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Tip.It Times Presents: A Whole New World


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With the recent graphical update, you may feel that sense of when you just walked into RuneScape as a newcomer once long ago. That's what this week's article, A Whole New World, is about! It was written by Foodfight13, and we hope that you enjoy it!




>>> A Whole New World <<<






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Excellent read!




Unfortunately, I have to wait for HD, but I'll explore when I can use it. :D

Hoping to get a new Signature (with matching avatar) soon. :D


In the meantime...Steam username: )I'll rewrite it later (add me if you want)

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I really do miss those moments when I was hell lot lower of level and Runescape was a big adventure to me, now its not and the feeling is gone, possibly forever.




Damn, what I'd give to relive those moments of getting lost in Varrock while the music plays in the background.








Break the Walls down!

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Good read, made me regret that I rushed through all the cities right when the graphics came out just so I could load it all and stop lagging #-o , I'm going to go back today


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What this article says is so true. I remember first entering Runescape and marveling at how detailed everything was, considering it was a browser based game. I stayed in "Lumby" for almost a week because I couldn't stop being amazed at the goblins, the people, and the castle. (That, and the fact I couldn't figure out where to leave :mrgreen:) But after exploring new areas, they became old to me. I still liked playing, but the graphics weren't what I noticed as exemplary.




Similarly, I used to play Maplestory. The detail in that game was incredible. Almost every background looked handpainted, and there were numerous backgrounds per area (due to parallax scrolling). I was astounded at first, but after a few weeks, the backgrounds became old, something to deal with as you trudged endlessly onward past countless levels. I quit that game because it was always the same thing.




I stayed with RS because the company Jagex actually cares about its consumers, be they members or F2P. Even though I don't pay money, I still feel as though Jagex is giving a fair amount of new content, and everytime they do, I spend at least a day playing with new features, or in this case, admiring new landscapes. =D>


I'm 100% free-to-play!!!

Message me, private chat is always on. :)

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Hah, like many others have said, a great read. I would love to experience those days when 'a whole new world' was open and ready to explore. The graphical update did give a little bit of that back, luckily.

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Great read! I do feel that runescape has lost it's WOW factor. (Not world of warcraft) I just spend my membership on the forums and trying out new content for a day.




It's kind of like ssbb. The game was amazing the first 2 weeks. Then I unlocked everything and finished the whole game and it got boring.

I would put a cool link here but I don't know how.

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A whole new world...


A whole new place I [garble]




I remember killing cows and chickens...and dying to men.


At least dying didn't matter back then, cuz all you had was crappy stuff




I remember when I got the bronze med from Draynor Manor, and I remember when I got this bronze square that was lying on the floor, noted.


Back then, I didn't know anything, and everything looked cool to me.


Heh, I thought that an obsidian shield (the circular one) was a dragon shield, just cuz it was red :lol:


Good times.

Avatar by Unoalexi!

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Yeah I really likes your article on this new graphics. I also love to look at the many new things we have got from jagex.


I always disliked questing though. But when this update came out it invited me to go questing, because when you do quests you run from point a to point b to point c and back to point b for instance, so this was a way for me to check out all the new aspects of this RS HD.




I also love the new full screen function and the 4x AA, wow man I mean AA on a Java Application :D


Anyways, everything runs very smooth, except for the normal little laggs you get once an hour or something.




I hope I can keep these memories of amazement, just as I had when I first started playing.




Happy Scaping Y'All

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As everyone has said, super read, very well-written! Good parallels between those nostalgic first days in the game and the new graphics.




I'm playing in my usual low detail, but now I have the option to turn on *some* (old) high detail features without messing up my game (like roofs), so I am seeing everything in a new way myself.




The lagging, the glitches ... I have confidence that these things will be resolved as time goes by. Kudos to Jagex for this update, and thanks to foodfight for a great article!


it's a lot easier to get over yourself when you look at intelligence the same way you look at beauty, or height, or eye color: being smart is easy, but being good is hard ... being smart is handed to you, being good is handed to *nobody*.

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dumb. i'm not going to say because last time i did i got flamed as all hell. he's saying walk as he's running. talk as i yell. so on and so fourth. i didn't get a "magical" feeling when i first went into lumby. i played loads of java games and rs just nailed itslef onto the list that doesn't exist. sometimes i think people take this game a little to seriously.




me: -.-


every one else: :roll:


Wow, watching this thread is better than pro wrestling! =D>

This thread is probably better than pro wrestling because the fights here are real (And the boobs).

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First time I've posted on an article it was really good I loved it. Really relevant to most people I think.



Just to be different.


Think about it. A freaking Dragon Cane with a Dragonstone gem.

The spec will simply your character equiping a glove and beachslapping the enemy, who will break down and do the Cry emote for 10 seconds straight.

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Nice read. :thumbup:




Although it was too many Disney references for me (The title "A Whole New World" reminds me of Aladdin and there is also a reference to Ariel from Little Mermaid) :lol:




Aladdin and Little Mermaid are lame. The Lion King is where it's at. :oops:




But seriously, I love the new graphics and people need to stop saying the graphics are horrible compared to other games. You have to remember it's a game that runs on Java and is meant to play in your browser with no installation. To me, that's impressive.

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