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  1. I suggest not purchasing any until you have an ideal outfit in mind that you want to wear all the time. It's not like the store is going anywhere =P But with that aside, the the most interesting(as of now) would most likely be some dungoneering armor. But it's possible that could be overdone by multiple players in about a month and start to get boring and generic. I'd suggest putting some time into making an outfit that looks good for every occasion(Slayer, boss hunting, skilling etc) so you get a lot of use out of it. Try to make a look that defines your character ;)
  2. I finally want to do kiln since i have a few instakill darts to use on Har-Aken. And a trusted IRL friend is lending me two nex sets and his divine to try and secure my success(Not the best at survival here >.> ). But my question is: Which two nex sets should i ask him to buy for me to use? Most guides I've read on kiln say to use all 3 combat styles, but he only has enough for two sets + divine. I have rapier, but no SoA or CCB. So i would be using polypore, rapier, and rune(possibly arma) cbow. Scratch that, i remembered Karil's was one of the better weapons, so i'll be using that. Which two sets would be the best to use? And which 3rd one should be basic?(I have gano, barrows, and royal hides but i could purchase armadyl). Or should i just have two combat styles since i have the surviveability of divine + two nex sets? If so, which two?
  3. Honestly, THIS is what i look for in a BTS. This month looks absolutely amazing. I just hope GWD is done right so that it's not ridiculously hard or too easy. If challenges are done right, they will be a GREAT break from the daily grind. If their experience is decent, that is. This is how i like to see quests released too. If it's a low-level quest, add some high-level content to access after the quest is finished. So everyone gets a fair bit of content. The Bontany Bay looks fun to visit maybe once and see bots get banned, but overall it's just not something i think players are going to visit often. Maybe if they shoved chincompas up the asses of chin bots and lit the fuse, then maybe. But am i the only one that thinks it's a parody of Guantanamo Bay...? The MMG news post kinda' restored *some* of my confidence in Jagex. However, they're going to have to back up their words with action to keep me interested. But regardless of my faith in Jagex, i think i'll be playing some RuneScape this month. And who knows; maybe it'll be a gateway to me playing often again. Bravo, you have pleased me this month Jagex ^.^
  4. I was EXACTLY like you quite a number of years ago; shortly after 3rd age came out, i think. I had a vendetta against degradable armor sets for the same reason you do. And spent hours in W2 every few days alternating between dragon plateskirts, rune plates & legs, granite bodies, and rockshell plates & legs depending on what i was in the mood for at the time. Ah, those were the good old days. Anyway, on topic. As other's have said, bandos is far superior to dragon simply because it only has slightly inferior defense stats, and due to it's strength bonus, adds to your overall damage output quite nicely. However, a berserker ring and an amulet of fury should come first. 3rd age has very little practical use in combat. And Bandos will be vastly superior to it in every aspect after the combat beta hits the live game in a few months. So it's best to just forgo it. In the end, do what you wish! But remember; pretty much any advice you get here will be bias towards being as efficient as possible ;)
  5. In terms of efficiency, they're not worth the time. But hey; they're the best melee gloves in the game. And you'll get nips, swifts, and spellcasters in the process. So why not?
  6. Honestly, money is pointless if it's just sitting in your bank not seeing use. I have the terrible habit of just keeping my wealth in cash form; even if i'm not saving for something. When it could be invested into items that make the game more fun.
  7. Wiki says only people have randomly had it added to their bank. My suggestion would be to stalk the RS twitter and facebook page for any offical news.
  8. This game is going to be extremely hard on players who aren't already maxed after this update. Unless the new abilities work to make you much more effective in combat without good stuff like turmoil/extremes/etc.
  9. World 100 lumby basement is best. I believe it's because you can't plant flowers down there, but you can still light a fire next to the bank chest.
  10. Garbage update. I payed 724k just to die to someone with a steel titan, and then some farcasting [bleep]. Would it really pain Jagex just to bring back old BH, and extend the PJ protection timer? That's all the PKers who just want to have fun are asking for. It's like they're selling rusher insurance with those fees, and instead pairing you up with someone in gano casting SoA.
  11. Sadly, you're going to need decent stats and equipment to do any sort of serious bossing for money. If you do bossing regardless, you should do it for fun on bosses that might not profit as much(Giant mole, KBD, or whatever you wish).
  12. We're checking that now; but there's no "cancel" option under the Email tab. There's only the option to change it by sending a code to your current Email address. Will we really have to contact a Jmod? =S EDIT: We solved the issue. Turns out you can't add the "@awebsite.blahblah" at the end of the address when you log into his email. So we were able to recover the Email address, and change the details on his account.
  13. My friend had a scare with his account today; someone from a different IP managed to get onto it. Thankfully, he always banks his items and has a pin. But of course it's leaving him uneasy, so he wants to change his password, recoveries, and Email. Recoveries were no problem. They're random gibberish saved onto a text document for copy-and-pasting. However, we've run into a bit of a problem with the password and Email. The Email that he uses to log into his account(Also the one that is registered to it) has locked him out even though he knows all the correct information to get into it(address/password). It's a school email for the local school district, but it's for some reason not letting him in. We're thinking that it's possibly because it's summer and his school might shut down their Email service when there aren't regular classes(That's our best guess). He can still log into his RS account with his current password and such, but he's unable to change it or his registered email. We looked around but couldn't find a way to change the Email and password with recoveries and previous account information. There has to be a way to go about this doesn't there?
  14. Yes/kinda/maybe. SoF was kinda' the final nail in the coffin for me and playing RS for any length of time; for now at least. Yeah, it was simply a minor annoyance. And i still spun it for the free EXP; that was nice. Anything to break the grind. But I'm just tired of the concept behind it and Jagex dancing around all the accusations. It would have so much different if they had said "Hey. It's micro transactions. We're doing it because we're a growing company, put out more content, and 5/6/7 bucks a month from our players isn't cutting it anymore. We know it'll be profitable, and we know some of you will quit. But we can't please everyone." So, in a nutshell, i'm kinda in a hiatus because of SoF. I just lost interest in the bulk of what i used to do to enjoy the game. And not liking the company that develops the game you play doesn't help. So it's just an add-up of bad circumstances. I'm still paying my membership, because it's 5 bucks a month and i find that worth what little i actually do in the game now. And i'm looking forward to the combat beta. Perhaps that will renew my interest. But for now, i only log in if i feel like playing a quick minigame or do my dailies if i want.
  15. I'd like to see that quote where a J mod said in a Q&A that the wheel is NOT a main game feature. It's had an update to it's rewards along side of almost every update in the past few months. And it hasn't been just tossed in "in other news", it's had it's own separate article. Not a main game feature my ass. I was thinking about coming back to the game after the combat update, but now even that is starting to become unlikely with just how annoyed i am by this damn wheel <_<
  16. Even titans are kinda' sub-par for combat. Geyser is really where it gets good. However, there are a multitude of useful special attacks that lower familiars have(Namely spirit kyatt and i think the talon beast has a decent attack too). Pretty much any familiar will add some boost to combat experience if used in a multi combat zone and the monster's defense is low enough. But it's never really anything groundbreaking. It's a shame that summoning is basically useless for DPS until levels 89 - 99.
  17. You have turmoil and overloads, so the only real challenges left are maxed melees, 99 summoning, and chaotics. Chaotics should come first(They'll help you train your melees faster, plus you can train in between dungoneering). I'd suggest rapier + maul over rapier + crossbow. Unless you're planning to Nex, which i don't think you can get into decent teams without a CCB and rigour. And for arma, i think Rigour is better than a CCB(I could be mistaken about that though). Maul is good for waterfiends and bandos. But rapier is your buddy basically everywhere else. Don't forget to buy that ASN for mage training. It's a mere 30k tokens and provides one of the biggest bonuses for magic training. Melees can be done via slayer, or faster via methods like maxed out blisterwood polearms on vyrewatches. Or dagannoth sentinels in the dom tower. Whichever method you use, i suggest rapiering the ones you can since you're sitting on such a large cashpile. Use overloads too if you wish; spec restores with the DDS if you want to sacrifice AFKabilty for more DPS(If you even have a stockpile of them from getting herblore up). If you're worried about total levels, slay for charms. If you want it quick, burst/barrage for them(Tasty mage exp paired with one of the best charm rates). Waterfiends are slower, but you can utilize Familiarisation every week, and it's melee experience. On top of that, you can at least somewhat AFK them with soulsplit. Get void and chin for 99 range, pretty straight forward. Other than that, cannoning slayer if you choose to do it. Mage should be done bursting/barraging for charms. If not that, bursting/barraging in the same location that you chin works well. Use battle robes + SoL and it'll cost half as much. But that's up to you if you want to go though the trouble; you have quite a bit of cash so it might not be an object for you. Other minor goals are Goliath(And to a lesser extent, swift) gloves from the tower, and imbued rings from MA. They do nothing really but top off your performance to the best.
  18. If we're talking about the one with the stats in your signature, then yes. It can more easily become a SoA pure than just making a whole new account. I suggest following the build guide Hedgehog posted.
  19. Requirements for the quests. Do defense experience quests first. Don't train defense manually until you know you won't go over the experience required for 65 defense(including the experience you'll get from quests). And get 80 magic for a polypore so you can effectively kill quest bosses. Preferably you could get an arcane stream too. I'm not completely sure of the levels behind SoA pures, but i'm assuming they're 65 defense and magic/range based. So be sure that you don't get over a combined attack and strength level of ~146 as to stay mage based(This varies by ~4 levels depending on your other levels when you're maxed).
  20. I for one, support ANY sort of AFK methods. RS is too grindy to be practical for any sort of practical gaming. And even if you're hardcore, lighting fires in a line for hours and hours is... Just not fun. I'd rather throw logs onto a fire whilst i work on homework. And how exactly do you make a skill about lighting stuff on fire useful? Only thing i could guess is more incendiary weapons like the hand cannon. That have a lower requirement, but get better/easier to use as you level up. FIRE SWORDS PLS.
  21. I would boss this weekend if it wasn't for the fact that EVERY boss is going to be packed =\ May do some barrows.
  22. Another suggestion is having a trustworthy friend kill you in the wild with it, and give you the coins he gets. I have no idea if this still works, but i did it with my corrupt dragon battleaxe last year and got around 850k back.
  23. A much-much needed update that can't come soon enough. With a combination of the facts that RS combat is dead, and that they're doing a beta, it shows a lot of promise. But i won't get my hopes up too high until i actually can test it for myself. I find that it really helps to have no expectations for updates. Because if they're good like bonfires and runespan, you're extra suprised :P
  24. From the looks of those icons, my guess is that we'll be able to pick perks/special attacks to customize our abilities/effects in combat. Can't wait to see it. I might play a bit more if PvP combat becomes more fun to engage in.
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