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  1. I wouldn't chin if your going to slay. A cannon, fighting familar that gives Range experience, and the occasional chinning on a nechryael task(great for range experience, though not much faster for Slayer experience) should be enough. If not, I suggest knives on a few tasks in Kuradals dungeon with the fero ring, specifically Greater Demons and Hellhounds if you can't use the resource dungeon( your sig didn't load so I'm unsure).
  2. It's never a waste of you can make a reasonable amount of money and/or you have a lot of dg tokens anyway. On tasks such as Daggonths, the benefit of using the rapier is small, and besides, lets not forget that tokens have a value for experience. Theoretically, you could boost your experience gains by 10%, assuming you'd already gotten all the rewards and ring upgrades you wanted.
  3. I'm also going for 99 (not an immediate goal, but sometime in the next few weeks), and I've been playing with the idea of switching between methods like this. It could help you train without getting bored.
  4. You don't have to be a full-fledge DIY-er either, you can just tend to do things for yourself. In other words, play the game, doing what you want.
  5. It always seems like these letters have really awkward wording.
  6. The problem I have with this center of commerce idea is that the Grand Exchange, by it's existence, killed player to player trade for the most part. It's a double edge sword, we're all nostalgic for the old days, but now that the Grand Exchange is here, the thought of not having it is just stifling. Note: When I say we, I don't speak for anyone else.
  7. A few states [in the United States], Arizona particularly have started to legally profile Hispanics as illegal immigrants until they can prove otherwise. It's really an act of desperation, they can't stop illegal immigration, so they resort to types of efforts that are in the grey area. I'm sure it works effectively, but it becomes a major pain in the ass for legitimate citizens of Hispanic origin. The same is true with the premise of this thread. Edit: A ban on a country would be more like a trade embargo. A tariff is set in place to promote domestic spending, whereas a trade embargo cuts off trade entirely, presumably because country A finds some reason of principality to distance itself from country B.
  8. I've heard less than that, could be going back up a little though. Edit: Just looked under Weapons on the RSOF, seems like 3-4m is the average. A few people were buying at 5mil-ish.
  9. I've always wondered why the Grand Exchange couldn't just exist as a function of banks.
  10. Fair enough, but it's a completely reasonable assumption when the focal point of his post is an image.
  11. There is a torso in the picture, so unless he shopped that in there for the luls, he has one.
  12. 10k per 400 points I believe. I agree though, the runes are the best place to put extra points, though I advise you accumulate a fair amount of points(1,000 is a pretty safe amount) so you don't get forced into doing bad tasks; you can always just cash them all in at 99. That's another important thing, getting Prayer higher is important, since you'll probably want to start training quickly, and using Superhuman Str, Piety or Turmoil is pretty useful for that.
  13. Bad charms, not good exp, terrible cash, low effigy rate. Why should he do tasks like that? They aren't an ideal task, but they're still around 35k slayer experience per hour. Living Rock Creatures might be 40k, perhaps 45k experience per hour, but they're arguably worse for summoning experience than gargoyles. It's better to take a mediocre task when your low on points than risk getting stuck with something even worse.
  14. 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. Dunno, I've used the Whip here everytime, however, I normally skip these. You should do tasks like Gargoyles.
  15. I'd probably get 89 Herblore, since you'll have extremes. Using the Fighter's Torso and a V skirt would be your best bet, then get a fury when you have the extra money (12m won't take long to make). Wait until you've got enough charms for 89, you should have the money to use them by then as well. Edit: I assume you've unlocked the scroll of cleansing, but if you haven't, go ahead and purchase it.
  16. Alright, Thanks. I wasn't sure that the food drops would be enough to keep 0 deaths.
  17. Wouldn't you want Cooking, Firemaking, and Fishing to get food? More or less, obviously there are skills you don't need, which is why I'm asking the question.
  18. Or just set your house up to teleport. Yea, Varrock teleport is less useful than a house teleport. Also: Placeholders aren't useful in my experience, since you might not get all four types of charms. Hellhounds, for instance, rarely drop anything but gold charms. Even more than it used to be, a slayer ring is unnecessary unless you need the teleport or have an extra slot for it. Just track your slayer experience to find out how many left. Write down the exp amounts for tasks and keep a calculator close by, it's pretty easy. Use a healing familar and skip the EEE, go with claws or something for your special attack. Especially if you've got soul-split. I've never considered using the Explorer's ring, since it does bring up an interface, however, it could be useful. Gem bag is obviously a good purchase and not many tokens.
  19. Obviously the best levels to have when training Dungeoneering would be 99 in all skills, however, I'm a bit curious what levels allow for players to be useful and allow the team to complete the dungeon quickly. Just wanted to bounce this off a few people, but this is what I'm thinking: Note: These are just what I assume would be ideal. Not every player would need these, but I imagine the best teams need at least one person in the group to have each of these. Attack, Strength, Defence: 90-99. Promethium or Primal Weapons. Magic: 95. Fire Surge. Range: 90-99. Unsure about this one, but that's my best guess. Prayer: Not sure about this one. Cooking: 90. Cave Morays. Firemaking: 90. Grave Creeper Branches. Fishing: 90. Cave Morays. Woodcutting: 90. Grave Creeper Branches. Runecrafting: 77. Blood Runes, though this might not be necessary once magers have the surgebox bound. Smithing: 89-99. Promethium and Gorgonite. Fletching: 96. Grave Creeper Longbow(though maybe shortbow is better). Mining: 90. Promethium Ore. Farming: 84 or 95. Not sure on this one. Hunter: Pretty unsure on this one. Summoning: 89 or 99. I assume healing familiars are the most useful, could be wrong though of course. Thieving: 90. Unlocking Chests. Herblore: 93. Since you can use a naturalist potion to get to 99, though of course it would be quicker just to have a player with 99 for opening 99+ skilldoors. Construction: 75. For altar. Just let me know what you guys think of these, if they're on par or not. Edit: If your only using melee in the Dungeons, I suppose you really wouldn't need any specific Range level, and only 74 Magic for cure group, although Vengeance would be nice.
  20. Exactly. A +1 to str is better than a +1 to prayer, though you should try to have some prayer bonus. The Slayer setup I used, and plan to use again when I train past 99, gives a +9 Prayer Bonus and a +145 Str Bonus (this is with a chaotic rapier).
  21. You are looking at an investment of 10k hours. If you were to pick ANYTHING to invest that much time in why on earth would you chose runescape. you could become fluent in another lanugaue or get a masters degree. None of us that are close to max started out with that goal... and if i could have the 7k hours i have invested in runecape back i would do it in a new york minute. Dont be dumb like me... do something else. Chances are you are really young to... and beleve you me dupe as many chicks into the sack now while you are young... once you get to be my age the same tricks dont work. 10 k hours if you play inefficiently. Its more than likely half of that for people who know what they're doing. 5k hours is still over 200 days. I think his point stands, even if it's a little philosophical.
  22. On most tasks, you can pick up charms without losing time, also just a note: I picked up every charm getting to 99 Slayer and only have enough charms for about 97, so I'd probably pick up greens/golds, since the alternative is exp past 99, which is pointless to me currently.
  23. I'd actually save Slayer until after you've got enough money for the best gear, as well as 99 Prayer. This was a mistake I made, though it's only a small margin of inefficiency. I'd start doing daily runs of the most profitable herbs at your levels, as well as maples, papayas, and calquats daily until you get 85 Farming, then just do Tortsols until 99(note: make sure to have adequate juju farming potions and all 5 patches unlocked). I'd go ahead and get to about 95 Runecrafting before anything else, then use lamps, penguins and effigies to gain level 99. I'd also get a minimum of level 70 in each skill, then do them in the following order more or less: Runecrafting till 95. Also when slaying, raise summoning to these levels as you can: 88,89,93,95,96,99. Agility, Hunter, Mining(you'll get some smithing and magic experience assuming you superheat in lrc), Fletching, Woodcutting, Fishing, Cooking, Firemaking, Smithing(shouldn't be more than 3 or 4m experience left), Dungeoneering, Thieving, Prayer(if you can afford it),Herblore(if you can afford it), Slayer + all combat stats (you can probably get 99 range just from cannoning/fighting familars with range exp), Summoning(though it may be more useful to periodically use charms while training slayer, since that's where it's most helpful), Construction, and Crafting. Obviously if you don't have the money to train Prayer or Herblore before going for 99 Slayer, just get 80-85 Prayer and use piety and 89 Herblore for extreme attack and strength. Most skills, especially ones that don't make money or help train slayer more quickly, can be done in whatever order really. Note: Unlock the following in Dungeoneering: Chaotic Rapier, Prayers, Anti-poison totem(for thieving), bonecrusher, herbicide, Scroll of Life, Scroll of Cleansing and Scroll of Efficiency(if you plan to smith adamant platebodies for the remaining experience after superheating in the lrc)
  24. Well. Uni is useful for slayer, just not necessary. It's also cheaper than getting the prayer level for soul-split (maybe not in the long run, since you do save a bit money/time over using piety). Iron Titan and Wolpertinger are useful, however, I'd much prefer gaining Range experience from a fighter.
  25. Farming Torstols is pretty great profit when you get 85, which could honestly be done in two weeks with maples/papayas. Flipping is difficult now, but if you can get the hang of it, it's easy to bring in some extra cash. Unless all your interested in is combat, it might be helpful to train skills like Hunter or Runecrafting now, since they'll bring in some extra cash as well.
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