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  1. oh one thing before you go (unless you already have) i only recently noticed your mod status, how long have you had that? PJB21
  2. woo! its finished! and in the same way you cba to fix it, i cba to find things wrong with it. just wondering, how many colours were used in the original? PJB21
  3. woopi: im not to sure on the text myself (both fonts) but i cba to change it... the ball below the manip? do you mean in my hand? if so yes, thats 3 circular gradients with transparent used as a colour =) jacob: each to their own i guess, im just not really a fan of new and shiney, i prefer old and decayed (tis orgasmic =9) but yeah, your welcome to your own opinion =) skully: i guess it does abit, didnt really have that in mind while making it but yeah, tis cool either way _____________ hmm, looking at it now, im not to sure about the censor strip, it doesnt quite fit in, needs more distortion. hmm, will probably never get round to changing it, as with most of my stuff, i do it for fun, not perfection : however i can be quite a perfectionist at times, ive come to the conclusion most artists are. PJB21
  4. im not dead : so here be me leaping at you shouting it... kinda.... :anxious: you may use the linework if credit is given (including re-dress) messing with AA colour conservation - 3 colours again 3 colours then some basic stuffs for gummy, yes, basic... for toxic, again, basic as stated woo! thats it for now. AAing is fun! some of the sigs are fairly old (gummy's and toxic's being a month or two, i just get lazy when it comes to uploading...) PJB21
  5. rik: gather round children, its story time children: YEY!
  6. nevarrrgh = never combined with arrrgh (kinda pirate style...) hmm, i make make a piece, i havnt pixeld for ages, but then i did last night and was like 'cool, this is fun' so yeah i may do something.... problem is, atualy, screw the rulls a tiny bit, ill do what i want! muhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *cough* :anxious: TO YE SHIP ME HARTIES! and by ship i mean paint *inserts nerd emoticon* PJB21
  7. greyscale and sepia used, only greys and low sat browns =) yes tis be me. but its my choice and i covered the identity. :anxious: dont lock :pray: PJB21
  8. i considered making it brighter, but then i didnt want it to be the total center of attention, theres far more to it than just a glow.
  9. i did a new manip, with less of the new feel, heh. just wanted to share =) comments and rates welcome, not particualy bothered on CC, but i wont just ignor it if theres something really bugging you. PJB21
  10. goodbye and farewell dear worrior, fight strong in the lands to encounter, and most of all, dont forget us and write from time to time :wink: PJB21
  11. aww, this sucks, budye cad, hopefuly you'l return someday... i had noticed you hadnt been active for a bit, however i didnt expect this. i guess this *sniff* is... goodbye :cry: PJB21
  12. its ter... all pixified! cool *insert cool guy emot here, just not the one tif have, its not cool enough....* i feel theres more shape in te vector one, the pixel version seams rather flat in comparison, i guess the vector is more curvey, so as to speak. the eyes dont quite seam right, i guess in the top they looked like they were glaring at you, because of the strong hoghlights, while the pixel looks sepiad and under saturated. i may be wrong, but thats my first impression. good luck with the website, and i hope to see all the pixelart =) PJB21
  13. well, 'A' is 6the clear winner, however 2nd and 3rd place are drawing. for that reason i shall keep this open a bit longer, but if you do vote, only do so on the bottom two =) dont do what im about to tell you (for legal reasons) if you have already voted you could (but dont) create a new account and vote using that one (but dont...) i do not in anyway endorse this... :anxious: PJB21
  14. 1st, black bg, noise, rotation blur second, clouds, up contrast 3rd, posably a fine gradient or several dif coloured lines, followed by one of the distort effects, polar inversion, thats it =) 4th, lots of different pink dots with a twist distort. the next intrigues me, can you give me a link to how it was achived or talk me through it? the last was a yellow/gold colouds effect with a motion blur, it looks like you used the defult settings, posably longer blur however. PJB21
  15. you have untill the end of tomorow to vote, is if you havnmt yet do so soon *talking to self* PJB21
  16. looks like your free to correct them not :wink:
  17. yey! princessa spam! some cool pictures there, not so kee on the graphiti stuff myself, but thats me... PJB21
  18. i see you copied and pasted the whole thing, well you must of cos theres a few mistakes >_< read throught it :wink: good luck tho, hope you can do it better than me, oh and you'll probably want a mod to sticky this =) PJB21
  19. omg!!! do you still exist!?!?! :!: :shock: evendently so
  20. \m/ ||>_<|| \m/ rock on my dear friend, rock the *insert word here* on!
  21. its good to see how people progress and its good to help them along the way as much as you can, if you find it boring or tiresome, then dont look at the topics... steve, im guessing youve finished school, or near abouts now, so im guessing it wont be long before you come on. so on to my point, i wanna see your linework, so i can continue to guide you along =) PJB21
  22. cool goodluck with that, i planning to do something graphics or media related, hopefully taking media, graphics, photography and maths next year getting a full a level in all but photography. after that a uni corse in something based upon that =) anyways, back to your pixel, hows it going? PJB21
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