhance- A creative site that lets you showcase your work, gain exposure and perhaps help your career, as many big companies and industry leaders use the network to recruit the top talent.
Everystockphoto - This site is an index for the large majority of photos on the top free stock image sites.
VectorStock - This section of the vectorstock site enables you to download free vectors to use in your work
sxc.hu - The world's biggest royalty free, cost free stock image site.
deviantART - deviantART is the world's biggest art community, featuring galleries, collections, community forums and even a huge IRC-type message client/network.
wellstyled - A generator of color schemes for artists to create well balanced and harmonious designs.
Kuler - Another colour scheme generator, but also lets you create swatches and also enables you to save them to your computer as photoshop swatch files.
Grappa - A nifty piece of kit that lets you create rainbow fractals by using the movement of your mouse


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