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  1. Maybe i should clarify. I meant by that formula, they would last your level*10k. Meaning at level 90, they would last 900k worth of experience, but you would get a total of 450k boosted experience. Dealing with double experience is tough because sometimes people talk about it differently. One person can say "My gloves lasted for 500k mage exp" and one of them could mean they lasted for 500k overall experience, and the other could mean they lasted for 500k worth of bonus experience. Also combat skills present a problem because people often forget to figure constitution experience into their equations. My guess is that the EXP could be an independent figure every level.
  2. Anyone have a formula? I head that it's your level*10,000, which seems viable. But i wanted to make sure. Also, would the formula for both the gloves and boots be the same?
  3. A suggestion is trying to take over a highly-populated world. They have the fastest spawn rate, but are often crowded and you're likely to have to fight to maintain your spot every hour or so.
  4. Slash. Most zombies are weak to slash, plus attack styles don't matter very much outside of Dungoneering except for a few monsters(Waterfiends, metallic dragons and wyverns). You're best just sticking to your best weapon and using it's dominate attack style.
  5. This is why i love you guys. OT: I would advise to save your points until all the tier 4 auras are released. It's what i'm doing. Or wait until more extensive research is done on the more costly auras. On the whole, auras don't make much of a difference anyway. That's why i personally am waiting.
  6. 40/99/40 if you like watching yourself hit 0s constantly on mains of the same level with 65 - 70 defense. 45/99/40 if you enjoy attacking people as they run away from your gravite 2H saying "get a normal weapon noob." 45/99/1 is the best tbh. Get a gravite 2H, and master the scimmy/MSB -> G2H combo, or fight with a rune sword on slash. You won't make much. But you shouldn't be PKing for profit. Only for enjoyment.
  7. Meh. I haven't found prayer to be useful in f2p on anything other than my range tank. It isn't, really. But getting any combat 99 without a decent defence level or protection prayers is extremely painful. You're talking hundreds of hours at rock crabs. Unless you're one of those people who enjoy watching RS combat and do various things like slayer/etc. But the OP asked for an AFK method, so i doubt they are.
  8. He can. Just look at the quest guide for Haunted Mine. It'll get him some prayer experience if he hasn't already done any member's quests. But he wants 44 prayer eventually, and he asked for faster training. And the only options he has for faster training is to get the salve and fight undead with protection prayers. If not, he's just going to have to pray 15% at rock crabs. That's the only way i can see him speeding up someplace like that. Yes, level 1 - 31 prayer are the best for F2P. Anything more is kinda' a waste. But, he has to make the decision if he wants faster experience and more ideal levels, or slower experience and extra prayer. I know Gilformen trained at skeletons in the chaos tunnels for 90 strength, while at 50 attack and 1 defence, praying. I can't imagine the accuracy would be too much different with 40 attack.
  9. Getting 43 prayer and killing some form of undead in multicombat with a salve amulet(e) is the only way you're going to get faster experience. Other than forking over the cash to get extremes/overloads.
  10. Yep, but you can retroactively change what items you collect. I just put my workers on whatever, and when I go to collect after a few months, I change what they are working on. VoilĂ ! It will be as if they had been collecting that resource all along. :thumbup: really? so if i changed it next time i visit, i wud only get raw fish and coal stuff when i claim? ive never left my kindom for long periods of time before :L I actually did this. I had my pure's MTK on maples and coal for quite a few months, and right before i collected i changed it to maples and fish. Not a single piece of coal when i collected :thumbup: Abet it wasn't the SMARTEST thing to do; collecting months worth of MTK without calcing it first. But if you bookmark Grimy's spreedsheet, it's easy to find out.
  11. I'm actually curious; do all these calcs, including Grimy's, take the seeds from maple nests into consideration? Or is it just accepted as a gamble?
  12. Glad to know i'm not alone. RS ran flawlessly on my new build for about a month constantly getting 50 FPS almost everywhere. But it randomly dropped to 20-25 FPS eveywhere. Was getting upset thinking it was my computer when i could still run games like Skyrim flawlessly on maximum graphics. They really do need to fix this garbage. It takes them far too long to fix the key things that effect our gameplay.
  13. I'm normally not cynical about stuff like this, but it's kinda bull. Now whenever i want to work on a new pure to try to find a new interest in the game, i have to pay an extra 2 bucks to do so :roll: I guess this kind of price raise is targeted at my kind of play style. Ultimately the game and it's interest factor is dying for me. So this very well could not matter in a few months.
  14. Like Lord Paul said, you need 113 dungoneering before you can even face the boss that drops the Primal 2h. You'll be best of with a prome 2H or primal battleaxe depending on your dungoneering style. But if by chance you have the level, the best way to get boss loots is doing the required floor for the boss(in this case it's floor 57) and doing 5:5 smalls. I believe the loot potential from the boss is the same, regardless if it's a large or small.
  15. Woodcutting is fairly fast and very AFKable. However, agil is most likely one of the least AFKable skills, on top of not being exceptionally fast. So i'd take agil.
  16. I had the same problem a while ago. But it mysteriously went away when i started using the downloadable client; it didn't even do the close down on me. However i could tell when i would have gotten a black screen if i had been playing on a browser because it would always stem from the same issue: Getting a large amount of lag. Say from running through the GE or something. The problem went away entirely with both the browser and DL client when i started playing on my newly built computer. But when i was still playing on my old computer, i posted a thread on here and got a couple of theories. One that stood out was that the problem somehow related to ATI graphic cards. Which would make sense because it my old desktop had an ATI card in it. However, my new one is an AMD Radeon 6600, and I've had no problems. My suggestion would be to start trying 3rd party clients like swiftkit and try to find one that minimizes/eliminates the problem.
  17. My friend wants to make his 1 def pure into a rune PKer, so he'll need higher agility for Defender of Varrock and the Monkey portion of RFD. And he knows just as well as i do the horrors of training agil; even at earlier levels. So that's why i'm wondering if there's any better experience than the barb course. He tried the agil pyramid and said it was pretty good experience, and i was looking over his shoulder and saw that it actually was pretty good; up to 56 experience for some of the obstacles. The only problem was that he fell pretty often. So does anyone have EXP/hr rates on these courses? Or a better alternative?
  18. NOOO! Don't give to America! We ruin everything! D:
  19. You can also think of it this way: Steels are one of the few tasks that magic is closer to melee in effectiveness. There are plenty of other tasks that will get you melee experience all the same. But not as many that would get you that good of magic experience. So i personally would mage them.
  20. As far as i'm concerned, a mixture of letters and numbers like 08kjy18piuwtgy6138hiot as long as you can bare to remember, is the best. Just open note pad and bang your head on the keyboard. I use that type of password with all my accounts of importance.
  21. The explosion rate is still pretty hefty till the 90s as far as i know. It's suggested to get at least 92 fm before you even think about using the hand cannon anywhere. But even then, it's not very worthwhile to use considering that your cannon will be doing most of the work. Just use a MSB or knives. The accuracy should be enough for black demons(I believe).
  22. I've been playing video games ever since i was a little kid and i haven't really had any symptoms of Carpal Tunnel, or any wrist/hand problems for that matter. Though my dad had it, and had to have surgery for it about ~5 years ago. Though actually the thought of "having" to quit gaming sounds different and interesting(Speaking like a true nerd here XD ). Though it's hard to tell what other hobbies i could do that wouldn't also contribute to some sort of hand/wrist condition. Guess i would have to find somethin' eh?
  23. It's hardly useful unless it's like it is in WoW with a item mailing system. In which case, it would be so largely abused to trade items/cash to secondary accounts. Which is technically against the rules. If they did such a thing, they should just let us merge characters onto one account and remove the multiple character interaction rule. They don't even ban people for it anymore(Proof? There are SEVERAL youtubers that have J mods keeping an eye on their videos who have openly admitted to sharing gold between main and pure accounts).
  24. While I was gopping there were nearly no crashers. Gop addict is great for afking gop. Oh wow. I thought GoPing was pretty much dead. But it seems it recovered after bots. Thanks guys ^.^
  25. I'm making a F2P mauler out of boredom, but i'm gonna' need 50 runecrafting to get a talisman staff before i can do any sort of PKing on him. But since i'm staying 1 attack and 1 prayer, the FoG gloves are out of the question since getting them will be EXTREMELY slow. Is there any other viable method? It's a referral account, so i'll have double EXP till level 30. But that's just a fraction of the EXP to 50. I'm leaning towards biting the bullet and making the money to make air tiaras. But it'll be pricey so i'll have to make some cash before hand. And are there anymore 50/50 F2P GoP worlds/chats around? Or are they gone? Lastly one off-topic question that hopefully someone will be able to answer. Do talisman staves still appear under you to pick up when dropped on death in PvP? If they changed this i'll have to plan on getting 25 prayer.
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