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Weekly Poll: Favorite Familiar


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This week's poll asks:




What is your favorite type of familiar?


    [*:rj39e3zj] Burden
    [*:rj39e3zj] Combat/Healing
    [*:rj39e3zj] Skill Boost
    [*:rj39e3zj] Teleport
    [*:rj39e3zj] I don't use...






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Remember, you can also submit your ideas for future polls here.

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Bunyip helps me alot in combat, but to be honest i think Terrorbird is more helpful - not just because of the extra storage, but because of the scroll ability.




Still picked healer though, it probably save me more time and money.




Gah, beginning to think a bit more now - think of all the energy pots i would've wasted!!


Thank you to tripsis for an awesome sig!

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I haven't voted due to the distinct lack of an option "Subject to situation"




I love my minotaurs when im off to clan wars and such.




But I love my bunyip for slayer




And my tortoise for mining




and my terrobird for penguins n such




i don't prefer any one sort I prefer whichever is useful for me in the situation.


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Burden ftw i love my terrorbird i used it to complete mourner enders part 2 (only got half way through the quest) and i might use it for summers end and while guthix sleeps for energy its a good familiar for questing.

Official quest cape owner.

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I voted Burden. Mainly because I use Terror birds run spec.

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I chose Beast of Burden, because at my level, the T-Bird is the best option overall for me. Maybe if I got to different levels, I could say something else, but until then.... <3:

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I also had to choose between beasts of burden and combat familiars. I ended up on combat, just because I love my bunyips and titans, but beasts of burden were a close second, because of the terrorbird special ability.

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Though i can't use them, pack yaks FTW. 2 of my best friends *one being the Slayer Goddess, Cynder76* use pack yaks like crazy! they love the ability to bank their items.



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Well, since summoning is one of my favorite skills, I'll have a lot to say here.




I find my Terrorbird to be the best. Although my Bunyip is close in 2nd. But the Terrorbird beats it because of the scroll/holds 12 items. But bunyip is really killer for slaying/bandits.




But god if i had 99 for Steel Titan... Side effect just for having it out: Boosts your stab, slash and crush defence by 15%.


And the scroll: Its next attack will be four powerful ranged attacks.




So basically, with the best spirit shield, this familiar, and barrows tanking gear at Castle Wars. You would be a Indestructible Machine of War. :twisted:

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Foolish to place combat and healer in the same category; they are distinct and seperate uses.

Ah, this reminds me about the noob on the Runescape forums who was upset with the quest "Cold War" because apparently his grandparents died in the war. :wall:
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