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Tip.It Times Presents: Tax Collection ���¢�¢â�š�¬�¢â�¬�� A New RuneScape...


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This week's Tip.It Times has been released. Feel free to discuss the article or post any comments. If you have any criticism, please make sure it's constructive! :D








Tax Collection ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Ãâ A New RuneScape Skill for the Future?




The Editor








Only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. Or so the old saying goes. Runescape and other MMORPGs are apparently not life, as in them death is no more than a minor inconvenience and there are no taxes. At least not yet.








Recently the Wall Street Journal reported on the phenomenal success of RuneScape. There have been articles on a couple of high-level economics websites discussing the economies of online games and their relationship to real world economics. Suggestions have been made for using online games as economic modeling tools. All this publicity has resulted in some...








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Well theoretically anyone that makes money is supposed to pay taxes depending on their government laws, in the u.s even if u are under 18 you probably would still have to pay taxes its just you gotta make over a certain amount to even report that you are making money in the first place. I think it was like 700 dollars now, then after that you gotta make like more than 10grand a year to have to pay taxes. By law minors aren't allowed to work until they are of certain age, there are some job exceptions such as acting... anyways point is anyone that usualy does receive money is suposed to report it as income. That ofcourse does not include parents giving kids allowance.




And just so you all know, banks do report how much their customers have in their bank, so technically all that money deposited into bank, bank reports it as income. Soo ..... kids don't try this at home: Withdraw 1grand out of bank idono maybe 100 if u got that much atleast? then deposit it back into bank withdraw once again.... do that couple thousand times. Well maybe bank won't allow u to do it, but in theory bank might end up reporting that you made couple grand not realizing it was that same money put in and out.

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article is interesting








i dont think the IRS has any right to tax us for playing an English based online game








not that it affects me i dotn pay taxes anyway








Hes right, itll have to be the British equivalent of the IRS My aunt works there and pays for me




But i think you're right, but not about the taxing RS. it will be the Amount of REAL WORLD tm money that they get not the actual gp




(how do you get tm in a ball?)




And I think it would b silly to claim millions, the Brit IRS isnt gonna count taht as chairty if you got pked


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Have I got the date wromg?








For a minute I thought it was 1st April.








Apart from anything else Jagex is a UK company and is free from intervention of ANY US, or for that matter any other (except obviously UK) government body. Thank goodness.

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So you started telling us they could be taxing, online games then ask if Jagex is in danger of paying tax, then you point out that there is no way they can charge tax because JaGeX is a UK based company, all seem to be working out at the end of your article.








Fantastic read.








So basically the IRS wants to tax currency in online games that has a real world value, and that is not that case with JaGeX so there was no need to write the article :-s








Even if JaGeX was based in the US and was a US company it could not tax (fake) money on a game, they would pay taxes on there earnings from people subscriptions like JaGeX do already.

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I've heard of that Second Life "game" on the news. Basically you have a much more better life style on their with your character/avatar. It's a bit like sims, but with other people playing, you can get a job ingame and earn real money. I've heard the game has taken off quite well.

No longer playing Runescape, I caught the WoW bug.

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You know i kind of have one small word..BRITSH, runescape is not in the U.S of A. So taxes i dought it, but i really enjoyed the article and i DO support the 12th rule over all this seems a well thought out well put together issue! I personaly loe hearing other ppl's idea so keep the articles coming!













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I liked it, I'd like to know your philisophical and moral view on taxation. But as that will never happen, i'd like to say that the internet isn't subject to the same rules as countrys are, and besides, Jagex pays tax on their company. So i don't understand why pixels could be subject to taxation, and by who?


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