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  1. JoAT is really the most useful one. I'd save until the tier 4 batch is released. As it looks like it should be the last batch released(At least for a while).
  2. Get a salve ammy(e) and kill skeletons in the chaos tunnels with protect melee on.
  3. If i'm not mistaken, fire surge is the best because they're extremely weak to fire spells.
  4. I was a huge fan of the sound effect of vengeance before Jagex changed it last year. So that's why i'm wondering if anyone maybe knows of some sort of sound effect archive, or maybe a youtube video that has the RS sounds on with no background noise.
  5. Yes. I do myself since i hate training hunting, but love herb farming.
  6. Everyone is getting it. Even people with serious builds; it's not your system. It's the game. It started for me after the new tutorial. I used to be able to play in 50 FPS everywhere(Except major lag locations, though) on max settings & resizable. Now i struggle to maintain ~30 FPS on low settings. It's exceptionally bad in Burthorpe and Taverley.
  7. [hide][/hide] So, i'm doing a slayer task on my pure and this random 138 comes in and kills like 5 or 6 pyrefiends with his hasta, then home teles. Did i miss something? :blink:
  8. Ripley. Took us forever to decide between that and Destiny >.>
  9. [hide][/hide] My family's new puppy <3 I was taking her out the other day and decided to try to take a few pictures of her. The shutter sound on my phone made her tilt her head to the side ^.^ (Address on the name tag isn't readable is it? >.>)
  10. Death Plateau changed. The quest is much shorter, and instead of the attack experience you get lamps. On topic: The armor for 1 def pures is pretty standard. You best ignore your defence and work on maximizing prayer bonus/offence bonuses so you can pray against everything and still maintain your damage output. However, i'll list the best defence setup in case you're still looking for it: Helm: Bearhead Plate: Iron platebody Legs: Black hide chaps Boots: Iron boots Gloves: Culinaromancer's gloves 7 Cape: TokHaar-Kal Neck: Amulet of Fury Ring: Warrior's ring(i) Shield: Iron kite Weapon: Chaotic staff This will give you a slash defense of +121. Which doesn't really block anything at 1 defence. But it's what you asked for ;)
  11. So you were able to tank the 360s in only bandos? I hadn't heard of that :blink:
  12. I know it's poorly done, but i think it would get the point across better than me explaining it basically hide in that small crook behind that pillar in the circled area, the other spots show most of the spawns, and only one can hit you, unless more than one spawns in the area where they can get you, but it's still easy to separate them I'm no real expert on the difference in combat styles in the fight caves, so I cannot give advice on melee vs. magic, sorry :( Bingo! That's what i was looking for, haha. I went into the caves real quick to have a look around. I did find it for myself, but i didn't feel like testing it to make sure that it was the spot >.> Wonder if they'll fix it =S
  13. I REALLY hate making fight cave topics because i know they're posted so often >.> But, i couldn't find this info anywhere. And i want to get my second fire cape and try for my TokHaar-Kal before the early bird special is up. I know polypore is the new best way to complete the caves for *most* players. However, would Polypore + gano, asn, ovls & 96 mage triumph over rapier + barrows, ovls & turmoil with maxed melees? I would still bring polypore + gano to mage the 360s since kiting is a pain and it's not like i have an inventory space issue with flasks. Lastly i heard that there's a new safespot at the revamped caves that only 1~ monster at a time can attack you at. Is this true? And if so, where is it?
  14. Chests in the thieve's guild outbeat MF i believe.
  15. The orb doesn't happen nearly often enough for the speed of your weapon to make a difference because of it. So, rapier. And if not that, a whip/Goliaths.
  16. Before Brackish, i don't even think people thought of using Berserker neck + Obby sword for stab. Only after it was released did people use it for poking dragons and such. So, i imagine brackish is best. Sword + berserk does hit higher, but i still think that it's far too inaccurate. Especially at 60 attack. And the best way to get points is to do Mazchna, and then do your highest master every 10th task.
  17. Really tough call. Your stats are epic. But alas, you can't get a max cape with only 74 attack and strength =\ I heard that killing Vyrewatch with a maxed out Blisterwood polearm is actually the best experience now with void and such. However, this will need clarification from someone who has actually done it. The old standby Armoured Zombies will get you a lot of EXP/hr. Especially if you use overloads(Depends on how wealthy you are).
  18. My friend is looking for a laptop around the 250 - $300 range. He spends most of his time on the computer on RS, YouTube, Facebook, and listening to music. Quite often at the same time. I'm the one he's going to go shopping with for it. Since i helped my parents and my sister pick out their laptops, and they're nice. Could do everything he needs, but the thing is that they had bigger budgets. Around 400 - $450. Could he get a laptop that could multitask with all those tasks? Or should i tell him to hold off and save a bit more?
  19. Oh wow! I knew they were good alchables but i didn't know they had such a good alch value. I may just alch a good bit of them to help myself finally be rid of this curse *Glares at 96 magic sitting next to his almost all-maxed out combats*
  20. I'm thinking about doing air battlestaves for 86(crafting pot make flasks) crafting this BXPW. I know the reason they're hard to do is because battlestaves have a low buy limit in the GE, but with time/buying my own i think i can overcome this before BXPW hits. I'm just wondering what the market for air battlestaves is. I'd rather not be stuck with 93M in unsellable air battlestaves.
  21. Yeah. Technically, depending on your stats when you're maxed, up to level 47(or 48 defense? I forget.) won't level your combat. I got 50 because it looks snazzy. And the higher defense i'm sure does nothing but help in PvP when i'm already 95 prayer/99 str. But if you can keep it low, more power to ya'.
  22. Jellies in the dungeon you have access to after Tale of the Muspah is the best place to farm level 3s.
  23. Chaotics and turmoil are sexy. 60 defense is worthless, so just stay low.
  24. I'm going to be luring green dragon bots into multi and barraging them, but i ran into a problem while setting up my gear. I heard that magic damage boosts only apply to the target you selected to attack, and not the other ones that get caught in the barrage. Is this a fact or myth? If it's fact, is it the same way with magic other magic boosts such as level boosts?
  25. You'll be doing combat during Pest Control anyway, so you might as well put it to use, right? Even if it is halved experience. And the order you buy the pieces in doesn't really matter. The only advantage a piece has that i can think of is the void robe bottom. It has two more magic defense than black dragonhide chaps. Which are most commonly used for magic defense. I'd advise doing conquest for a void deflector, too. It takes the place of one void piece(Besides the helm). So you could wear full void with a deflector and dragonhide body for a better range bonus.
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