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  1. The concept for using different woods for arrow shafts could give range a much-needed boost in power(Terribly under-powered compared to melee and mage atm). However, the idea of the bonuses you get from the different woods isn't very good. The bonuses are too little to make up for the outrageous prices that the arrows would sell for. We could have all the current arrows made with the basic wooden shafts, but arrows with shafts made from better and better woods could have much higher range strength/give additional accuracy bonuses. Or possibly have the ability to be enchanted with additional effects like bolts have. However the effects would have to go through rigorous balancing processes. You don't want rune arrows that have +100 range strength coming at you at the speed of a shortbow. THAT would be overpowered.
  2. in after elitism and inb4 "you need overloads now otherwise you suck" you do not *need* a rapier as soon as possible. you can do perfectly fine with a whip until you decide you need a rapier. However, the rest of above peoples comments ring true. farming, slayer, questing, herblore are the ones to work on now youre a member. summoning too when you decide to do so Alright then. OT: Quests quests quests! Try clearing through easier quests/quests that look interesting to you, getting the skills for them in the process. You'll learn a lot about how members works that way.
  3. Like most, the south-western one. Since i get to the GE mainly via teleports.
  4. I think if you're able to get him into slayer, you should. Try to get him use to the way slayer works as a combat training method. I made the mistake of not getting into slayer at an earlier combat level, and ended up grinding all my levels the fastest way i could. Now i'm stuck with maxed melees and 74 slayer :???: If not that, just have him do what he enjoys. Explore the game. When you're new to the game, you get nothing out of grinding levels and cash; that normally comes when you have high-level content set in mind that you want to do.
  5. -Activate aura -Pickpocket guard -Korasi spec guard -Finish off on controlled -Bury the bones -Cut two logs -Burn one -Fletch the other I can do this is about 20 seconds with only a korasi sword, knife, and dwarven axe. And it can all be done outside the varrock west bank. Which is conveniently in between the Grand Exchange and Xuan.
  6. This is PvP. People in PvP like to talk trash. They want it to get to you. They want your reaction. You know how you fix this? If it still gets to you, get out.
  7. There's an invisible +82 crush strength bonus added onto the existing bonuses of the gloves(I don't believe Jagex has said this themselves, but all testing has shown that it's frequency to hit and it's max brings it to almost exactly that of a whip). As well as your unarmed speed is enhanced to 6(Whip speed). I believe it's the best weapon to use on fiends now.
  8. Just bring ~5 rings of recoils and the rest sharks. The recoils are particularly effective against his 3rd form. And you don't need to beat the 4th form to pass the trial. Only to get a Fremennik blade which you can later obtain by killing market guards. And i've never killed for the lyre(I've done this quest at least 5 times on different types of pures I've made XD ). It's much faster to just craft it. I am unaware of any good pattern to kill the civilians in to obtain it.
  9. For non-combat, jack of all trades is the best. I have it personally, and the 5k+ exp every day really adds up on those hard-to-train skills. Think of it as being able to turn in a pair of strange rocks every day with only having to do 60 seconds of work. For combat, Penance is the best i hear. Especially with divine users(Chances you have a divine are slim, but still it's worth mentioning) as it cuts the cost of prayer points used by the divine down to 1%. Additionally, in PvP it completely negates the prayer drain of soulsplit, and most of the prayer drain of smite. Making them virtually useless against you in combat. I would say overall, jack of all trades unless you're a heavy PK'er.
  10. Anyone notice that he's a range tank? Show some courtesy ;) But the fact still stands, currently you are only a leech. The very best you can do is some minor DPS with a kata 2H. The way you can fix that is to get 95 mage and 70 runecrafting so you can bind and use a Celestial Surgebox effectively. Paired with a empowered fire staff, this still maintains decent DPS with magic. Just use it correctly and attack the monsters that are strongest to stab or melee, but weak to mage. A hood is a given, and a hex would be ideal but your chances of getting that are very slim.
  11. Considering that 90% of the chins brought into the game were most likely botted, this isn't surprising. I'd advise either using grays, or just hunt them yourself/bite the bullet. Honestly, at 2k each i would hunt them myself. But i'm pretty sure everyone else has the same idea. And i hate competing for hunting spots <_<
  12. They do send you Emails, however they're just advertisement ones. Any information regarding your account is sent to you via the in-game message system. Or so i'm told.
  13. It's really up to you tbh. The *only* way to get those items is to play those minigames. So you're not taking the "easy way", or relying on someone else. So you could just not do 50/50 GoP, and play FoG normally. It's not like Dungoneering where you have the option to play alone or with a team. So that seems reasonable to me ;) And anyways, it's ultimately up to you how you DIY. The basic rules are that you can't use the GE or trade with players or else it wouldn't be DIY. But there are also people who have modified rules such as only being able to trade with a partner who is also DIY'ing, or not allowing yourself to buy from NPC shops(Meaning you gotta' kill stuff for your first rune set >.> ).
  14. http://forum.tip.it/topic/302830-post-pictures-of-your-desktop-november/ Oh wow. I didn't know we had a topic for desktop pictures. I guess that's what i get for not looking. This is just the first place i thought of posting :-w Although i guess it could also be considered a real life picture because you get a taste of my room's craziness in the background. Just about every inch of my walls is plastered with random objects( As K4ylan pointed out XD ).
  15. Tisk Tisk. DIY is so inefficient. How can you have fun if you don't make the most of every game tick?! Seriously though. Good luck to you guys and have fun! I've been thinking about diving into a DIY account myself.
  16. My sister's desktop bit the dust so she got a laptop just today. And she's letting me use her monitor <3: It's so awesome. I haven't had a duel-monitor setup for at least two years. So nice to have all this desktop space back ^.^
  17. My sister's refurbish emachines desktop bit the dust a while ago, so that left her monitor vacant. Since she got a new laptop today, she won't be actively using it so she lent it to me, a recovering duel-monitor addict ( >.> ). However, i'm having a bit of trouble getting my computer to recognize it. My current monitor is running off of a Radeon HD 6600, so i thought i would hook up the secondary monitor to my motherboard, which has an on-board video chipset. However, when i do the monitor flashes no signal and goes to a black screen. I've tried hooking the new monitor alone to my graphics card, and it works fine. I've been searching around, and i think this has something to do with enabling your computer to detect both your graphics card and your onboard chipset via the BIOS. I'm shutting down my computer and having a look there now. EDIT: Turns out i just had to root around in the BIOS for a few minutes. Turns out there was an option to enable my onboard GPU even if i have an external card. Surprised it went so well. Normally things like this aren't always that clear-cut O.o
  18. This is what my abilities would allowed me to enter. Seriously though. This is actually a pretty good idea. I love seeing people's submissions. I for one, love RuneScape, or any videogame things for that matter, remade in real life. Gratz to the winners and props to everyone who participated :thumbsup:
  19. Biggest thing really is Jagex going "Hai here's that money we've been milking out of you. We re-coded RS to break bots trololololololol." Which is pretty great; if it keeps up. Prices of botted items are somewhat on the rise now. But on a side note, whips are dropping as more people are getting chaotics. Domination tower you just really need to check out for yourself. It can be quite fun.
  20. The healers will still come out. There used to be a glitch where if you did no direct damage to him and just damaged him though deflects, the healers wouldn't spawn. This, however, has since been fixed.
  21. Would have went way past 150 if it wasn't for the fact that i was out of super antifire. Sadly, i got no crossbows or swords because you need to leave whatever you're doing, talk to the statue, then you're able to obtain them. Meh, i'm kinda glad i didn't feel obligated to go any farther.
  22. If you're just power-training without slayer... Always pray piety/turmoil, emphasis on strength bonus, and always train where you can use a salve(e). Armoreds are a popular choice.
  23. Unfortunately, l believe the basic spellbook is the only one that allows you to left-cliick auto cast. The Ancient spellbook's spells have to be selected from the right-click menu.
  24. Gratz Ellac! Soon... Soon EoE will take over TIF! Muhahahahaha!
  25. Of course no one on here would fall for it, in fact hardly anyone would i think. But perhaps a poor noob that doesn't know the basics? They wouldn't be worth hijacking though. Regardless, it just goes to show that scammers are finding more and more ways :rolleyes:
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