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Tip.It Times Presents: Letters to the Editor #5


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I totally agree with the second letter! Runescape is nothing but clicking, yet the rewards are what make clicking fun =P if you were to open a wordpad for example and just click lots of dots...it wouldnt be as fun now would it? And im happy with the non-bloody/gory graphics...sure zombies arent typically wobbly saggy bodies, but then again...who is to say theyre not? i mean...has any1 seen a real zombie? maybe theyre even rainbow colored :lol: and if you're members....for some reason people act a lot more mature there =P of course, you got the random rude people...but hey, thats what the ignore function is for =) well thats all =P




p.s. Good English writers =D>

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The second letter really made me think. Even though there are younger players who play RS, it really makes it like a community. We all get mad at Jagex occasionally, but we need to realize how much good they have done.


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To the first one: Do you really expect us to say, "Is mod james lazy?" in our thread. No, because there is more than one mod answering the queries/bans/updates/etc. We have no other choice then to say "jagex" as the person, because as a company they must work together. Now to read the second one.




To the second one: Wow, good point. It is no different now than then. The clicking is still the same. The graphics are about the same, if not better. The only thing that's changed is the massive growth of youngsters and quests like tower of life. If you want to get away from immature players go to world 79, piscatoris fishing colony. That's where I'll be for the rest of the summer.

I would put a cool link here but I don't know how.

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The second letter really made me think. Even though there are younger players who play RS, it really makes it like a community. We all get mad at Jagex occasionally, but we need to realize how much good they have done.




Wow these articles totally contradicts each other... the letter is said in a deontology view and then the article is in utilitarian... god, who ever said they agree with BOTH of them is wrong...its not possible... pick which one would u rather have. Being Nice, or for the common good?


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The first topic was good. Runescape players should know that Jagex is doing their best in everything from my reference there are only a few people that work in Jagex yet there are over a million players on RS. So good job on the letter.(we should have a celebration for Jagex people and/or people in fan sites like Tip.It. =D> :thumbsup:




The second topic was good too. I found RS thru my friends who found it on miniclip. I think people should concentrate on macroers than immature people. :roll:

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I've got to agree with the first letter. Even though players can have different ideas on what to do, the Jagex staff are doing their best and aiming to deliver what they believe is best for the community. There may well be the odd staff member who is in it for power over people, but I doubt there would be many.




I also don't think that Miniclip advertising was overall a bad move for Jagex. I joined through Miniclip and I am nowhere near a youngun. Sure, the influx of younger players may have been higher, but if it's going to grow the whole community, then it's good for RS as a whole. Also, it's interesting that RS no longer shows on the front page of Miniclip ... but people are still joining. It has a persona of itself now.

WARNING: Prone to ramble ... but you probably already know that!


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The first one was not to bad, and he is right about Jagex not being some giant entity that is in control of this game. One point that he may have missed, and would like to point out, is that people that blame the creaters of this game, miss the fact that they probably dont make every decission about what goes into or out of the game. Overall, this letter made me think :-k .




I could not agree more with the second article. One thing about runescape that just bugs me is the fact that people act imature by complaining about imature people. Funny, that they dont call themselves out, only the other imature people. Good read =D> .



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I have to say that Bambino really held up the other side of Prankster_King's argument extremely well. He argued every point very well and I have to say in some ways made Prankster_King look like a fool. I couldn't agree more that Prankster_King has very little or no right at all to talk negatively about this current Runescape community, considering he hasn't played in it for awhile. Bambino provided evidence suggesting he hasn't even seen the members world. It's almost like he was ranting about a video game he had never played. I would not mind seeing another article from Prankster_King trying to re-argue any points that Bambino made. It would be interesting to see who would give up first or who would eventually come out on top. Though I'm not sure if Prankster_King can say much else. He was "beaten" pretty badly.




And although I don't have too much to say about Armadyllo's letter, it was very well written and worth the read.

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thanx for the nice words anyone, it feels good to know there are people who actually share my opinion :).




Nonetheless, I don't think the letters to the editor are the way of waging out a 'personal' battle. I would be glad to hear what he has to say though and reply accordingly, incase he feels the need, I reply to every PM I read ^^

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The article you wrote made me realize that I HAVE been imagining Jagex as one big faceless entity.


However, as a company, that is how they should appear. (in my opinion)




As for the second article, I completely agree.


I too looked him up and found that he may once have been a member, but is not anymore.


I would also like to point out that, while there are no bloody animations, in some of the doungons, blood is stained on the walls. also, in the "Contact!" quest, there is a dead, bloody corpse.

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There's a very prevalent attitude these days about how Jagex has ruined RS by catering to younger players. Bambino's letter is a wonderful counterargument, with which I mostly agree.








As for what I said in my own article...


Frankly I'm deeply honored that TipIt was willing to publish my article. I'm not in any way an active member of TipIt's community, although I've been around RuneScape in various guises for quite a while.




Jagex IS a corporation, yes, and it's perfectly reasonable to refer to them as one. The thing about large teams is that they behave very differently to small groups and individuals.




In the beginning, when the Brothers Gower created the universe, and the world was formless and dark, they could say "Let there be XXX," and, lo, XXX would be created exactly as they wanted it. They'd have to create it themselves, but there'd be no wasting of time and nothing else to distract them.




Now there's a large Content Development team. If Paul ordered "Let there be another Mahjarrat quest, and make it high-level," someone would write down what they thought he meant, send it back to him, ensure they'd got the right idea, rewrite the concept until it was suitable, code it up, explain to a Graphics artist what they wanted, etc. The resulting quest would be very strongly influenced by the creative ideas of the developer. So, although the quest is produced by Jagex Ltd, the company, we are effectively dealing with the few individuals who were personally involved in the project.




My article was largely inspired by a rant I saw on Jagex's own forums years ago. A player felt that Jagex was failing to address racism adequately, so he posted the names of every member of staff (off their corporate site) and claimed that each and every one of them was racist. Although the abuse report he'd sent in was clearly ignored (maybe because it was never read? - how many millions of reports do they get?) it was utterly ridiculous to conclude anything about the personal opinions of every single employee.




Thanks for reading.

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Someone said that people who agree with both letters are wrong. I honestly don't see why, but then again, insanity does run in my family. :-k One letter pointed out that Jagex is made of individual people just like us-- this reasoning is great, but it's why I feel so sad when things like certain videogames or books flop. Great letter though. The other letter argued Prankster King's article about immaturity. I completely agree with this letter as well. Knowing that there are people like the authors of these letters playing the game gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Up until a few days ago I was convinced that no one was happy unless they were unhappy about something. These letters, along with a few choice threads on the official forums have changed my mind.

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The second letter was a realy good agument to what prankster said.


While the game may have been originaly made for the older/mature crowd, MMORPGs do expand and jagex needs to give updates for younger players.


If you realy need blood and gore to entertain you then that just proves how imature you realy are. Many games I enjoy like Myst, The Sims and others dont have this kind of stuff. They arnt ment for little kids, and yet, still manage to entertain me, and many others.



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to start, i think that the first letter was a fairly good one, as it gave some humanity to JaGEx, that so man of us seem to forget.




now, to bambino, i applaud you. you quite rightly put that prankster_king fool in his place. every point you brought up was valid, and made me realize that his article was nothing but fallacy after fallacy. great job.

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here's my first post on the TIF (scroll to the bottom)

feel free to pm me, but do make sure that i know you're a Tip.It user (in other words, give me a HYT)


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