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If you had J-Mod powers, would you use them?


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That is to say, if you had the ability to change your skill levels and produce any item at will in your inventory, would you still be having fun playing?




It seems to me that I would become bored with this idea, because no goal is any good without work first.




You see, if I wanted, say, 99 smithing, I would work away at it for a long time, and eventually I would be proud of myself for minor accomplishments along the way, 70, 80, 85, etc.




However, if it were possible to get 99 smithing at any moment, I could get it and then produce 500 million rune plates in my bank...




Then again, they would reflect nothing as I could also set my experience in that skill to 200M...




Now, what I suggest is perhaps a useless question because I happen to know this forum well and can only imagine the number of people who will be excited to tell me that they would like 99 in every combat skill.




Well, good for you! But for no work, a 99 skill is simply a skill that can't get any better, a goal you can't set.




It is lost potential, and without having to work for it, it means nothing.




Now, its up to you:




If you had the ability to give yourself all 99s and millions of blue phats...




would you?

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I agree games get old more quickly when you're omnipotent. I would probably never alter my skills, or if I did I would keep a log of what they were really at and only change them to accomplish a short task. I would probably spawn items, but only for showing off, never for money making.

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most definately,as long as others didn't have such a skill aswell




i would max all my stats, but wouldn't make money or money items.


i would use my skills to pk for money, and play the game in a semi normal fashion, cept with 99 skills. or i would change my skills to the configuration of a perfect pker, just for fun

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I would just hang with friends, I personally, love to alch, I would generate Things to alch (AKA, Blue partyhats)




And scare the poo out of noobs when I tell them I alch Peehats :ohnoes:

All Quests completed

99 Thieving achieved on January 10th, 2008

99 Defense achieved on August 3rd, 2008

85 Slayer achieved on July 31st, 2008

6 Dragon boot drops, 14 Whip drops

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I would spawn the king black dragon in the middle of varrock in world 1 so people can fight it, but people can't be able to die from it of course and it won't auto attack you unless you attack it (they do this on WoW, the game mods have special events)

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I'd get 99 in certain levels :) and leave some normal it be kool having fun with players and making my charecter more then a 126 lol or 1 and just walking around cw would be fun but j mods can't play it :'(


I've seen a Jagex Mod play Pest Control, So the sentence should be "walk around c wars and whip everybody to death" Or something. I'd change lots of skills to 60 (65 for str and attack and be not zezima the 6th-new 99 players, but still be able to acheive things), have 5000 of each rune and have 800M. I'd like to play runescape - Jagex Mod Version for a week or so, and have 3 lines of space empty so I can go to Entrana etc. But then Jagex Mods can't trade... Like give to one player for certain. But if everyone was a Jagex Mod you wouldn't need that barrier, because everyone could get anything quickly.

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I might use the powers so I could get expensive items, such as give myself the best equipment to take down Jad, pots and food to kill metal dragons or similar. But I wouldn't outright spawn it in my inventory, that would just ruin the fun of it.


"Those who know nothing, can understand nothing"

- Ansem, Kingdom Hearts

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I'd write down my exact attack, def, magic, strength, hp, and range xp, then change em all to level one. Then I would get a blue phat to show off. But I would destroy the hat and change all my skills, I wouldn't let these powers ruin the experiance of the game.




I would ban annoying people though. :twisted:

Quit RS, combat 104, total 1651


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I wouldn't do that... but if I could, I would ban people. :P If you said any rude comments, shut the gate on me at the blue dragon on the heroes guild, stole arrows, abyss pked, called someone a: defence noob, prayer noob, food noob, ripped someone off by selling a new item they didn't know about, and many many more things I frown upon. *Sigh* That would be great.

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if i was a j mod i would fly lol that would be so fun. and also i have seen this video were like 5 j mods went into the wild all by themselves and they were casting ive barrages and hitting into the 90s with whips it was cool. The weird thing was that ice barrage didnt cost any runes. I would do this it sounds like fun

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i wouldnt do anything....itd ruin the gaming experience. ITs like having cheat codes ina video game, which is wrong.




I agree games get old more quickly when you're omnipotent.




I tend to disagree that cheats always make a game boring faster. I got the cheats and walkthroughs for Planescape: Torment (old old game, yes, I know) because then it was easier to uncover all the storyline possibilities. The game plays more like a story than other RPGs.




If you're playing a FPS, MMORPG, or another game (be it console or PC) where things tend to repeat themselves, then yeah, cheats get old fast and I think they are completely unethical for online games, especially as scripts are used for gold farming. Even if 'bots' are allowed (as they were in an old MUD I played), they drain the game of a community experience.




Back on-topic: J-mod powers are there for testing. I was told that this was a large part of the reason why J-mod PCs had PK ability removed.

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lol, i'd bring death to all macros, turn the area behind varroc castle and lummy yews into wildy and unleash my ice barrage of 0wn4g3 on all the macros(after making them all skull). lol, i'd make 100 phat sets and show them to somebody, take a vid than low alch all of them, that right i said low alch, and see what happens to the market. well then i guess i'd just ice barrage the hell outta pc :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


edit:o ya forgot, take mod marks mod buzooka and blast green drag pkers, lure noobs, abby pkers and mb pkers to lummy and back, 1 millon times :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


he has a phat just cause he is a p mod, now shut up about it
you're right, it's like giving candy to a fat kid and punch him when he eats it
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i woudl teleother all autoers somewhere like the top floow or rouges castle in deep wild..




then id put all my stats to lv1 and see how long it takes to lvl them up. i uasually tell my low lv friends that ive known sence the low lv days eho quit and returned the lving up tp the 50s is easy lol but it probally isnt cause u cant hit nothing =p




then id go to popular noob spots such as catherby and BAN the noob that spam. id probally spawn the kq to auto atk them lol




then id remove my bank. fill it up with a nice stock of runes, herbs, pots, money TINDERBOZES AND MITHRIL AXES*, armour and seeds. no rares because that would be unfair!




then id get my mod_bazooka and blast everyone who abyss pks (not the pkers who pk the pkers pking the abyss rcers), id blow up the mb pkers for calling noobs a noob cause they are noobs in the own noobyness, and id help people with quests and give them advice! haha




also just to be funny, i would spawm the dag kings, jad, kq, kbd, chaos element, and the 360s in the fight pit. god.. .od that would be funny!!




even though they cant loose items, it woul.d take them a while to kil all of those beasts! what with chaos ele teleing everyoine around, jad 1 hitting people every few seconds.. kbd 2 hitting everyone in a second.. kq wiping out everyone who gets teled.. the dag kings killing everyone.. prime and supreme yea. rex would just wander around like a mindless moron..






i would be super mod wkw!! :ohnoes:

Runescape player since 2005
Ego Sum Deus Quo Malum Caligo et Barathum


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i wud use the power to get 99's on all hard to train or expensive skills and id giv myself like the most expensive and coolest looking phats but leave the rest normal


click my sig for my blog!!!

Thanks everyone for the sigs they pwn!

No. Why should i give presents for someone in rs?

Most selfish thing I've ever heard

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i would use them to lower my stats so my combat lvl becomes 1 (1hp not 10) then i would laugh when everyone stared at me




Edit: before that i would complete fight caves so id be lvl 1 with firecape and id probly make a blue party hat to wear (but id never spawn money or anything to sell for money that would make it too easy)

ahahaha IMA A IDIOT

cant argue there mate
Real world? *looks around confuzzled* Real world?!? :ohnoes:


have now quit rs :-( (but i still browse these forums :-)

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