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How did you get your first 1k? 100K? 1 Mil? 1.1k Views!

The Observer

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What did you do to get your first 1k, 100k and 1 mil. I remember it clearly. I mined rune ess (before pure ess). It was worth 30 each back them. I thought i was so rich at the time. I got my first 100k from a mix of runecrafting and someone dying and selling their stuff. I got my first 1 mil by selling lobs and accumilated cash from training and stuff overtime.








So how did YOU make your first 1k, 100k and 1 mil?


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First 1k - back in Classic I killed goblins for their 5/10 GP drops and sold goblin armor to the general store for 16 gp.








First 100k - I used to autofish lobs in RSC >_>








First 1m - I used to autofish lobs in RSC >_>

lulz @ rs

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My first 1k ? Selling iron bodies to a general store XD




My first 100k ? Selling coal




My first mill ? Makeing and selling steel bars.




First 10 mill ? Lobsters in the guild. 8-)

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1k: Who knows. :?








100k: Steel Bars








1M: Nats...








10M: Highly likely it will be Nats. :P

"The cry of the poor is not always just, but if you never hear it you'll never know what justice is."


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1K - No idea.








100K - If I remember right, I fished lobbies and sold the certs 1k each.








1M - Mining coal and iron ore, smithing them into bars and selling the steel bar certs 2-3k each I think.

123 Combat / 1900 Skill Total / 99 HP / 7x 99 Stats

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First 1k: From coins monsters drop.




First 100k: Some guy gave me a rune platebody and I had 30k :)




First 1Mil: My friend gave it to me to start playing again.















Retired until further notice since quite frankly RuneScape has been boring me and it's not getting any better and WoW happened.

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First 1k -- Probably from selling the things I smithed to the general store








First 100k -- I sold 1k iron to somebody in world one








First 1mil -- I made and smithed steel bars. Very happy moment.

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First 1k: Found gold amulets on the ground and sold to general store.








First 100k: Fished salmon/trout, cooked and sold to pkers at Varrock wildy (RSC). Decent demand back then so it was a pretty good way of making GP.








First 1M: Managed my own log shop here on Tip.It called Azn Pryde Log Shoppe. Had around 3 workers (now they're my best friends on RS) and made good money off willows and yews.

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1k: Friend gave it to me to start off with








10k:hmm, I'm pretty sure it was from Wc, selling willows








100k:Cutting maples








1M: Fletching Yew Longs








Pretty ordinary ways of getting money, nothing special.



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1k-someone died and got the money i was level 3 at the time so i thought i was rich




100k-when pure ess wasn't out i mined ess and eventually got 100k




1mil-made steel and mith bars then sold them








made it all in f2p! never been on p2p once

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1st day of rs, i sold feathers that i got for my first 1k.








10k: merchanted weapon that i received for free from a generous player.








100k: sold steel bars








1mil: hired cheap miner (10gp ea for iron ore) and ran his ore for my first 1million.








2mil: merchanted god armor








7 mil: sold my sara








9 mil:emptied my bank to accumulate cash for my pumpkin








Right now: 9.54milllion. For my 10M, i think i will get to 9,999,999gp and then kill a man in lumby to get my 10Millionth gold piece.

100% F2P

85 Mining achieved on Dec 4, 2007

85 Smithing achieved on May 28, 2009


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Made my first 1k from collecting coins from fallen enemies (and going to the moss giants and picking up all the iron/steel weapons the 'high levels' didn't pick up and selling them to the general store.)








Made my first 100k from pottering around and smithing and killing stuff.








Made my first 1000k from running bars for musa and zephyr.








Made my first 10000k from selling rune 2hers








Made my first 100000k from selling items to rich people.








Never really had more than that in cash, not much point.








Interesting to see how others did it though, glad I took some shortcuts and invested some time into getting to know the right people. (I spent like a week trying to find musa, then asking him if I could help him out at all. I landed myself a poorly paid running job for his then wife, but it gave me a direct link to him.)

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1k-Not sure




10k-Not sure




100k and beyond-Found 8.3M and 7 Yellow Phats from a dude who died, who found 10 on the ground :|








:shock: :shock: :shock:








1k: Don't remember.








100k: Beating the stuffings out of tons and tons of Hill and Moss Giants.








1M: Same.








(Never gone above 3M, lol... >_>)








Hey, I'm F2P, gimme a break.


^ Blog.


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