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What's your favourite Casual Clothing?


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Well, before I had set my goals, I used to wear lederhosen hat, holy symbol, monk robe top and bottom, leather boots, rune mace, and wooden sheild. Now that I always have an objective, I wear my full dragonhide, my Tri-jester hat, and a rubber chicken if I'm not doing anything at the moment.


People just need to learn to share crabs.
I'd prefer my nether regions clear of diseases, thank you very much.
just turn off accept aids
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Um, black d hide chaps, top, rune boots, dragon or barrow gloves, black cav, obby shield and whip. Or dds without obby shield. Meh, also glory...forgot that, hehe.

99 Fletch~~99 WC~~79/81 Fishing

87/94 Magic~~84 Range

Etha! Saradomin Forever~CW

CB: 107 Total: 1788+


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This is what you can almost always see me wearing, black or blue wizards hat,gold necklace,cape,princess blouse ans princess skirt,leather vambrace or leather gloves,leather boots,and a gold ring.

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My sig is the best representation of who I am when no one is looking. Just some changes that I cant show right now. Find me in game and you can see it. *cough* new quest added to my wardrobe *cough*

A reflection is just a distorted reality held by glass and your mind.



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As F2p, I like to wear, Prince Outfit (Top and Bottom), Fire staff, Mime Mask, Fancy boots, Anti-Dragon Fire Sheild, and Yellow cape. :-s

~~Let The Dragon ride again, on the winds of time~~


I've always felt as if I'm the only person who can understand the concept of sarcasm on the internet.

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I always wear shade robes, red gloves, fighter boots and the red and white bobble hat and scarf.

Rubber chicken, you're the one,

who makes Runescape, so much fun!

Would be fun if jagex brought in biological warfare... Or even Tesla coils.


I like to eat cake while excruciating!

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Exept with whip and Guthix book (Post better pic later, currently in wildy :uhh: )

"The cry of the poor is not always just, but if you never hear it you'll never know what justice is."


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