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womans face - pixel wip (updated 2nd)


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I've had a few family troubles lately so this is all i've had time for..
















just the basic linework, have no idea what im gonna put in the bottom right atm #-o ..












update again








update again =P~






starting to look real purty ::'


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not allowed to sell signatures, especially a sig advertising a cheatsite.




That wouldnt be good :(




I might color the hair for practice but im not sure because I might be going out of town.






EDIT: Yeah, I'm leaving tomarrow.




Wow your fast :shock:

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wow shes hot, is she dating anyone... wait no! that would be wrong for me to date pixels... nice work

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Nice, you should try drawing some whole bodys too, not just faces. :)


Thanks To: Everyone for the siggies, especially Kal for the Pixel.

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