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  1. I designed my ship. It goes really, really fast and shoots gamma rays and turns planets into black holes.
  2. Testicular elephantiasis? I saw a video of an old man in a third world country that had that condition, and he used it as a table.
  3. They WOULD finally release the Eastern Lands months after I quit and I've been waiting for this update for years. :(
  4. I like my women like I like my xbox, I can turn them off when I'm tired of hearing them. popsickle
  5. Hey Republicans, let's quit going to college in order to protest against the election results! What will the world do without having smart people?
  6. My ass is so puckered right now. Butthurt level: DANGER ZONE.
  7. My fellow Bob Doleans, we have been vanquished. Abandon all hope.
  8. One of the reasons I won't be voting for Romney is because of 9/11. We're just not ready to have a person belonging to his religion in our White House. [spoiler=All in a good day's work] Amen, brother! Even though I don't agree with your radical liberal views, at least we share some common ground. Bob Dole.
  9. Blessed are the trolls, for they shall inherit the earth.
  10. Not at all. I like Bob Dole because he's a conservative, and we need a real conservative president for a change.
  11. I'm voting for Bob Dole. Obama's a socialist, and Romney's a liberal. Both are bad for America.
  12. Hey man, I heard if you abuse bugs you become a millionaire IRL.
  13. "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" -- appeal to ignorance -- is a logical fallacy. In other words, this is not a good argument to make as it is founded upon faulty logic.
  14. Omar, let me rearrange your question: Does regret lead to revenge? In other words, if someone causes us to regret something (e.g. convince you to do something that ruins the friendship between you and your best friend) do you seek revenge? I believe that approaching the question from this angle enables one to gain a better insight. If regret does lead to revenge, then is it too much of a stretch to assume that the inverse is true? If this revenge-regret relationship is a (seemingly) never-ending cycle, what should we do? Are we approaching a singularity in which the cycle must either end or humanity as a whole faces ultimate destruction? I would like to hear your thoughts. How does one feel like revenge? Is this some type of simile? Is revenge an evil creature? Do you become demonically posessed by revenge?
  15. There's no words to describe how dumb those look.
  16. I would have if I was 100% certain I could do so without any legal troubles. I've got student loans to pay and crippling medical debt. But there's no way I could reach absolute certainty with something like that, so I wouldn't have. I kind of think those who tried to sell their abused earnings might not have thought through how badly a criminal offense can [bleep] up your life. it's actually a crimnial offense? Oh and anyone arguing that they would never do this is silly. RS is a crappy game now, and what's it gonna hurt if people multiply the total wealth in the game by a factor of 100, if the game is now 10,000% shittier? Now some of you guys get to work for these guys because some of them are probably millionaires by now. :3
  17. If my calculations are right, this guy made like $200,000. Holy shit. A legend was born.
  18. I really am a fan of bieberlover's fanfics on that website. He's truly a talented writer who masterfully incorporates concepts of love, violence, and political struggle into his work.
  19. Personally, I applaud Jagex for this move. The whining ruins other people's experience with the game, and it makes the investors look bad. If the investors feel that being involved with Jagex hurts their image, they will withdraw. When Jagex has no investors, then what? Would you rather take the risk? Relax. Chill. Just play the game and have fun. If you don't like it, then leave and play something else.
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