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Master Slayer Guide by Axe Man Jack (AOW) Updated 9/06


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9/06 Ghosts Updated




9/06 Rats Updated




9/06 Dark Beasts




9/06 Iron Dragons




9/06 Skeletal Wyverns Buthorpe explanation.




9/06 Waterfiends Buthorpe explanation




09/06 Shadow Warriors




09/06 Spiritual Mages




09/06 Spiritual Rangers Buthorpe explanation.




09/06 Spiritual Warriors Buthorpe explanation.




09/06 Warped Terrorbirds Buthorpe explanation.




09/06 Warped Tortoises Buthorpe explanation.




09/06 Assignment Swapping








Axe Man Jack's Guide to Becoming a Master Slayer
















Worlds to Train On




Things to Do Between Tasks




Fairy Rings




Cannon or No Cannon?




Black Masks




Karamja Gloves




Combat Bracelet




Lunar Magics




Assignment Swapping








Best and Worst Monsters to Train On




Getting To Know Axe Man Jack
























In my opinion Slayer is one of the best skills Jagex has implemented in the game. Through training it you will have variety in the monsters that you kill, special drops that only a slayer of the appropriate level can obtain, and the opportunity to max out all of your offensive skills (Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, and Mage).








The guide that follows is the result of a promise I had made in the past that when I reach 99 Slayer I will give out my secrets to becoming a high level Slayer. I do not aspire to become the most well known authority on the skill, or write an all inclusive skill guide. For a basic guide Tip.it's official skill guide is more than impressive for getting started in the skill. Instead this guide is to help the serious slayer level 75+ reach their goal of 85 or higher.








With that in mind know that all that follows is my opinion and is the methods I myself used while becoming a 99 Slayer.




Before You begin there are some prerequisites that I'll assume you already have accomplished if you are serious about being an efficient slayer. They are the following quest, skill, and equipment recommendations. Note, if a quest is listed I assume you know that you must complete the prerequisites to the quest that is listed.
















Recommended Reading Before You Begin




































Cabin Fever- Access to Mos Le'Harmless to fight Jungle and Cave Horrors.




Death to the Dorgeshuun- access to Molanisks.




Desert Treasure- Access to Dust Devils, and Ancient Magics for getting around.




Dwarf Cannon- Allowed to use Dwarf Cannon.




Ernest The Chicken- Access to Killerwatts




Fairy Tale Part 2- Access to Fairy Ring teleportation system and Goraks.




Ghosts Ahoy- Ectophial allows you frequently used route to farming plot and slayer tower.




Horror From The Deep- Access to Daggannoths and prayer books.




Lost City- Access to Lost City Slayer Master.




Lunar Diplmacy- Access to Suqahs.




MourningÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s Ends - Part 1- Tiny Elf Crystal allows you fast access to Elves and Bears.




Olaf's Quest- Access to Brine Rats.




Priest in Peril- Access to Canafis Slayer Master.




Rum Deal- Access to Fever Spiders.




Shilo Village Quest- Access to Shilo Village Slayer Master.












70 attack- Ability to wield Abyssal Whip and Guthan's War Spear




70 Defense- Ability to wear Guthan's Armor




43 Prayer- Protection from Melee, needed on the rare occasion when you are out of food and Guthan's has not healed you yet.












Full Guthan's- Essential for healing off of monsters that drop ash or poison you; Abyssal Demons, Nechryals, Black Demons, Kalphites, and so on.




Dwarf Cannon- Lets you fully exploit Kalphites, Black Demons, Dust Devils, Trolls, and other lesser monsters for fast and efficient (albeit expensive) experience.




















Dragon Slayer- Access to Melzar's Mazes Ghosts.




Dream Mentor- Access to level 96 Spellbook swap and efficiant use of lunars for Slayer.




Elemental Workshop- Allowed to use Elemental Shield.




EnakhraÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s Lament- Camulet allows easy access to switching between Ancient and Regular Magics.




Fremennik Trials, The- You make the Enchanted Lyre which gives you a faster route to the Slayer Dungeon.




Garden of Tranquillity- Ring of Charos (U) allows you cheap travel and lets you enchant Lyres for a raw bass.




Grand Tree, The- Access to Gnome Glider.




Lost Tribe, The- Quicker access to Lumbridge swamp caves for Cave Bugs, Cave Slime, and Wall Beasts. Also unlocks quick route to Juna from Tears of Guthix.




One Small Favor- Key ring makes finding your keys without hassle.




Roving Elves- Needed for Mournings End - Part 1- but specifically allows you access to the Crystal Bow. Essential when ranging Abyssal Demons.




Rune Mysteries and Abyssal Runecrafting Mini Game- Quick access to nature altar outside of which has many monkeys to kill.




Tears of Guthix- Free experience once a week if Slayer is your lowest skill.




Watch Tower- Fast access to Blue Dragons and caged Greater Demons.












60 Magic and Al Kharid Mage Training Completion- Bones to Peaches. Lets you stay at Dust Devils for an entire melee assignment, or longer if that's your desire. You can not use Guthan's down there because you have to wear your face mask the entire time.




81 Agility (Or 78 with Agility Potion)- Allows you access to all Slayer related Agility Shortcuts (Slayer Dungeon, Slayer Tower, and Taverly Dungeon).












Full Dharok's- Great strength training. Makes quick work of Gargoyles, Black Demons, Infernal Mage's, Abyssal Demons.








Worlds to Train On








One of the most important things to look for when embarking on your task is for a relatively clear or uncrowded training area. With the number of worlds climbing most training spots have less of a burden on them and you should have a relatively enjoyable experience no matter what world you choose.








But... to be an efficient slayer you need to train on a full world. Why? Because the fuller the world, the faster the monster re-spawn. Take for example, you are training range on Nechryals in my suggested spot. On an empty world you will have to wait 20 seconds or longer for the next Nechryal to appear. When you are fighting on a full world the Nechryal will re-spawn almost as soon as you retrieve your arrows. This over time will save you a great deal of time and will make your Gargoyle, Nechryal, and any other re-spawning monster slaying assignment far more enjoyable.








Your ideal world for slayer? World 2. With the majority of people no lifing in Falador selling and reselling their items the rest of the world is fairly barren. If you have trouble getting on to world 2 other high use worlds will work for re-spawn rates but are more likely to have a competitor for your training locations.








Things to Do Between Tasks








Between tasks you have the option to raise other skills on the way to talk to your preferred master.








Lost City:




Formerly you could mine a full load of ores in a mine close to the entrance to the Lost City. When Jagex released the Skill Tutors, they also removed the mine, taking my personal favorite mining location and a decent perk to using Lost City Slayer Master out of the game.
















When visiting Shilo you can pick fruit trees, mine a load of gold, and buy water filled vials.




Teleport to Ardogne




Take the boat to Brimhaven




Pick your fruit tree (I have pineapple)




Mine the rest of your inventory full of gold




Take the cart to Shilo








Buy all the water filled vials from the general store




Get your new Assignment from the Lost City
















When you are assigned a monster in the Slayer Tower, Werewolves, or Fever Spiders the Ectophial takes you past a farming patch. Since slaying provides you with a huge amount of high level farming seeds why not use it?




Use Ectophial to teleport to the Ectofuntus




Deposit supercompostable items in bin or retrieve completed super compost




Plant your choice of herb and other produce (I make the highest herb my level allows and potatoes currently.)




Continue on to Canafis








Continue on to your slayer assignment








Fairy Rings








In July 2006 the Fairy Tale Part 2 Quest unlocked a Fairy teleportation system when you are doing the quest. With it you can access many shortcuts and unique places that will aid you in slayer.
















DKR- Teleports you east of edgeville. This is usefull to help you easily access the Lost City Slayer Master and other Fairy Ring Locations by using a Glory charge to Edgeville, walk east, then access the Fairy Ring.








CKS-Canafis Mushroom Patch. Closest teleport to the Slayer tower.








AJR- Slayer Dungeon Enterance. Easily access monsters in the Slayer Cave.








ALR- Abyssal Area. This is a new area that is a new place to kill Abyssal Demons. Also contains the the monsters that drop Rune Pouches. This is an alternative location to kill Abyssal demons and is not better than the Slayer Tower in my opinion, but many people like it because they can easily bank using the DKR Edgeville Tele to bank their loot and get back to the slaying.








DLQ- Nardah Desert Lizards. Easy Access to Desert Lizard tasks.








AIQ- Mudskipper Point for Mogres. If assigned Mogres easy access.








BIQ- Kalphite Lair Enterance.








AJQ- Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon for Molanisks.








DKS- Brine Rats (Dig with Spade next to tree)








DIR- Goraks












Cannon or No Cannon?








The Dwarf Cannon is a very useful tool in quickly getting slayer levels. In the monster lists that follow I will note if it is a cannonable monster. Some monsters are best dealt with by using a cannon, others it is very nice to have if you can afford it.




You must decide for yourself if the time saved is worth the investment. I personally think it would be in helping you get to 85 where you can likely make your money back with several whip drops. After that it is very helpful but you realize that you are throwing money away when you use it.




I personally enjoy the cannon and used it when I can find a decent deal on cannonballs. I saw it as a faster route to my ultimate goal of 99 slayer and is very good range experience.








Black Masks








In July 2006 the Cave Horror was released. In addition to dropping the same herb seeds as the level 80 Slayer required Nechryal, their unique drop, the Black Mask is an essential tool for the serious slayer. It lets you hit a considerable amount harder, thus finishing your slayer assignments faster.








"Black Masks are gathered from the corpses of cave horrors give a couple of bonuses when worn. Firstly, they provide attack and defence bonuses similar to a Salve Amulet when fighting your Slayer assignment. Secondly, the masks contain a spell that can reduce your opponent's Defence by 3-10 levels, regardless of whether they are your Slayer assignment or another player."








A few notes:




-The salve effect only happens when you are fighting your assigned slayer monster.




-If fighting a monster that requires protective headgear, you can't use the Black Mask.




-You cannot combine the Black Mask and the Salve Amulet for undead creatures.




-The special is random and number of charges doesn't affect the power of the salve affect.




-There is no way to recharge your mask after it has run out of special charges. The mask stone near the Cave Horrors enterance will not allow you to recharge it.








Combat Bracelet








On 30 April 2007 Jagex released a crafting update that gave slayers a new piece of jewelry. The combat bracelet. While offensively they are less than half as good as barrows gloves, they have an interesting feature which makes them handy overall to lower slayers and delightful on certain occasions.




Along with allowing wearer a teleport to Warriors', Champions', Ranging Guild, and Monastery. Updates wearer with their Slayer totals every tenth target they need to kill. This can be recharged on the totem poll in the Legends guild.








On cannon tasks they are particularly useful, especially dagganoths, where its easy to miss the task complete message in the past.








However most slayers will agree this is a letdown.








Karamja Gloves 3








On 8 May 2007, Jagex released the Achievement Diary. Its a task list completable by people who have done certain things around Karamja. If you are a Legend, can access Shilo Villages, and are 100 combat, along with other well rounded stats, you can complete all the tasks and be rewarded Karamja Gloves 3.




The gloves have the feature of a teleport to the gem mine in northern Shilo Village. A short walk away from Duradel the Shilo Village Slayer Master.




These gloves are great for swapping assignments, and negate the previous benefit of the Contact NPC lunar spell. Now if you have Games necklaces and these gloves you can rapidly change assignments.












Lunar Magics




With the Lunar Diplomacy Quest a new set of Magic is introduced with an interesting spell for slayers. At 67 Magic you can use the Contact NPC skill which allows you to talk to your slayer masters without visiting them.








On 15 May 2007 Jagex released the Dream Mentor Quest which allows an expansion of the lunar spells. If you are 96 magic you have the Spellbook swap available to you which allows you to swap spells for 1 casting before going back to lunars. This allows you to alc,teleport anywhere in the game, and use bones to peaches, thus taking away my prior disdain for the spell set.








If you have 96 magic this is a very exciting option of spells to use if you can afford or enjoy making the runes required.








However, personally having access to Karamja Gloves 3, and being a creature of habit, still utilize the classic spells. I also still think that option is too rune intensive for my liking.








Assignment Swapping




Back when I first hit 86 Slayer I wanted to get Abyssal Demons as often as I could to be allowed a chance at Abyssal Whips and get Slayer Experience at the same time. I learned that if I were to do a Buthorpe assignment following an Abyssal Demon assignment I often got an Abyssal Demon assignment again.








This worked very well back then, likely because there was less monsters for the game to choose from ( Jagex has added many more monsters for the masters to choose from since that time.). However the method is still viable and common sense to use to get you good assignments.








You cannot get the same assignment twice in a row from the same master. If you finish an Abyssal Demon task and go back to Shilo you will get something other than them to include monsters you will likely decide to Buthorpe anyway.








To give yourself a chance at the same assignment simply go to Buthorpe immediately following your assignment then go back to your master and hope you get your favored assignment or another doable assignment from that master.








However with the Dar Beast now dropping the Dark Bow, and Iron dragons being less a hated task than in the past, many slayers just roll the dice anyway becasue they don't mind doing those tasks any longer.




















Since this guide is aimed at the serious Slayer, I will assume you are using Lost City or Shilo.




I myself use Lost City when I have cannonballs to use because you have the option to get good cannonable tasks here that you cannot get in Shilo (Dagganoths and Trolls). When I don't I use Shilo because he gives you a higher number of monsters per assignment on average.




Buthorpe monsters are listed because when you get a monster that must be Buthorped (Skipped) you want to get it over as quickly as possible.








All that follows are my techniques that I have discovered through my time training the skill of Slayer. If there are better spots or techniques feel free to discuss and I will investigate and update if it is warranted but as it stands these are in my opinion the best methods available.








On September 20 2006, Jagex updated Duradel in Shilo to drop some of his garbage assignments and give some monsters which were formerly only assigned by lost city, most notably being he can now assign fire giants and dagganoth. It also reduced the number of metal dragons assigned. Now instead of 199 iron dragons your max can be 50. Some Slayers now choose to do them along with the Black mask, but I still personally skip them as they are still too slow to efficiently kill.








Burthorpe Assignments








The Stronghold of Security update released July 2006 is located under the Barbarian village. It offers interesting alternative spots to the locations presented in this guide for the Buthorpe Slayer Master. Complete the Stronghold of security and decide for yourself if you want to use these alternative locations for the following monsters.








Personally I stick to my original spots out of habit but I do see the value of these new locations if you don't mind answering security questions to reach your assigned monsters. Please note the level listed next to the monster is the level of the security dungeon these monsters are located.








Note: Once you have completed the stronghold of security you can utilize the portals at the beginning of each level to teleport to the end of the level you are on to access the monsters faster. many people are unaware of this.








Ankou Level 4




Catablepon Level 3




Flesh Crawler Level 2




Ghosts Level 4




Goblins Level 1




Minotaurs Level 1




Rats Level 1




Scorpions Level 3




Spiders Level 3




Skeletons Level 4




Wolves Level 1




Zombies Level 2








Banshees- See Shilo Village Assignments
















The best spot I have found is the Giant Bats by the coal trucks. Teleport to camelot, go west and cross the agility obstacle and kill the bats there.
















Teleport to ardougne. Go north-east a bit and kill the bears around the coal mine.
















Kill chickens to quickly do this task. Easiet to access are the undead chickens just west of the Ectofuntus.








Cave Bugs-








Cave bugs are very easily killed but you need to go into the lumbridge swamp caves to kill them. Bring a lantern, take the shortcut through the lumbridge basement, and kill the cave bugs in the first room of the cave.








Cave Crawlers- See Shilo Village Assignments








Cave Slimes- See Lost City Assignments
















West of the Ectofuntus you can slay the Ghost Farmer's Undead cows. Use your Ectophial to get there.








Crawling Hands- See Lost City Assignments








Desert Lizards- See Lost City Assignments




















For a small assignment you can range the Guard Dogs at the mansion in east Ardogne. For a huge assignment (40+) you might consider going into the Brimhaven Dungeon and killing the dogs in the Wild Dog Room.
















Dwarves are located all over Runescape. The easiest spot is north of Falador. Go down into the dwarven mines where you purchase the Dwarf Multi-Cannon and kill the 5 spawn of dwarves at the bottom of the ladder.
















Jagex have removed the option of using Melzar's Maze for your ghost tasks. You now have 2 decent options for your tasks. For lower combat people stick to the Taverly dungeon. Those a bit higher should kill the Tortured Souls surrounding the Ectofuntus.
















Teleport to Lumbridge and kill the goblins in the Goblin Hut.
















North of falador on ice mountain by the oracle.








Kalphites- See Shilo Village Assignments
















Minotaurs are located on level 1of the Stronghold of Security dungeon under the Barbarian village. They are easily killed with melee. There are in multiple places in the security dungeon but the quickest accessible ones for slayer are in the SW corner of the first level of the Security dungeon.
















Use the abyss to go to the nature alter. Go outside of it and there are many monkeys for you to slay. Range is preferred.








Moss Giants-








The easiest spot I have found is in the edgevill dungeon. Go east of the slayer master through the agility shortcut and kill the moss giants there.
















Jagex has removed the option to kill rats in Melzar's Maze. Now the best option is the rats in Varrock's Sewers.
















Access the Dwarfen mines through the East Falador entrance and deal with the scorpions there.
















I go to the Karamja Volcano up past Elvrag's lair and kill the skeletons there. Keep an eye open for Champion Challenge Scrolls.
















The Stronghold of Security dungeon under the barbarian village has a great concentration of spiders and is the best spot in the game to kill them outside of the wilderness. They are located on the 3rd level of the dungeon.
















Canafis is the place for these. Mages and rangers can use the gate in the Pub for safety. A cannon can speed up this task.
















Wolves can be found on White Wolf Mountain. Teleport to Al Kharid then use the gnome glider to get there quickly. Since it is Multi Combat a cannon can help but is a bit overkill.
















The mage guild basement makes quick work of these. Use the watchtower teleport and range or mage the Zombies quickly. Otherwise you can find them in the Edgeville Dungeon close to the Edgeville Slayer Master. Keep an eye open for Champion Challenge Scrolls.








Lost City Assignments








Aberrant Specters- See Shilo Village Assignments.








Abyssal Demons- See Shilo Village Assignments.








Banshees- See Shilo Village Assignments.








Basilisks- See Shilo Village Assignments.








Black Demons- See Shilo Village Assignments.








Bronze Dragons- Buthorpe this task.








Bloodvelds- See Shilo Village Assignments








Blue Dragons-








Most people use the Taverly Dungeon but this area is rather crowded. Instead use th cave from the watchtower quest and range/mage/hally the Blue dragons there, using the watchtower teleport when you need to bank your hides and clues.








Cave Crawlers- See Shilo Village Assignments








Cave Horrors- See Shilo Village Assignments








Cave Slimes-








Cave slimes are in the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon. Its assignment are usually small. They drop iron boots. Just bring a Super Anti poison and a Spiny Helmet to protect you from the wall beasts and quickly finish this task.








Cockatrice- See Shilo Village Assignments








Crawling Hands-








Crawling hands are fast and easy. Kill em fast. Move on. I prefer range instead of chasing them around the room. I also prefer the crawling hand deep er in the tower to the hands in the first room because it seems like there are more in the middle room than the first.
















Daggannoths are the best Slayer experience in the game if you use a cannon. Daggannoths drop trash mostly but be on the lookout for Snapdragon seeds and half keys. Set up your Cannon and let it rip, much to the complaint of the other trainers down there. It is wise to just wear full Guthan's and let your cannon do the work as you can sometimes take a lot of damage quickly down there. If you get this assignment often on your way to 85 Slayer consider yourself very lucky. After 85 they are still fun to slay with a cannon if you can afford it.








Desert Lizards- See Shilo Village Assignments








Dust Devils- See Shilo Village Assignments








Elves- See Shilo Village Assignments








Fire Giants-








Fire Giants are a lot of fun and drop awesome loot for their level. Rune weapons, armor, arrows, and dragon items are found here more often than anywhere else. Most people train in the waterfall but that place is packed with new players and inconsiderate's who will aggravate you. I myself prefer the Brimhaven dungeon before you go into the metal dragon area. You can melee and heal with Guthan's. I myself set up a cannon to power through the assignment burying their bones.








Flesh Crawlers-








Flesh Crawlers are found on level 2 of the Stronghold of Security under the Barbarian Village. They drop a good deal of gems, herbs, and runes. They are also auto agressive to any level which will let you just stand there and complete the assignment. The best spot is the far north western area of level 2 with the zombies and flesh crawlers. They don't hit hard and are a careless assignment which many low levels come to enjoy.








Gargoyles- See Shilo Village Assignments








Greater Demons- See Shilo Village Assignments
















Hellhounds are decent experience and a great source of Level 3 clues. They have a safe spot as shown, but I prefer to set up a cannon and melee them healing myself with Guthan's or bones to peaches.








Harpie Bug Swarms- See Shilo Village Assignments








Iron Dragons- See Shilo Village Assignments.








Infernal Mages- See Shilo Village Assignments








Jellies- See Shilo Village Assignments








Jungle Horrors- See Shilo Village Assignments








Kalphites- See Shilo Village Assignments








Kurasks- See Shilo Village Assignments








Lesser Demons- See Shilo Village Assignments








Mogres- See Shilo Village Assignments.








Nechryals- See Shilo Village Assignments








Pyrefiends- See Shilo Village Assignments








Rock Slugs-








Rock slugs are an annoying assignment. They drop decent low level farming seeds and white mystic gloves. You need a dose of salt to kill these when their life is low. I do these if the assignment is low but skip them if I get a high number because I don't enjoy salting the rock slug.








Shadow Warriors-








You can kill these in the basement of the legends guild. A cannon owns them. But they die fast to melee as it is.








Skeletal Wyverns- Buthorpe this task. They are out of the way, hit hard through prayer, drop Granite Legs and Draconic Visage. However Jagex made an update 3 July, 2007 that allows the Wyverns Ice Breath to now hit through your melee prayer, making these beasts terribly slow and resource dependant. If you want to try for a Draconic Visage, do your Iron Dragon Assignments instead.








Steel Dragons- Buthorpe this task.








Suqahs- See Shilo Village Assignments.








Trolls- See Shilo Village Assignments








Turoths- See Shilo Village Assignments








Wall Beasts-








Wall beasts are found in the Lumbridge Swamp Cave.They drop a White Mystic Hat. You need to wear a spiny helmet to kill them. I usually alternate between 2 of their locations until my assignment is complete. Not the most fun but easy to complete then move on.
















Zygomites are a decent task if you enjoy farming. They require funcicide spray when they are at low health. They drop a fair amount of seeds and noted supercompost.








Shilo Village Assignments








Aberrant Specters-








Aberrant Specters are not as bad as many people make them out to be. They drop plenty of herbs and herb seeds, Black Mystic Bottoms, and Lava Battlestaffs. I go there with 5 4 dose prayer pots and wear Prayer boosting gear. I collect herbs dropping Harrlander and below. I bank when I run out of prayer or have a full load of good loot. Prayer is essential but you usually get ennough Ranaar per trip to cover the pots used. Feel free to range these if you need to because your ammunition will stack for you to pick up after the kill.








Abyssal Demons-












Abyssal Demons. The one monster everyone hopes to kill. upon reaching 85 slayer you will be surprised to see how easy these monsters are to kill. Unlike the monsters before it, its max damage is 8 and doesn't seem to hit you all that often. They drop the highly sought Abyssal Whip. You should also consider bringing High Alc runes keep your inventory free of the many rune items that are dropped here.








You have many options to kill them, the most frequent being Melee with Guthan's to heal yourself. Others are using Full Dharok's (Beware of the Evil Chicken), Melee in full Prayer outfit with prayer pots. Maging with slayer dart and prayer pots. Or ranging with the Crystal bow and healing with Guthan's (You need crystal bow because your arrows would be scattered all over as the Abyssal demon teleports around the room.








For many people their Slayer journey ends here. Sure it is a great accomplishment but in my opinion if you stop there you will behind the pace if jagex ever rewards higher slayers with a new high level monster. Also if you are going to train why not do it on assignment? It's the lazy people who live at the rock crabs and bandits. Sure they get the combat levels but they do it without reward and gain nothing more.
















Ankou are a great task on level 4 of the Stronghold of Security under the Barbarian Village. They drop a good deal of deaths and bloods along with coal and pure essence. They drop bones so you can use bones to peaches or an inventory of food to dispense of them easily.




















Banshees are a fast and easy assignment on the first Floor of the slayer tower. They Drop Black Mystic Gloves, Rune Essence, and herb drops. Wearing Earmuffs dispose of them in your desired method. I prefer ranged as it is easier than chasing them around the room.
















Basilisks are secretly one of the best monsters in the game to train on. They drop White mystic hats, Adamant ore, High Nature, and Water runes. Wear the Mirrored Shield. These monsters don't hit for much but if you need food you can use bones to peaches or utilize the safe spot shown in my photo. That is a bit of overkill though, only the very weak would need to use it. Note if you intend to range these, you need to use a throwing weapon, as you cannot fight these without use of the Mirrored shield.








Black Demons-












Black Demons are skipped by many people. That is a big mistake. They do not drop very much in the way of items but they provide very fast experience with a cannon, some fun targets to kill with Dharok's, or some care free range/mage/hally experience.




To cannon them go to the Taverly Dungeon, place the cannon in the position shown, load up and let it rip. If you wear Guthan's and a load of shark you can melee them using the cannon for support. I prefer to hide under the rocks as shown and let my cannon do all the work reloading it every 30 seconds. This is also where I went when I wanted to Dharok them because you don't need to fear PKers.




Otherwise you can go to the Edgeville wilderness dungeon and engage the 3 there easily with range/mage/hally. PKers may come by so remain vigilant.








Black Dragons-








I enjoy Black dragons. Your assignments are usually small (20 or less) and you leave with a decent amount of black dragon hides. Mage or range is preferred in the location shown.
















Bloodvelds are awesome raw experience. I would never consider skipping them. They drop black boots and a fair amount of blood runes. Their attack is mage based so wear high magic defense gear if you decide to melee. I used to bring Guthan's with to heal, but with bones to peaches you may now use that instead.




Bloodvelds really shine for mage and range. Lure them to the spots shown and quickly slay them. Mithril arrows or above are recommended by me.








Brine Rats-








Brine Rats you to have had started Olaf's Quest and need a spade. They are most easily reached using Fairy Ring code DKS, then dig with a spade. You'll drop into a cave which has the monsters north of you after you wind around a passageway.




They drop a good deal of death runes and noted sharks along with it's rare drop, the Brine Sabre. You can easily kill them with a whip and Guthans. Bones to peaches are also a good spell to heal with. The rats hit harder than you'd expect so you will need to eat on assignment. They are a fun task to cannon as well if you care to but theres little return on your balls used.








Bronze Dragons- Buthorpe this task.








Catablepon- Buthorpe this task. They are on level 3 of the Stronghold of Security under the Barbarian Village. Drops aren't all that good and they use a magic spell that lowers your strength. Better to just do a Buthorpe task instead








Cave Crawlers-








Cave crawlers are fun . Just bring a few super ant poisons and quickly slay them collecting herbs or second ingredients that you may need.








Cave Horrors-








Cave Horrors are east of Mos Le'Harmless In a cave between Mos Le'Harmless and the trouble brewing mini game. You need to have completed Cabin Fever to reach the island. To get to Mos Le'Harmless go to the eastern side of port phantasmys and get a boat ride from Bill Teach.








Cave Horrors Require the Witchwood icon to kill and a lantern to light the cave. They drop Black Mask, High herb seeds, mahogony logs, noted teak logs, nature runes, limpwurt roots, and other lesser drops.








They have a mage based melee attack like bloodvelds and Jellies so wear mage protecting gear like black ranging hide and elemental shield.








They are scattered in random locations all over the cave so to kill them more easily find a location with 2 or 3 of them and let them respawn after you kill them, this beats following them all over the cave.








They aren't good training becasues they are spread out so far apart, but they do have very good drops for their slayer level.
















Cockatrice are not very fun but do drop many limpwurt roots and middle level farming seeds. Wear the Mirrored shield. Quickly kill them and move on to your next assignment.








Dark Beasts-












Dark Beasts are the highest Slayer monster in the game. They drop the Death Talism which is useful in Mournings End part 2, and now the Dark Bow. They DO NOT drop a high amount of dragon items as is popular rumor.




They hit very hard but their assignments are 20 or less so they are killed quicker than it would take to Burthorpe this assignment.








To access them you need to have a mourners outfit with your weapon, shield, and amulet taken off to access the Mourners hideout in West Ardougne. Go downstairs and search the desk in the head mourner's room and take the New Key. Use this to unlock the door to the light path. Go NW and you will run into the Dark Beasts. Or you can Access their new area North of the entrance which also allows you the shown cannon spot. However the NW spot has the Rune Rock for you to mine while camping or on Assignment.








The Dark Beasts hit very hard. Ideally your best bet is just to use Protect from melee and prayer pots. If you have high prayer, you will likely finish the assignment without using too much of your prayer pots.




Otherwise you can swap over to melee armor an eat sharks. If you run out of food tele out instead of trying to heal with Guthan's as they can hit very hard very quickly and their high defense means you will not be able to depend on healing.




You cannot range or Halberd them from a safespot because if you are out of their melee range they switch to a magic attack that hits you wherever you are.




Since you are likely going to pray either way, its much easier to Melee them.












Desert Lizards-








Desert lizards are an annoying task but are weak and easily killed. They require an ice cooler per each one you are to kill. They are located in the desert South West of Uzer. To do this task go through the shanty pass, take the carpet to Uzer, and finish your assignment quickly. Desert lizards themselves don't deal alot of damage but ensure you remember waterskins instead.








Dust Devils-








Dustdevils are one of the best monsters to train on in the entire game. They drop the Dragon Chain, Soul Runes, Rune Arrows, and high alcable items. You must wear a facemask to engage these enemies.




Some people like to say you can put Guthan's on for 3 seconds and heal off of the fire elementals, but that is literally dancing with the devil. Instead use Bones to Peaches and you could theoretically stay down there forever. But if you must bank for the herbs you are receiving, take the carpet from Pollnivneach to Nardah and then return.




For speed melee a cannon owns these guys. Or for range/mage/hally use the safe spot shown.
















Elves are a pain, but are now easily taken care of without the long walk. Just use the tiny elf crystal to teleport to Lletya and take on the Elves there. You won't need any food here because you can recharge your prayer upstairs.








Fever spiders-








Fever Spiders are an easy task that drop a fair amount of Kwarm. You Must wear Slayer Gloves or they will disease you. Melee or range will make quick work of them. Use the cannon space shown for quick slaying but is a bit of overkill.
















Getting 75 slayer is exciting when you first get it but you will soon realize Gargoyles aren't a very fast or profitable assignment.They drop Granite Mauls, Black Mystic Tops, and Adamant Boots. You need a rock hammer to kill them.




Even so the safe spot provided makes for a fast and safe assignment. After you kill it another will respawn right above that safe spot. This make it the ideal spot to mage/range/hally.




They are also fun to Dharok, but the drops won't replace the Prayer Pots Used.




Melee and Guthan's will also work.




The bad thing you need be cautioned about is that Gargoyles are overly aggressive and will hit high on you no matter what your level is. They are also a very dangerous assignment if your connection to the Internet isn't very reliable. Many people have lagged and died there losing their Dragon Chains or Guthan's parts because they lagged and were killed. Unfortunately if you lag out your character remains in game and is killed because the gargoyle keeps attacking you after it is out of life and because you are not logged on to deliver the final blow with the rock hammer. Beware!
















Goraks are a quest monster assigned after doing Fairy Tale 2. They drop Goraks claw, Many gems (many more than other monsters), Big Bones, and Level3 Clues. Protection prayers don't work and they hit hard, as well as draining stats slowly. They are worth doing if you have decent defense for their clues and half key drops, but you can use alot of food on them. Guthans isn't as reliable as it is on other monsters becasue of their high hits.








Greater Demons-












Greater Demons are pretty easy and are decent experience. You can find them in the dungeon from the watchtower quest where you can mage/range/hally them. Note: you will not be able to retrieve your arrows.




I personally prefer to fight them in the Brimhaven Dungeon healing with Guthan's. The Wild Dogs will stop attacking after a short while and you will easily be able to slay the Demons.




Dharok's makes this task a great deal faster.








Harpie Bug Swarms-








Harpie Bug Swarms dont offer a good deal of experience, but they are very easy to kill. You need a bug lantern to kill them. They are located South west of brimhaven. Take the boat from Ardougne and walk to their location. Since you need the bug lantern to kill them you cant heal off of them. They dont hit for much damage so a full load of lobsters or salmon would be fine for a higher level. Lower levels can bring noted fish to trade at the general store west of Harpie's location












Infernal Mages-








Infernal Mages are an annoying assignment but I do it for their drop of Black Mystic Hats and Black Mystic Boots. I used to Dharok them which worked very well but you lose money on the task. With the recent addition of Bones to Peaches you are now able to wear Magic defense and heal off of their bones.








Iron Dragons-








Previously Iron Dragons were advised as a Buthorpe task. However When Jagex reordered the numbers of Dragons from max of 199 to around 50, the additon of the Draconic Visage to their droplist, and the Black Masks boost to your combat against them, Iron Dragons are now worth attempting. Bronze and Steel are still advised to Buthorpe.








Iron dragons drop Dragon Medium Helmets, Dragon Legs, Dragon Skirts, Dragon Spears, Dragon Left Half Draconic Visage, and Level 3 Clue Scrolls. With a Proselethe top/bottom, black mask, Rune/Dragon Boots, Fury amulet, Barrows Gloves, Beserker Ring, Anti Dragon Shield, 3 antifire, 1 super attak, 1 super strength, 8 pray, rune axe, 905 gp (I take 1k) gold, emergency teleport, and Slayer Gem.








Pot up with super attack/strength, take a sip of antifire potion and kill the iron dragons. A dose of antifire wil last around 5 minutes. You'll know when you need to take another dose when you stop getting the message that your potion has protected you from the dragons fiery breath.








The Black mask helps you fly through the assignment in less time than you had in the past and the possibility of a Draconic visage make this task now worth your time if you have the supplies and knowledge to attempt them.
















Jellies are a fun assignment. They drop Mithril Boots and are the lowest monster that can drop Level 3 Treasure Trails. There attack is Magic Based so wear Magic Defense Armor. You will probably be fine with a full load of lobsters but you can bring Guthan's if you'd like. Or you can utilize the safe spot for range/mage/hally. As shown in the picture go to the green dot, lure a Jelly to you, the go to spot indicated by the green arrow and finish off the Jelly.








Jungle Horrors-












Jungle Horrors are North of Mos Le'Harmless. You need to have completed Cabin Fever to reach the island. To get to Mos Le'Harmless go to the eastern side of port phantasmys and get a boat ride from Bill Teach.








They drop Natures, noted teak, and a good amount of pineapple.








They have a melee attack so wear melee protecting gear.








They are scattered in random locations all over the Jungle so to kill them more easily find a location with 2 or 3 of them and let them respawn after you kill them, this beats following them all over the jungle.








They aren't good training becasues they are spread out so far apart, but they are a mindless task that don't do too much damage and their pineapple drops are good for making super compost.
















Kalphites are one of the best assignments on your way to 85 Slayer. You get them fairly often and if you know how to kill them they are second only to Dagganoths as the best Slayer experience in the game. Obviously you will need a Cannon for them then take 3 super anti poisons, melee/mage/range gear, and full Guthan's and go to the area that has the Level 85 Kalphite Soldiers. This area is Multi so set up your cannon and let it rip. Take care to pick up and re set your cannon every few minutes so your cannon doesn't decay, and take a dose of anti poison when needed. While your here take advantage to load up with Potato Cacti for your herblore.
















Killerwatts are a quick and un-exciting. They require Slayer Boots. They are located the the top of Draynor Manor through a portal on the top floor by the mad scientist.




They don't hit hard but wearing dragon hides appears help them hit less. They drop a good deal of herbs, and ara quick assignment to power through.
















Kurasks are disgusting. They drop white Mystic Tops. You need slayer dart/broad arrows/leaf bladed spear to kill them. They are decent Range and Mage experience so do them if you need experience in those areas. The broad arrows are rather expensive and you won't realize any return on your investment so its my opinion that the only way that you should attempt to take them on is if you intend to mage them. Do not even think of meleeing them as it is slow, but if you do bones to peaches will help you heal.




I currently skip this assignment unless I have death runes I want to burn for Mage experience.








Lesser Demons-








Lesser demons are fairly easy. I prefer to Cannon and melee them near Elvrag's Lair in the Karamja Volcano. Use Guthan's to heal, and be on the look out for Lesser Demon Champion Scrolls.
















Molanisks are a decent task available to you after you complete Death to the Dorgeshuun quests. They require the slayer bell. They are most easily reached with Fairy ring code AJQ. Ring the bell by the Molanisk directly west of the fairy ring thean kill. They are quick respawning so you wont need to search for more if you are the only Slayer there. They drop mole claws rarely which are their best drop.
















Mogres drop Flippers and mudskipper hats. You need 1 Fishing Explosive for each Mogre you intend to kill.








Talk to Skippy SE of rimmington throwing bottles in to the sea. You need to sober him up for him to tell you about the Mogre. You need to douse him with water, make him nettle tea, and a hangover cure that you made in the plaque city quest. You'll need:




2 Buckets of water, Teacup, bowl of water, nettles, bucket of milk, chocolate dust, and snape grass.




Douse him, serve him tea, then give him the cure. From that point on you will will be able to access the Mogres.








After this go to Mudskipper point south of Rimmington or use the Fairy Rings AIQ code to access Mudskipper point. Throw a fishing explosive into the fishing spot and kill the Mogre that spawns with Melee.




















Nechryals are a mixed bag. They are slow and annoying melee experience. They drop Rune Boots and Herb Seeds. The demons they spawn have a magic attack so you are unable to safely Dharok them.




To melee you just need to be careful and switch to Guthan's when you are at half life. For this reason most people advise you skip them.




If you are a range/mage/hally there is a safe spot in the picture. The Nechryal spawns right below it and if you are on a full world he will respawn almost as soon as you retrieve your arrows.




With high range and addy arrows I have no problem using this spot and I have noticed that rune boots are an easier drop to get than whips, dragon, and granite. I had one assignment where I got 9 Pair of boots.




Yes the money isn't life changing but this monster is more profitable and less dangerous than their neighbor the Gargoyles. Skip if you can't be bothered to melee, accept if you are range/mage/hally.
















Pyrefiends are quick and easy experience. They drop steel boots. Their attack is magic based so wear magic defense armor. Just power through these however you desire using Guthan's to heal if you need to.








Spiritual Mages-








Spiritual Mages Were intrdoced with the God Wars Dungeon in August 2007. They drop Dragon Boots and Level 3 Clue Scrolls. They are the only monster that drop Dragon boots (Rangers and Warriors do not).




To get to them, the teleport to Trollheim is easiest. When you go in the God Wars Dungeon go north to the Zamorak portion of the Dungeon. Ensuring you have a piece of zamorak gear on, pray gear, and black mask, go to the small room shown in picture fr a 2 spawn of mages. Mage pray, and kill the Spirtual Mages that spawn in the northern room and just south of there.








Spiritual Rangers-




Buthorpe. Worthless drops. Range pray if you must but no good drops make it not worth the potions used.








Spiritual Warriors-




Buthorpe. Worthless drops. Melee pray if you must but no good drops make it not worth the potions used.








Steel Dragons -Buthorpe this task.
















When doing the Lunar Diplomacy quest you will encounter the Suqahs which are on the island. To get to them use your lyre to fremminik, get a seal of passage from Brundt the Chieftan, take a boat ride from Lokar Searunner, then get a ride from Captain Bentley. The northern Suqahs can cast ancient magics on you so head south and kill the 2 by the foot bridge. You can melee them easily, or hally, range, mage them in the spot shown.
















Many people dislike these monsters. I used to love killing the Troll General before they changed his respawn rate to slow it down. Since then I found an awesome spot on the death plateau of Buthorpe for you to use a cannon. In the photo you see the cannon. It is actually kind of hard to set it up there, try a few time and you will get it down. Then you can load it up and let it rip. No trolls will be able to hit you so your cannon will act as though you are in a Multi Attack area unloading on all of the trolls in the area. If you position yourself where my character is you will be able to engage Rock and Stick who drop Granite Shields. The other red dot is a safe spot where you can go if a small troll seems to invade your area.




Using this spot which I found on accident makes trolls one of the better experience assignments for you if you have a cannon on your way to 85 Slayer or beyond if you want fast experience.
















Turoths, like Kurasks are disgusting. They drop white Mystic Bottoms. You need slayer dart/broad arrows/leaf bladed spear to kill them. Like Kurasks you should only attempt them if you want a White Mystic Bottom or Mage Experience. Unlike Kurasks, its safe spot shown in the picture isn't as reliable and you can only lure a small amount of Turoths to it.




They hit harder than you would expect and bones to peaches won't even cover the health you will lose from them.




Use the Safe Spot shown in picture if you must Range/Mage them. I suggest you skip these.












Buthorpe this task. Waterfiends were introduced with the Barbarian Training update and are located in the ancient cavern. They don't drop anything useful and there is too much risk of death while down in the Cavern. Buthorpe this task.








Warped Terrorbirds-




Introduced Sept 2007 in the Eyes of the Glouphrie quest. You need a crystal Chime to kill them. You can reach them using a Spirit tree to get to the Poison Waste Sewers after the quest. However, other than a Rune Pickaxe they drop nothing use full and the need to use the crystal chime on them make them a good candidate to Buthorpe.








Warped Tortoises-




Introduced Sept 2007 in the Eyes of the Glouphrie quest. You need a crystal Chime to kill them. You can reach them using a Spirit tree to get to the Poison Waste Sewers after the quest. However, other than a Rune Pickaxe they drop nothing use full and the need to use the crystal chime on them make them a good candidate to Buthorpe.












Best Monsters To Train On








Listed here are in my opinion the best overall monsters to train on. Factors include drops, enjoyment, and speed. I will be listing by Melee, Mage/Range/Hally, and cannonable monsters.








I myself never recommend using a Halberd but those slaying on the cheap sometimes are stuck using it until they come into some money.












Abyssal Demons




Dust Devils












Greater Demons




Lesser Demons








Spiritual Mages












Dust Devils








Greater Demons




























Black Demons




Dust Devils








Worst Monsters To Train On








The Following monsters you should consider skipping using the Buthorpe Slayer Master.








Steel Dragons




Bronze Dragons








Jungle Horrors








Spiritual Rangers




Spiritual Warriors








Warped Terrorbirds




Warped Tortoises
















Getting To Know Axe Man Jack








I thank you for reading through this guide. I hope it helps or inspires you train Slayer which has become my favorite skill. I wrote it because I am asked many times by many people how to kill certain monsters or to share my secrets. I have done that here to the best of my abilities.








I have had several characters before settling onto Axe Man Jack as my main.








My name isn't Jack. Its Allan. I wanted to make my name The Axe Man but it was taken. Locally we have a surplus store called Axe Man Surplus that my dad calls Axe Man Jack. Made sense to me at the time when I intended this character to be a woodcutting pure. If Jagex ever gives us the option to change our account names I think I might take advantage of that.








All my offensive combat levels were gained through training Slayer. I don't particularly like wasting experience so when I maxed out Attack, Strength, and Defense, I moved on to Range and then Mage. Many of the high levels get lazy and just use melee to kill things. I agree switching to other skills slow you down, but improving them will make you a better player in the long run.








I believe 99 Slayer is the Ultimate achievement, yet still aspire to make enough Gold in game to someday get 99 Prayer and achieve perfection in combat.








I served 9 years in the United States Marines.
















All you aspiring slayers now have the knowledge to succeed in this skill. It is a long and hard journey but the rewards are well worth it and you will have the ultimate feeling of accomplishment when you reach its highest level.




I will continue to update and tweak this guide as the skill expands. I invite anyone who thinks they can contribute some fresh thinking to my posted techniques to do so in a respectful manner and I will investigate and add it to this guide if warranted.












Credit to Jagex for a dynamic and appealing game.




Credit to members of The Slayers Guild who's experiences and input have made this guide better over the years.


The Slayers Guild a Slayer Clan led by Axe Man Jack

Proud to have written the most plagiarized Slayer guide on the planet.

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Nice Man! :D This is REALLY Gonna help me get from 65 - 85 Slayer :), it has everything that you would need.



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Combat 105, 1488 Total (I Beat the addiction :D)

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Very nice guide.








For combat, though, it is already very difficult to get flat 99s at the fastest experience, while doing it on slayer it seems incredible to me. Grats on getting your level, of course, very useful guide. Thank you.








P.S.: about how much melee xp an hour do you average while slayering?








Do you have any data on the experience per hour to strength for gargoyles?

Urza. The One. The Legend.


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Thank you for this detailed and well-writtened guide. You must have spent a long time writting it. I will reference it when I get members back.












Archive of Wisdom this?

All I learned in life, I learned on Tip.it

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a lil addition there's a great cannon spot at dusties a lil east of the entrance and just a lil south of that torch or something there.








by the way is it possible to get abyssal tasks if i use slayer skill boosting stuff?

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good guide there jack, nice to see a decent slayer guide on here...a good slayer idol for low level slayers to get used to

"Ive always tried to kill the greatest man alive, but then I finally realize that suicide is not the answer"



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Nice, but u say u hate kurask and them that need the leaf-blade spear, well heres a hint.








I'm not sure if this still works, but it used to be that if you wore full guthan, and then chagned to guthan spear when you were low food, you'd hit zeros, but u'd heal what you should have hit.

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Nice guide there.








Little thing to add: When you get birds from Burthorpe, go to kill chickens.



I'd rather die for what I believe in than live for anything else.

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Very nice guide. Now I know where to range (or hally?) the Nechryals from.








I would disagree with the Turoths and Kurask assessments. Ranging with broad arrows they go quick. You show the safe spots. I usually bring 6k and buy 100 broad arrows each time I go back for a slayer assignment to keep my stock up. High alching addy and rune drops usually pay for the arrows.








Kurasks drop pineapples (bring knife) and bananas if you need food.








Turoth's drop quite a few good seeds for farming.
















I use the bears between Ardougne and Legends Guild.




Don't forget the Ardougne Zoo for caged monkeys and penguins (birds).




Chickens count as birds.

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really nice guide, well done. im going to use it for sure.












will support you with pictures\info if needed.

Subzero Lt(111): 90magic, 70agility, 85mining, scythe and bunny ears-banned for macroing.


W T Z(112): 88magic, desert treasure with monkey madness completed at ~55combat with no pray-banned for real world item trading.

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Very good guide. I was just about to burhtorpe an abberant spector assignement when I found this.








Anyway, I would just like to add that there is another safe spot for turoths, right by the entrance to the kurask room. (I might go back and get u a pic later). Stand at the very edge of the turoth roomright before the tunnel takes a turn. Its more reliable than the other safe spot, but you can only use it on one turoth. the 83's and 85's slip by, and there is only one 87 that wont run if u try to range it from there, the other 2 are too far away. Im at school right now, and will go to get u a pick when I get home, because I'm not good at explaining where to stand.
















I am the mage in this pic. I usually use this space because if a small one gets in the way, it can keep the big turoth around the corner, blocking the big on from you. Be careful not to step on the red "X", because the turoth will walk around and attack you. If this happens u can probably run to were the ranger is standing, but I just wait it out. One turoth usually isnt enuff to kill you, and you can always bring a lobster or two, or use prayer if u get in a bit of trouble.

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Very nice guide. I just wish Guthans wasn't so damn expensive. I'll probally never have it -.-








A good tip to add to the guide for getting into world 2 or other full worlds quickly: Go into internet explorer, and go to runescape.com. Get into the world login page (like world 2), then bookmark that page. Now, whenever you are on Runescape.com, and you click the bookmark, it will take you to the login page for that world no matter if it is full or not. It will still say "world is full", but usually I find that you only have to click the "login" button a few times to get in, versus having to refresh the world page hundreds of times and gettin the "world is full" message anyway.








This dosen't work for firefox, unfortunatly. It might if you use the new internet explorer tab feature, but I haven't tried that yet. Anyway, IE sucks for browsing as you get LOTS of popups and many security breaches through it, but it works just as fine or better than FireFox whilst playing RuneScape.

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Thanks for the praise, I do have a bit more work to do. I have most the pictures ready just need to uplad them and get info on my last few monsters.




Thanks for the tip on birds, and the ardogne bear spot sounds good, i'll investigate it.








I was going to keep my secrets safe untill I am 99 slayer, but I used 5 k deaths doing 3 assignments. Unless I get really lucky with whip drops getting my offensive runes are going to be a very big hassle for me. No need to punish those who were waiting becasue I am a poor noob wearing full infinity.








I didn't get my frst set of guthans until I was already 85 slayer so my trip there was very slow using the Dragon halberd liberally. After getting Guthans you really realize how slow your training was before. Work on other skills to get the money, it will be worth the work you put into getting it becasue of the time saved and ease of training.








Leesters, not tooting my horn here but I would love this to be placed in the archive of knowledge.








Thanks again everyone. I hope this guide helps those who were slaying without a paddle in the past.


The Slayers Guild a Slayer Clan led by Axe Man Jack

Proud to have written the most plagiarized Slayer guide on the planet.

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This guide will be stickified and immortalized in the Archive of Wisdom. Please try to keep it in tip-top shape.








Slam-dunk decision here. Amazing stuff, great work!

A circus in Runescape?? Oh my.




REMEMBER RUNESCAPE KARMA! Be a nice player, and nice things will come back to you.

I'm back, add me if you deleted me. :)

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Holy shmoley, friggin sweet! I hit 65 like right when dust devils came out then stopped to kill a ton of them (no chain). Since then I've only gone up to about 73, but this guide will help me go all the way! :D


Combat 116+; Total 1900+; All Hard Tasks; (Nearly) All quest points; (Nearly) All skills 60+; An aquatic moose ninja.

Currently: Using 63 hunter to get some of those "Chins", then I'm going to range stuff down. Interruptions of agility when I feel like it, as well.

And lucky enough to get 4 Dragon and 6 Barrow Drops.

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- See You, Space Cowboy.[/hide][/hide]

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great guide, will help me a lot, but i must say i agree with you on kurask assignments taking to long of a time without much benifit, but with gargoyles i think that are supstancaly(sp?) faster and more benifical, may still not be the greatest task but still i dont think its bad enough to retask it

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great guide... near the biggest om the forums :) :lol:


^^ click my sig for my lesser ranging guide ^^

jwrm22: 4816th > 99 cooking 100% f2p !1172 total! + 140mil in items.

i dont play anymore... i think rs is ruined

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quick question. If you get a bird assignment, can you kill Chompy birds, because I try going for the monsters with the most hp to get as much exp per assignment as possible, and I like chompy hunting every now and then too.

Look, if your mom still drops you off at school, you ain't gangsta, pull up your damn pants!


3 down, 7 to go

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