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  1. Absolutely. I'm one of the 90% who use the wheel, but I certainly don't enjoy the fact that it's around. It would be stupid of me to not click the button twice, though. I don't like being a fat overweight person, but i sure as heck like standing in that line at McDonalds every day to get my Tripple order of Big Mac, fries and a shake. Anyone who chooses to use their daily spin is by default not against the update. You can't come here and [bleep] and moan "oh i hate this update but sure while i get a free spin i might as well use it." Doesn't work that way. That's like destroying your random event boxes instead of using the XP lamps in them because you don't like random events. People just don't do it. Regardless if it works that way or not. I could see if wheel was a location say, in Lumbridge or something. You could take time out and go there to spin it or whatever. But's an actual panel in our game interface. It's shoved in our face with an annoying icon every day we log into the game. And every time we log out and back in, it comes back. It's easier just to take 10 seconds to spin the wheel and use/destroy whatever we get. And we have like a 25% chance to get a lamp that's worth a decent amount of experience in a skill we dislike training. Who seriously isn't going to click it? Besides, i didn't see Jagex say "If you don't like it, don't use it and we'll consider removing it." in a forum post or news update the day micro-transactions came out. They waited weeks to mention that there was even a possibility that they would remove it if players didn't use it, thus voiding any real possibility of players banding together and refusing to use the wheel. Basically, just because it "doesn't work that way" doesn't mean that Jagex purposely designed the update so that it became a regular part of a player's day. Because if it wasn't, it would just be an annoyance.
  2. It's mostly personal preference as to what defense level you want to get. Keep in mind the combat level you'll be getting when you're maxed. I don't really consider 40 def range tank actual tanks. They're more-so rune pures with 99 range and poor melee stats. I'd suggest 42 defense as a minimum so you can use void. But honestly i'd really suggest 80 - 99 so you can actually tank. But keep in mind that you'll be facing turmoil zerkers, and while they don't hit on you much, you don't have much K0 potential either. I've fought plenty of tanks on my turmoiler and it's basically just a stall battle until they run me out of food or i get a lucky rapier/maul+dds/gmaul combo. Lastly, range is vastly under-powered past 80 - 90 combat. You're best calling yourself a mage tank and polyporing people.
  3. I'd say get levels that would benefit your slaying. And since prayer won't benefit you anymore until 95(Or to a lesser extent, 92), i'd say invest in herblore if you can get 85 with your current cash. Or slayer gear to make slaying faster. Or lastly, just save until you can get turmoil.
  4. I honestly don't think staking is worth it on a pure unless you carefully select your opponents by looking them up on the highscores. The problem is that anyone who is doing larger stakes will be doing the same with you. Don't get 80 attack for chaotics on a 1 def pure. As amazing they are on other kinds of builds, they're not worth it on a 1 def pure. You take damage too quickly and don't deal it quickly enough while in fights with low-level rune pures with turmoil in PvP.
  5. Generally it's hard to tell as tasks very, but you can powerslay with a cannon and rapier, and with more profitable tasks you could break even or have a small loss at the end. <Admin Edit>
  6. That would require a complete game engine rework. It could no longer be a click-and-move game. It would have to work with the WASD keys and have actionbars, not to mention a complete combat and skill grinding rework. And quite frankly, i think RS is too dead for a big rework like that. Jagex might be better off creating and promoting a whole new game.
  7. Taken from RuneWiki's page on the odd old man.
  8. With SoF and "Oh, this is where our money is going -.-" comments aside, i actually really like it. I tend to like cinematic game trailers over actual gameplay. If i want to see what the gameplay is like, there are plenty of videos of gameplay on Youtube for all sorts of games. Of course that's not what the gameplay or graphics are actually like, but you can copy and paste comments like that to virtually any cinematic game trailer. So singling out that fact on this one in particular doesn't really advance any argument.
  9. I support this suggestion. Extreme attacks and strength pots are really all you need for general slaying. +1 The best order to get those buyables in is extremes > turmoil > overloads.
  10. Partly no, partly yes. I'm going to take it day to day. I'll try to log on for my dailies, but considering that i could just get a job and buy my xp 100% legitly, i don't see much of a point in doing... Anything. I'm removing my subscription from my secondary account though. It was time i quit/cut back playing anyway.
  11. < Guy who was beaten to it. I lol'ed. Then i was sad. EDIT: Then i was #mad
  12. I have to admit the unnecessary balls on the chin made me laugh. And the fact that they basically insulted their own game by mentioning being able to train skills by doing simple, repetitive actions also made me lol.
  13. Is barrage faster? If i was to melee it, void faster than max str bandos? How do i bank the remains? yak or just bank Never tried barrage, but i would assume it wouldn't be as good since they aren't in multi-combat. And yes, void is better than bandos. Yak would be slightly faster but the bank is right there, if you so choose to use it.
  14. Blisterwood polearm, void, turmoil & overloads in Darkmeyer. Try to kill the lower level ones in the middle tier.
  15. None. Just go with the best shield without a range attack penalty/enough defense to justify the penalty.
  16. I was able to reclaim both invigorate and greater invigorate. The problem(Which is why my first post was inaccurate) is that when you claim a higher-tier aura, it takes your lower-tier auras. Forcing you to reclaim them. And when you claim an aura after it's lost, you must wait for it to fully recharge. This is what lead me to believe that they share a recharge time since i had just used greater invigorate, lost it, and when i reclaimed it, it took my tier 1 invigorate. Forcing me to reclaim it, and wait for it to recharge before i could use it. So, as a rule of thumb: Don't destory your auras(I was using them to PK, so i guess this means i have to wait to lose them all in fights before i can reclaim them) and claim them from highest tier to lowest if you have to reclaim them. It's a stupidly over-complicated system.
  17. Unfortunately, yes. And i believe(Don't quote me on this though) they all share the same recharge time. I would get further confirmation of this though.
  18. You get 1 credit every 5 kills. You can use this credit on any one of the gloves, or 100 dreadnips. You can only have 15 credits at any given time. You can only have 1 pair of each gloves at any given time. Actually they updated it. You can own as many pairs of gloves as you want now. Not sure if they removed the credit cap though.
  19. Quest help was removed with the site-rework. Thus the ability to use it to find out your stew combination without trial and error is also gone. The best way to do it is to use spices on stews one at a time until you find the correct amount. There can be a maximum of 3 of each color, so you would find the correct amount of each spice individually by using one dose, then two doses until you find the correct amount. Keep in mind that if one dose or two doses isn't correct, you don't need to waste 3 doses to test again since you already know 3 doses is the correct amount(Due to the fact that 3 is the maximum amount you can add). This method uses a maximum of 9 stews.
  20. Do battle robes degrade faster when being attacked by multiple enemies? I'm planning to burst with a set of them for BXPW, but the 60% rune saving won't do me much good if they only last half an hour at skele monkeys. Also, as a side note does anyone know the average experience per burst when attacking the maximum amount of 9 targets?
  21. Toshiba Satellite - $330 HP Pavilion - $350 Samsung Series 3 - $380 We're going to pick up a laptop for my friend tomorrow from bestbuy, and i'm trying to deice which one would be best for him. He mostly just plays RS, uses youtube, facebook, and iTunes. Sometimes two of them at the same time. I'm also going to load up a few games onto it for him. His budget is 350 - 450, but we're for sure getting him one tomorrow since he's flying down state in a few days and he needs something to keep him entertained. EDIT: Thanks everyone for your input! We went for the Samsung, and he's really happy with it ^.^
  22. For sosolid2k's maxing videos so people can awe at quadruple digit hits. But that's about it.
  23. I range slayed for a bit on my 1 def pure, and i found that the best method really was darts/knives while wearing max range gear + a monk robe top, praying eagle eye and protection prayers on every task. And if i needed a boost in accuracy, i would switch to a MSB with rune arrows. And if you need even more accuracy, a crossbow(Or Z bow in your case, though i'd recommend you sell it for knives/etc if you're short on cash).
  24. It actually looks like a pretty good weekend; and i'm saying that without considering BXPW. It's just the icing on the cake(Even though i have NO idea what i'm going to do for it >.> ). Interestingly enough the part i'm looking forward to the most are the updated armors. As it's something I've thought RS has needed for a while. And secondly the task lists. I'm gonna' try to do as many quests in the Morytania area so i can jump on that early bird special. Clan updates i couldn't really care less for. Overall i think i might even play a little bit this month.
  25. I guarantee this is a gimmick. Giving F2P'ers a taste of dailies by giving them a single spin on the wheel, hoping they get hooked and buy membership. The chance to get a lucky item and or 10M cash prize is most likely 1/10,000 each spin. Possibly lower. I don't think it'll touch the market bar maybe a small initial panic.
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