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  1. I'm estimating I used around 75,000 for 99, though the figure may be a bit higher(perhaps lower). I suggest buying 20-30k whenever the price is at a low point. It's best to buy as many supplies as you can at one time, since it means less stops at the Grand Exchange. Edit: Now that I think about it, I probably ended up using in excess of 100k.
  2. It doesn't work if you hit a 0. I imagine it would be really useful if it didn't allow you to hit a 0 when the monster was under x lp, but since if you hit, your most likely going to hit higher, I don't see why you'd use this one over reverence. Also, I've been curious. Does an Aura's timer effect another aura, ie: if you use the reverence aura until it expires, can you then use the knock-out aura while the reverence one is recharging?
  3. I was under the impression that the Longsword was better for Wyverns?
  4. Fun Fact: If you've got a bunyip and need extra healing, bring raw fish and use the swallow special, you don't loose a turn like you do when you eat normally. But Lobsters, Sharks, Monkfish, really anything that's not really pricey. (Rocktails might not be a good choice since they're a bit expensive to heal constantly on while slaying)
  5. Considering you've probably got around 75 hours left for 99 slayer, it's worth the time to get 80 Dungeoneering.
  6. Of course they'd be lower. You're boosting your melee by using turmoil. I think it'd be on a false pretense to come to a conclusion of that sort. Right, that's poor wording on my part. I meant that his ranged xp/hr went down, and as a result his kph, more so than he expected based on the melee dps loss. Any idea how much it dropped by?
  7. Fally shield 3->only extra xp. Still worth bringing on a herb run. Also, this doesn't give you extra herbs, but the Scroll of Life is nice for Farming, since it'll lower your seed cost by 10% on herbs and 5% on trees(The manual says it doesn't work on trees the farmers cut down, but it does.)
  8. So essentially, your Range level has nothing to do with it?
  9. I haven't seen any data on exp rates, however, when I killed them for the Whip Vine, the kills were pretty quick and the charm rate seemed decent. If you take into account that the whip vine is still in the 2-4m range and apparently not uncommon,plus the noted herb drops, it may be worth doing. If you do choose to do the task, can you update me on what sort of Charm/slayer exp rates you get?
  10. Even if you don't have any use for mining potions, they're good to make since you've already got a ton of the secondary ingredient.(Assuming you used the Draconic method) Also, don't forget to make a couple guthix potions for a 10% boost while making the potions.
  11. This is pretty impractical but if you took turns (or payed people I guess) and needed to get the 5,000 games anyways, might be worthwhile.
  12. That's pretty disappointing, should have gone with something else I suppose.
  13. I'm actually not sure that c2 fishing is the best way to go about it, you get really fast experience but it's spread out. I guess it would be worthwhile if you had to get those floors checked off anyways though.
  14. I'm not sure that'd be worth it, since you'll probably end up getting pk'd and you won't be bringing any of your more expensive stat boosting gear.
  15. Which auras are most helpful currently, in terms of training skills? I've got the Call of the Sea since I'm going for 99 Fishing soon, though haven't gotten around to testing the exp/hr gains at Barbarian Heavy Rod, does anyone have any data on this?
  16. Assuming you also want high charm yield/effigy yield tasks, here is the list I'm using. (Taken from the Achive of Wisdom thread, Effigyscape and modified for myself) Black Dragons: Evil Chicken Lair Bloodvelds(mutated) Black Demons: Taverly Dungeon(if bots aren't everywhere, if so, skip or use Chaos Tunnel Location) Steel Dragons: Kuradal's Dungeon Hellhounds: Resourse Dungeon Mithril Dragons: Waterfall Aberrant Spectres: Sumona's Smokey Well Dark Beasts: Path of light, get the teleport option if you don't have it already Dagannoths: Lighthouse Suqah: Lunar isle Greater Demons: Kuradel's Dungeon(you may not want to do these, however, they're quick so I don't skip them) Iron Dragons: Kuradel's Dungeon Abyssal Demon: Kuradel's Dungeon Blue Dragons: Kuradel's Dungeon Waterfiends: Watefall or Chaos Tunnel location. (Chaotic Maul is useful here, not great for Slayer experience, only charms) Skeletal Wryvens: Musa Point Ice Dungeon. (Chaotic Longsword is useful here, like waterfiends, only great for charms[and drops]) Edit: Since you'll be able to heal with Soul Split, don't forget to use a fighting familiar when you can. If you can't and don't need a BoB, a Bunyip is nice to use so you don't have to mess with prayers as often.
  17. Interesting thing I've discovered training recently, if you click take BoB when you still have a few bones of your normal inventory left to offer, you will offer the additional bones from your BoB without stopping or having to reuse a bone with with the altar, pretty convenient. I normally set my inventory up as such: House Teletabs, Tinderbox, 2 Marrentils, Bones plus bones in BoB. If your using your own house, which I find easier in general, minimize the size and put the altar near the portal, I prefer one room north. Altar-x made prayer a good deal slower, but it's an easy skill to keep maximum speed since the change.
  18. Alright, thanks for the advice guys. Also is there a clan I can join that tends to have fast times for barbarian assault?
  19. Assuming I need to gain level 5 in all roles eventually for the completionist cape, is the Horn worth using for Agility training? I'm currently 84 and will be gaining level 90 for now. Also: I plan to do Gnome Advanced until 88, then use Summer's Pies at Barbarian Advanced until 90, is this the best way to go about it? Thanks.
  20. If you want to get the Witchdoctor Camo, you'll need 81 Hunter though, don't pay the guy to build features, just get someone to assist you.
  21. But the time spent charging your clan ring would be better spent playing stealing creation and getting a morphic tool that gives 2x experience. Perhaps the Summoning one would be worth it.
  22. Even at 99, it's not that quick to cut the roots and the experience is pretty poor. I'm sure large clans are going to find this very useful, as they can use it as a starting point for events; however, for my clan of about twenty people, who very rarely do any events, this is close to pointless. I'll help the clan of course, but I'm not that excited about this update.
  23. Dunno if I'm misunderstanding something, but it seems that this is basically useless for small clans(ie:5-10 members).
  24. You'll loose money, but it won't be much at all. I'd be surprised if it's more than few gp/exp, even at the lowest levels.
  25. Yes. The game loads but it doesn't allow me to login.
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