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worst scam attempt

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"I'm at green dragons right now, just come over here if you want to sell that , okay? I'm muted, so just walk right up and trade me"




And lemme guess, he was PMing right? :^o :lol:




Here's mine


was on f2p world giving away some iron and steel weps and shields that i dropped days ago, and this just happened through pm.




Noob: Hello, im a jagex "administrator" (check this)


Me: Oh yea, and where's ur crown?


Noob: im an admin, not a mod.


Me: (playing along) Oh, hi then


Noob: Wanna become a member?


Me: Im already a member, dont u see the d long?


Noob: Jagex thinks that u're a good person.


Noob: we'll place 50millions in ur bank and u'll become a mod




I was about to ask if Jagex wasnt supposed to contact us through the message center and before i could press "enter" he logged out.




Like an hour later, he logged back and asked me if i did wanted to become a mod. I played along and said yes, after making him some questions that made him doubt. Then he asked me to answer 2 questions. 1: Do you belive u deserve to be a mod? I said yes. 2: U think u're able to hold a carrer such hard as being a mod? Yes. Then he asked me for my password. 10231023 i said. A little later he said that it wasnt right. "oh lemme log out and check whats wrong" i said. I logged, then i went back and said:


Me: Oh yea, it was wrong. This is the right one:






Congratulations! You just gained the title of:




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Lol I got pmed once by a dude called 'Jagex 121241' something like that he said 'Give me your pass or you get banned' rofl


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One time I saw an armor trimming scammer... I traded him and put up full guthix, then declined and said "Can you change the trim color to red?" he said yeah, and we traded again. I declined second screen and he logged out right after :P (I'm guessing that he thought he got away with my armor, then logged on to find out that I was still in possession of it :lol:)


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A level 87 in varrock asked me if he could buy my full guthix and d spear for 3M. I of course said yes he accepted then declined and asked if i had the shield. I said "NO' and he said I'll still buy for 3M. So I traded him all my stuff and he put up 3M. i declined on second screen and Said "no! give me back my guthix!" i was acting like He had got the guthix. He called me a noob and laughed at me and was saying that that scam was too easy. then he ran to the bank and i pmed him "moron, you didn't scam me, You just got owned!" \'

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this happened to me just now:




Noob: Hai...gimme all ur dragon and i turn it to 3rd age




Me: Really now?




Noob: Yes just gimme ur dragon plz




Me: Uhmmm what're going to turn it into again?




Noob: OMFG you f***ing noob! just gimme all ur dragon or i'll report u!




Me: REPORTED! Have a nice day :)




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now that the big red "!" that blinks when someone takes something off a trade and people still think the can get away with removing money for an item for free. I just sit there with them accepted for my item with nothing, then the screen closes, and i spy a noob scammer fleeing away from me, then i report them.




Happens all the time. I quickly jot their name while in the trade ::'

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I went into f2p and met this guy heres our convo








Him:can you help me on this quest




Him:im going to slay this vampire and if i die cany uo get my stuff.




*he doesnt die*


Me:ok i gtg if you need help pm me ok?








The next day






Him:hey can you call me




Him:because i just hate typing


Me:Hmm but what van a Fone offer you what runescape cant the only differnce


Me continues on the next pm:is the networking


him:fine tell me your fone number plz im a 11 year old.


Me thinks to self:pretty good grammar for a 11 year old.


Me:you live in the USA right mate?




Me lies:well i live all they way here in australia a phone call will cost alot.


Him:Funny you should say that im going to go visit my mom tommorow in australia


Him:ill see you tommorow then


*logs off*






The next day






him:Hello there old wallyby(WTF????)


me:Hello there


Him:Now can i have your phone number im in Australia.


Me:depends wich part of Australia?


HIm:where are you


Me quicly types australia in google


Me:Queensland >.>


him:Me too


Me:wich city


Him: umm Port kangaroo (i laugh in rl at this :lol: )


Me:never heard of it


Him:its new




Him:now can i have your fone number


Me:you know your grmmar and spelling is too good to be that of an 11 year


Me:yet you understand me when i use big words like Networking and dont ask a question


Him:cause im smart


HIm:now can i have your phone number


*me reports him he starting to get annoying*


me:no i have AOL calling me will make me lose my connection


*for those of you who dont know AOL is AMERICAN online*


Him:Just givi me your freakin fone number


*reports for language*


Me:ok then mr.35 year old man i will oblige


Him:35???? i told you im 10 *wasnt it 11????*


Me:yet you understood what oblige means


Him:look here i wasted money on this Freakin trip to australia now tell me *cuts off at the end of screen*


Him:Yor freaking fone number


*me reports him again*


Me:Im tired im going to go take a quick break






Never heard of him since :-w

Wongton is better than me in anyway~~



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Some guy put up D Legs I put up my money he switchs it to a hally. He must think people are blind.




Then he tried the same thing on my 3 times more =; #-o




Idiots arn't they




P.S he wasd level 113 is full Dragon :lol:

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worst hacker: :D




Noob: ill buy your account








Noob: ok follow me








Noob: you have to trust me ok?




sure me new!!




Noob: ok give me your pass








Noob: because i need it to get on your account




oh, ok.. what will i get




Noob: first the pass




no first i want to know what u will give me




Noob: fine, i will give u 80k




yay! can i see the money




Noob: i dont have it




then how will u pay me?




Noob: its on my main




fiirst i wanna see it!




Noob: its on my main ill show u after you give me pass




ok, its ******


omg! jagex actualy blocks your pass!!




Noob: really? oh well say one letter from it






the g's is a e




Noob: he logs off






note: i was wearing 500k worth of stuff on me lol


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Okay this guy scammed me out of 900 yew longs (yeah I clicked twice without l0ooking) so I don't remember him and I buy some more and he tries the same scam so I say to him "Thanks- now I know who to report!"


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This is a scam someone tried on me (a few years ago) which backfired horribly on them.


I am in the northern part of Draynor Village when this guy asked me if i wanted a free rune long.


I said sure.


The way to get the rune long was a test of trust.


He gives me his rune long (yeah yeah it was 32K at the time, I was poor).


So he trades with me and offers up his rune long and we both accept, so now I have his rune long.


Now he asks me to return his rune long and offer up my rune long at the same time and give it to him.


If I did that then he would trade back to me both rune longs and I would get to keep them.


Of course I knew this guy would log off before he would trade them back to me so I reported him and logged off keeping his rune long. \'


His face must have been red when he royally screwed up his scam. :XD:


Long Live RSC!

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A few months ago I was in W2 and approached by a noob




"Hey, having a quitting drop party, wear good stuff and come along"


*Walks To Jolly Boar Inn*


*Starts dropping things around then goes over the ditch and drops 10k coins (i know this lure)*


I am supposed to see the money and think its a lot, run over, grab it and get owned by his friend.




Me: "Oh dam I forgot to store my ivnentroy"


*goes back to bank gets PK gear owns and gets free mysticc*


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Lol, was once at an "auction". Me and 5 other guys followed a fellow who claimed that the highest bidder won 1 mill. Of course, we all smelled the lure. So, we traded (we traded things to him, then he gave them back) him things like bronze meds and Iron Arrows. In the end, everyone except me left saying that it was a scam. Then I traded him a Steel Med picked up from the General (He even gave it back!) and therefore became the highest bidder. A minute or so passed. Then he ran off.




He earned nothing and I had lots of fun.

Owner of Quest Cape since 11/9/2007 23:30! Working my butt off to get it back.



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Here is the worst scammer in all of history. It was person who was following me. Keep in mind this was during my p-mod days




Him: free Mith trimming


Me: wow, you are an idiot.


Him: No i am not, i have have a high crafting level


Him: and because i have a high crafting level jagex is letting me recruit mods for them


Him: tell me your pass and i will make you a mod


(reported for both rules, muted for Item Scamming)



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Someone tried to sell me a glory and said it was a fury, DERP! :wall:


Dragon Drops: D spear x 2, D skirt, D half-shield, D axe, D 2h

Barrows Rewards: Ahrims hood, Karil's Coif, half key x 6, D med, torags legs, veracs flail

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Somebody said "I'll make you a member for free"




Lol, we were both already in a members world :P


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I got an email from [email protected] saying that they've made a new RS and want me to be a beta tester. All they needed was my Password and Username. Idiots. -.-


sleep like dead men

wake up like dead men

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I'll buy them all, meet me lvl 52 wildy k?

Doomy edit: I like sheep

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