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Every way to mage Barrows- On Vid!(July 2006) (AoW)


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Every way to mage barrows




Direct Download links now avaliable!: http://rs.facepwn.com/Barrows/




That's right... I spent days recording and editing EVERY way to MAGE Barrows, There's slayer dart, advanced and Beginner to how to stay there for 5 runs on 1 Prayer Potion!




Not only will I be posting links, but I will be pointing out all the pros and cons, so you can choose which way is right for you... then you can watch the video and see how it's done!




Before I post any links, I would like to thank Chams10, he gave me free webhosting (which all of these are on) and helped me embed the video, so you don't have to download anything!




If you don't trust the links, don't click them. Thse are videos made in Camtasia, hosted on my private webspace, ready for your viewing. All that is necessary is a WMP plugin from Microsoft, for Mac or PC!




Now... Lets bring on the Barrows!





Method one: Normal ancients Ice burst/Blitz/Barrage


requirements: Desert Treasure, some guts










-Runes can cost quite a bit, using more then any other method


-require practice and coordination




-No prayer potions used, the only brother you need pray on is karil, Ahrim if you don't have the mage level.


-Fun! I like to do barrows with ancients! it makes it more of a game :D




Method two: Slayer Dart-For beginners (cheap equip, not much to lose)


Requirements: 40 Def (reccomended 70) 55 slayer and 50 magic.









-You might have to use quite a bit of food, because you're using inexpensive equipment.




-Runes are almost always regained


-Not much to lose




Method Three: Advanced slayer dart (Guthans)


Required: Guthans, 55 slayer and naturally 70 def










-You risk losing a Guthan spear (6m) If you die




-You don't use a lot of food


-Guthans has a good meele Defense




Method Four: A God Spell


Requirements: Sara strike, Flames of Zammy or Claws of Guthix, 60 mage (80+ for charge is reccomended)










-good magic exp


-High hits, not much time spent killing each bro




-Spells need to be charged in the wilderness


-80 Magic is required for charge, to boost the max hit to 30 from 20


-Uses a lot of blood runes




Method five: Fire wave


Required: 75 magic










-Dosen't use all that many bloods


-hits fairly high




-Uses A lot of fire runes


-uses blood runes, which can cost a lot




Method six: Fire Bolt


Requrements: 35 mage, Chaos Gauntlets are highly reccomended










-Uses very cheap runes


-Bloods, deaths, minds and pretty much everything is profit


-can be done at a very low level




-You have to pray on all brothers


-Hits aren't too high







Method Seven: 5 runs, 1 prayer potion: Ancients and Guthan


Requirements: Desert treasure, Guthans, Some major guts, and 70+ mage










-A lot of runs on a single p pot


-Hardly any food consumed




-Guthans and ahrims/mystic, that's a lot to loose


-The normal, ancients eats a lot of runes




And that's that!

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I don't think Ice rush is worth it, but that's my opinion




k thanks.




oh and one thing you may want to change. you said fire bolt needs to pray on all brothers, but you only use up around 3 food (70 def) not praying on torag while using rune. (atleast i only used 3 food on avg (sharks)

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Nice job Manacit, a little bored :lol: :P ?




I still like the traditional simple Magic Dart-Pray only on Karil and Dharok method, half the time I don't even use a dose (still not sure on whether to pray on Verac) and I can kill pretty fast with my new 90 Magic :P . Ancients just seems too expensive and tedious for me, Magic Dart works.

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I'll find time to watch em all..I'll watch ancients tomorrow

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does the reduction effects on the God spells work on NPC? If it does, then i dont think sara strike is beneficial enough over the other 2 spells (although i admit it, it kills insanely fast, and uses less runes than ice barrage.

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Very nice vids...well done




However, you dont have every method vid'd like you claim...Im pretty sure I dont see a verac vid up there :wink:




Every way to Mage Barrows O:)




does the reduction effects on the God spells work on NPC? If it does, then i dont think sara strike is beneficial enough over the other 2 spells (although i admit it, it kills insanely fast, and uses less runes than ice barrage.




I personally used Claws of guthix but I don't think it matters. They have a mage level of 1, so lowering their mage level dosen nothing, I'm not going to meele them so lowering their defence level dosen't do mucy either. I think they're all even :)

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