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  1. I'd be interested to see how long the ring lasts for.
  2. Oh, it definitely depends where you put your traps. You want them close to where the draconics are spawning, which means more towards the southeastern part of the area. Incidentally, I've done a fair share of baron shark fishing, and it's really slow. Even slower than regular shark fishing, since you can't get an agility bonus for double baron sharks. I only do it because I like fishing. Would not recommend it. I have no plans to, I'm planning to go for 99 fishing rather soon, but I'm going to use the Barbarian Fly Fishing method. I only want to use the Draconic Vines from 99 Hunter as a means to train herblore for free, since I'm probably going to superheat/drop concentrated gold in the lrc, the potions are essentially useless to me. I made some rough calculations, and the number of zamorak's favors and juju hunter potions needed for 99 are not extremely high, so I will have many leftover seeds. Ideally, you would gather the supplies for 99 as you unlock the various Jadinko's. (I'm estimating around 50 hours(3,000 minutes) for 99 from 85, which would require 100 juju hunter potions, 200 Zamorak's favor potions, 110 arctic bears, and 250 Hunter Potion(4)s.) I'm not exactly sure how many vines you can add to Samaden potions per hour, but you'd need 4 guthix vines per hour of herblore. I don't think it's possible to harvest five torstol patches and the two herb vines patches in under 5 minutes, though it may be with enough practice(I'm normally finished at 5:45-6:15 minutes), so you'd need 2 doses per 80 minutes. I'm going to record my experience rates on Draconics as I level, as well as the harvests of Ugene/Samaden vine herbs and the drop rate of seeds. I assume the drop rate is constant, regardless of level. I'm going to have to wait a week to begin, since I don't have the full cammo yet(missing the top).
  3. That's good news. :-D That makes using the seeds from 99 Hunter to get Herblore/Farming experience even more viable.
  4. The scroll of cleansing is more important to have here then with traditional herblore as far as I'm concerned, since the seeds(especially the Ugune seeds for Farming pots and Samaden seeds for Zamorak Favor pot) can be hard to come by. I've decided that I'm going to go for 99 Hunter here, since I'm also going for 99 Farming and could use extra herblore experience, it seems like a win-win. Since, according to your [unknown warrior's] method, you can collect 50 marble vines per hour and gain 152k exp/hr, and since herb seeds are a side effect of training hunter on Draconic/Common Jadinko's (foot claims to get like 285k or something in his video, using Zamorak's favor potions, arctic bear, and witchdoctor garb at 99.), using this method is worthwhile until you've got an ample amount of JuJu Farming Potions(I'm going to get 500 potions, enough for 1500 runs [at ~5 runs per day], or ~10 months of farming. Considering that 33% of the time you get 200% yield, it justifies the cost of this more expensive method. Assuming you farmed here between training other skills, you could gain quite a bit of Farming experience, replacing the bushes and flowers, as well as herbs(it would probably be best to stay 10 minutes at Zamorak Jadinko's when you go to farm the second herb patch). It would be helpful to only make potions when you've got quite a few stockpiled herbs and vines, since you can use the Guthix Gift's to boost experience by 10%. Saradomin's blessing would also be useful for the farm run, which I assume one would do every 80 minutes , planting a palm or papaya when in need of the tree spot (I'm assuming herbs take the same amount of time here as in the rest of the game). You could theoretically get alot of free herblore experience, if you stockpiled enough Juju Farming and Zamorak Favour, as well as a small amount of Saradomin's Blessing and Guthix's Gift, you could simply farm all your Samaden seeds (supercomposting, not paying the farmer) and stockpile them to use with the Draconic vines from getting 99 Hunter. If you assume eight herbs per patch(could be less), a seed is worth 396 farming experience(this could be incorrect, I added the Planting and Harvesting experience and multiplied by 1.1 to account for Saradomin's Blessing, it may be 190 experience per herb harvested), and 1,478 herblore experience (mining potion exp x 8)1.1). I don't believe your catch ratios are very accurate, your claiming commons are 5:1 draconics, a ratio I never saw anything close to, in fact, I would get more draconic catches per hour than common. This is a little inaccurate because I hunted only commons for about 30 minutes, but here is my ratio of Draconic:Common based on vines: 608 Draconic: 531 Withered, though I imagine the more realistic ratio is 6:5. It could be dependent on where traps are placed. Regardless, I'm confident if you used Draconics/Commons until 99, you'd gain a very nice amount of herblore and farming experience without slowing down hunter by any noticeable amount. I'll do some testing as I level and let you know how it goes, obviously if you made Zamorak's favors instead, it would be more experience. Thanks a ton for writing this guide by the way. Without it, I probably be hunting chins with bots. I just read through it and within the hour, I knew basically everything about Herblore Habitat. Even getting the God Jadinko's was easy with your method. :thumbsup: Also: Can anyone confirm or deny that the scroll of life works on the farming patches at Herblore Habitat?
  5. AFK-ing in the sense of leaving your computer is against the rules, however, I don't think multi-tasking on the same computer could get you in trouble. Playing another game is similar to watching television while playing. Anyways. Splitting Arctic Pines is perhaps as high as 130-140k exp/hr in woodcutting, however, from what I hear these rates are pretty impossible for most people to gain. Teaks, with the adze, can be around 100k wc experience and 40k firemaking experience as i recall, and it's not too difficult to keep up for long periods of time.
  6. I think he's likely to do Pines/Jadinkos for wc/hunter respectively, so that won't be bringing in any money. He has also stated that he's planning on doing cave crawlers for RC, so once again no money inflow there. That being said, he's got plenty of time to accumulate the money needed, and given the generosity of some people so far with donations, you'd have to say that there will be more of it to come. I imagine he wouldn't camp Cave Crawlers unless he had the cash to burn.
  7. Apparently some people got rolled back, only ten to fifteen minutes, some claim more but I'm not so sure.
  8. I just recorded an hour there for the luls. I was using a Summoning familiar(Arctic Bear) , but not the witchdoctor camouflage. I got 119,525 experience(84 Hunter), though I probably could have increased that by 5% or so due to misclicks, curing plants, etc. I imagine that the lack of camouflage brings down your exp/hr more than using a familiar, but I'm not really sure.
  9. No, the reason that people use overloads before a floor is because when the floor starts, even though the stat boost effects go away, you are healed back up to full HP and, after 5 minutes into the floor you still get the 500LP back that you would have got when your overload runs out. (I believe that is why it's done, if I'm wrong, someone correct me). You do get the stat boost effects and the 500 lp healing after 5 mins when the stat boost goes away. Ah, I only did it once when I was doing a solo dungeon just to test it out. I checked my stats right when I got into the dungeon and saw that they were at 99 again and didn't look back at them the rest of the dungeon so I just figured that going in canceled out the overload's boost effects. Good to know that it doesn't seeing as how I've got 1180 overloads left and don't see an awful lot of boss hunting in my future at the time being. Yea, I imagine at 25k a dose(or whatever it costs atm), you wouldn't do this unless you trained herblore with overloads and have many more than you could ever hope to use.
  10. I actually find his Spreadsheets really confusing to understand. Basically you just put 10 to the highest percentage of returns, and 5 to second highest. So for today, 10 to Maples, 5 to Mining.
  11. You should be able to get your herb runs done in under 5 minutes with no problem. You could try getting all your stats to a minimum level, ie: 75+, 80+,85+ or whatever.
  12. It changes occasionally based on prices of certain items, but generally 10 workers on maples, 5 on herbs is what I do.
  13. So if your good at being a surgeon, and someone needs to be operated on in public and you happen to have all the equipment with you, you shouldn't help unless they pay you? :wall: Masterfully Misinterpreted.
  14. It happens. Get Juju Farming potions though, you'll unlock a pretty great hunter method in the process.
  15. Assuming you only had supers(going to get extremes soon), would those be worth using before a floor?
  16. ^This However 7wave mode is much harder than 20wave mode in my opinion as i nerly died twice doing the 7wave. Remember to use the supply table to heal u A bit off topic, but I've noticed that the table supplies won't be restocked sometimes, they guy get's scared off or something. Anyone notice this or know how to prevent it?
  17. Yes, summoning familiars are allowed. I don't quite remember the experience rates, however, be sure you can complete the hard waves without dying. I died earlier this month with 2 enemies left on wave 7 and only got ~15k rc experience at level 78. Edit: Take this with a grain of salt, but I believe for a level 80 skill it's 55k experience, according to a friend.
  18. Not at all. A fighter torso takes more time than it would to make the money for Bandos chestplate for most players, plus you can't sell it when your done with it. A str amulet isn't worth using since your getting no prayer bonus. Fury is 12.2m Beserkers Ring is 3.4m Bandos Chestplate is 18.2m Tasset is 20.2m Verac's Plateskirt is 775k Go with the Fury, Berskers Ring and Bandos Chesplate in that order as you can afford it.(Assuming you could spend the 38.4m on Bandos, you can get those) Use a Verac's Plateskirt until you can afford a Tasset. If you want more strength points, do Jad special tasks for Firecape(unless you already have one) Edit: Just noticed you said you only had 20m, in that case, it's probably best to earn a bit more gp so you can afford the Fury and Berskers Ring. It'll save time in the long run, assuming you use a skill/low time method(flipping, farming) to gain money.
  19. Thanks for the help. I thought the row was updated though? I would argue that the the Row is more useful than it was, it now has teleports and the rare drop table has gotten some interesting twists. (One poster on this forum said he got 4 magic seeds from a metal dragon) The Whip Vine is useful if your not 80+ Dungeoneering. Herblore Habitat, which I've just started using, is pretty helpful for farming if you get juju farming potions. Also there is a fast method to gain hunter experience(no real profit though) there, Draconic Jadinko's. (I note this because Farm runs are easily done between Slayer Tasks). I don't recall when the Dragon Defender was released, but it was probably more than six months ago. Note: Even though the Row is better, has teleports to Misc and the Grand Exchange. I'd still go with the berserkers ring. Though the RoW is nice for checking the kingdom and going to the GE. (Plus you can move your varrock teleport back to the center and get to the tree patch faster)
  20. I've seen a similar video on Foot's channel, however, I've never seen anyone use house teleports. Very descriptive, worth the watch. :thumbup: I'm probably going to use the teleport method to finish up Firemaking, just because I doubt the time difference between backlighting and teleporting will make a big difference in 2m exp.
  21. It's never a waste of you can make a reasonable amount of money and/or you have a lot of dg tokens anyway. On tasks such as Daggonths, the benefit of using the rapier is small, and besides, lets not forget that tokens have a value for experience. Theoretically, you could boost your experience gains by 10%, assuming you'd already gotten all the rewards and ring upgrades you wanted. Don't forget that rapier improves cannon accuracy as well. I've heard this, but does anyone know by how much or if anyone has collected data on this?
  22. I've attracted the diseased jadinko's however, I'm unsure where I can track them. I only see the inspect option in the area to the south, near the deposit box, however, I've search basically everything without being able to track one. Am I doing something wrong, or is there another area to find these?
  23. Thanks for the advice. I'd really rather not camp a monster, I might as well just Slay for the charms. I plan to gain a lot more experience in Slayer anyways, probably after I max total level.
  24. Unfortunatly, it looks like 99 Slayer left me about 3m exp short of 99 Summoning(my banked charms get me just shy of 97. So I'm going to have to go back to Slayer(I planned to get more exp in Slayer anyways, just wanted 99 summoning first). My question is: does anyone have a list of tasks to do, using kuradal, that focus on summoning experience and effigies, though I'd still do high profit tasks that don't have a good rate of charms/effigies. Thanks. Note: I'm probably going to get 90 herblore for extremes and perhaps 95 Prayer for turmoil first. Also I'm going to get the chaotic rapier. I'm going to melée everything, unless magic/range is faster, using cannon and a fighting familar whenever possible.
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