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    Had one of the worst headaches I've had in over a year... Way too hot and I didn't drink enough water. My guess was the dehydration. Got home from work, did a quick jog (exercise helps my headaches for some reason), and took a cold shower. Now I'm reading TIF and other forums drinking water almost constantly. Tomorrow's gonna be worse. Hotter than today and I work during the hotter part of the day.
  2. Giordano


    37'C, 98'F at this very moment. Bless he who created cool-AC.
  3. I'll simplify. Male getting lots of sex = jock, bro, awesome, etc. All good-favored things. Female getting lots of sex = [bleep], slut, virgin-less. All bad-favored things. "Whats better? A key that opens many locks, or a lock that opens to many keys." It's very one-sided, very hypocritical of society, thus very irrational. Sorry Gabe, that was reflected towards Constrictor's post.
  4. Being a pessimist isn't always the solution. It's being realistic. Being pessimist would be to cut off the relationship entirely, because she's going to leave you sometime in the future. Being optimistic would be to start saving money for the wedding, because you two feel something special between you two. All I'm saying it can go either way, good or bad, but be careful for both. I'd advise in being careful for the good things, but people got that covered. It's preparing for the bad things people don't get and think it's being "distrusting" of their partner. It's not.
  5. The better advice, to everybody not just LDR, is to be prepared for the worst. Don't put all your chips on the table. Put all your chips in a table with your hands still on them.
  6. I wish that happened to me... Summer kills appetite for pizza, apparently.
  7. I agree with you. If the distance is reasonable and time apart is reasonable I'd say try it. You'll be dumb not to; but just ready yourself if you or the other person looses interest. It's not like post-high school life affects everyone the same. The number of relationships I got after HS: 0. I really wish I stayed with my last one a bit longer, but everybody said after high school things are so different, it got to my head.
  8. [bleep] that then. You're gonna get used, it's very clear that is what's going to happen. If you're not going to get rewarded for doing such a job, then it's not worth it...at all.
  9. The whole reason this is a problem for me is because I'm not compatible with reality. There's just nothing I want, and therefore no motivation. I have my own internal world, and to use it I need for everyone to piss off. Since that can't happen, I really don't see what I'm supposed to do. Work in the real world to sustain your internal world. When off work, you can do whatever you please. As long as you got money flowing in and a roof over your head, you can fulfill any desires you want. It might hard to comprend, living your entire life so far under the authority of teachers and administrators, but after school...no one is the boss of you. Even your work boss isn't the boss of you; he's an ass? Get another job. The possibilities are endless, but you have to financially sustain yourself first. That's the struggle. Achieve that, then you can do whatever your heart desires. You just got to tough it out at first.
  10. Obviously Saq's charming good Estonian looks broke through sexual orientations and attracted everybody in the room to him, leaving nothing for said Evil Lady. Honestly though, I don't see a problem here. She [bleep]s with you, you leave her alone. Don't go expecting an apology because that's making you want her and being a hypocrite. Tell her to it straight or don't let this bother you again.
  11. With $2,000 you can't do nothing, more the reason why you should stay, get a job, and achieve something out of yourself. You're not out of high school yet, you're just nervous about "life beyond school". In the grand spectrum of you life, you haven't done anything yet. Why give up now? Life isn't fair, it's a struggle. You must accept this reality and get at those chances to become happy and successful. You can't ever be happy if you give up now.
  12. Giordano


    All thanks to the CCCP!
  13. http://sourcefednews...er-gropes-fans/ Look into the sunglasses of the boy who will molest your future daughter. I can almost guarantee that, just like any sort of paparazzi tabloid trash news, this is taken out of context and spun in a negative light towards him. I can also almost guarantee that there's a ton of Bieber fans out there who would kill to have him grope them like that. Regardless, what exactly does that have to do with his "talent" that you were irrationally attacking earlier? Seems like you're just looking for reasons to hate him. His boob-grabbing talent of course. Amount of boob Bieber got: 1 confirmed, 100s suspected. Amount of boob Toki got: 0 Jealousy. :wink:
  14. They're just jealous somebody else appears to do nothing and gets loaded.
  15. Giordano


    =P~ I [bleep]ing love the new Challenger.
  16. Luckily, words do not carry meaning anymore and you don't HAVE to stick with her for the rest of your life. :P Tell her you didn't mean that and you were thinking in the heat of the moment...depending on the girl, she could be understanding ( :roll:) or be pissed at ya. That would be fine if you didn't have any serious thoughts of dating her...don't you?
  17. Giordano


    Good day at work today. Long shift. Lotsa tips. Drove like in Fast&Furious I was a semi-manager for a bit
  18. If they bring back Rhen Var Citadel, in all it's glory, it's worth the $60 right there. :razz: EDIT: And Bespin platforms. Sci-fi WW1 was great fun. I'm surprised Microsoft [bleep]ed up as bad as they did. I'm not one to buy peasant systems consoles, but I'd never thought I'd say I'll by a PS# over the Xbox.
  19. Giordano


    Know anything about Suzuki engines, Albel?
  20. Giordano


    Found a religious law for ya.
  21. They say after the age of 35, your child's chances at mental/physical deformities rise. Why? I don't know. It's one of those "scientists says" things that no one knows where it came from but everybody assumes its true.
  22. Giordano


    I thought it was to make jobs.
  23. The lack of self-responsibility. Issues posted in this forum, other forums, some co-workers of mine, my goddamn sister, friends, family members, and generally every other person. Basically, there's always a reason why someone did something wrong. It's never their choices of course, always something else.
  24. Mass Effect. People say I will not be disappointed. Barely got into the Citadel and I have to agree with them. It's such a rich world. I couldn't choose between playing a Vanguard and a soldier, but I think I'm set on Vanguard now. In the meantime, I'm doing a clean slate on Skyrim mods: downloading all the ones that seem good. Last time I played that game was months ago, and with all the new mods, I feel a restart was necessary.
  25. I think that's nearly everybody's list. If I make one, that's what mine's gonna be. :razz:
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