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  1. Ranging moss giants in Varrock sewer for prayer and range xp, could stay there for weeks and weeks without ever leaving, used to be such a packed training place as well.
  2. How do people run 5k in 15 minutes..crazy.. Anyway, got my bench up to 95kg(210lbs), which is 23kg's (50lbs) above my body weight. Though, last time I was at gym I tried doing 95kg but without a spotter and couldn't get it up, had to roll the bar off my chest
  3. It makes me angry NZ is beating Flopstralia
  4. 1) I always shower twice a day, once when I wake up, and another before bed. I shower when waking up to help me wake up and be alert for the day, and before bed because I always do something physical during the day (usually gym) and I don't really want to go to bed all sweaty. Sometimes three times in the day if I've worked (I work with seafood). I'll only have one long shower (5-ish minutes) the rest are very quick 2) I using body wash, shampoo my hair around every 5 or so days, and rarely use anything else 'cept aftershave and shaving cream. 3) I exercise every day 4) I go to the gym 5 times a week, for around an hour each session Also, for those that don't shower daily. You smell like shit and I hate sitting next to you in classes/public transport EDIT: @TTanT, I didn't mean to, the annoying copy/paste thing automatically did it
  5. Well done on the weight loss :D Cut down on the fast food though!
  6. Suit sale at David Jones, Tim. Can get a nice one for around $1,200
  7. It'd be boring with the same countries hosting the Olympics all the time. I enjoy watching the footage from different countries, also http://www.medalspercapita.com/#medals-per-capita:all-time
  8. I think I'd die doing squat's in the middle of workout :P I tend to cut leg workouts early a lot as well, they take the longest
  9. Enjoyed what I saw of it in a 20 minute highlights. I couldn't sit all the way through Hey Jude though, ugh. Loved the little British thing they were acting out
  10. Changes so often, I can't pick a favourite
  11. jimmy_jim


    Meh, wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be. All the best bits were in the adverts
  12. I just tried this. You owe me a new banana You must have done it wrong. I open it from the "wrong end" as well, and it works much better than the stem end. You just pinch the little black thing on the end and peel. Yeah, worked this time. I did it a bit too vigorously last time I guess
  13. I just tried this. You owe me a new banana
  14. Bought a pair of these. Really nice shoes IMO, have a different colour pair of Hush Puppies as well, but wanted black EDIT: [bleep]ing images, it's just the shoes
  15. You want to lose muscle mass in your legs (and in turn the rest of your body)? I really don't understand why. Also, why are your legs so much bigger than the rest of your body that it makes you self conscious? Are you sure it's just not fat? You weigh 10kgs more than I do at 6'2 What is your diet like?
  16. Happy birthday you beautiful man.

  17. I love back day! Biceps not so much, I should give them more attention but it feels like most exercises use biceps so I tend to just do 3x12-15 hammer curls at the end of a back workout
  18. You don't really need to spent $120 if you're just buying them to keep warm inside
  19. Yeah, lost 4-0 to England and didn't even get close to winning.
  20. Aus getting so smashed v England At least not as bad as NZ are getting smashed by WIndies luls
  21. Happened to my desktop as well, though it was only 8 months old and under warranty. Dell sent someone out to fix it for me, the problem was in the power button if I recall
  22. had a look and yeah, the 511 is much more appealing then the 510's. Gunna buy myself a pair next week..assuming I can find some in Brisbane. Indooroopilly has a Levi's store which is where I always buy the jeans. Usually some banging [bleep]es there too. Otherwise Myer or Just Jeans should have them.
  23. The 510's are grossly skinny IMO, 511's are much nicer.
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