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new lands?


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mate just went there and he said: 'its blocked by fremeniks, they wont let me in and say there's a big battle going on"


get pics if you can, i have people heading there to screeny too


...I hope you don't mean the Graveyard of Shadows, it's been there since the beginning...


way to read the thread

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Get the orb of oculus!



Here a Pic from the oculus:

Sry for Low Detail. This Pic is from the german Community. No better pics so far.





here is a new one, but also not so useable. it looks like it is a little bit closer to the center of the labyrint or what that should be...







Sorry for my noob englisch :D



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Are you going to apologize?


Anyways, it's probably just the next Mahjarrat quest.


Do those symbols on the tents mean anything to anyone who's done the Grandmaster quests? I really need to read up on my rs history...

The flags look like autobot from Transformers movie...

I haven't seen fremmeniks at work so far from their homeland, or am i wrong here?



RIP my main Xprozaccx.

Still Dreaming of Farming Cape

Confucius say: "Crowded elevator smell different to a midget" xD

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I Dont think that it would be a new Quest.


I think more that it is a symbol for the new skill. look at what hild said:



Didnt Jagex also said, that the new skill going to be unlike anything and any skill we just think about?






New Pics:





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