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  1. Obtained 78->80 Farming Obtained 72->80 Crafting Obtained 94->97 Herblore (~800 Overloads (3) acquired in the process) Pretty good day. At 1.2x and been bankstanding since 1.4x, really have nothing to do anymore.
  2. The advertisements here aren't that bad to be honest, other forums I frequent you'll have ads that make noises and I'll be scrolling all over the damn page trying to find it to turn it off while awful sounds are blaring through my headphones and I usually just close my whole browser in defeat and open up the page again :angry:
  3. I decided to go Solo Armadyl recently to help get some lucky cash here and there and was wondering the best setup and inventory to use: I am -Maxed Melees -Mage, Range -Summoning I have -Rigour -Chaotic Crossbow -Eagle Eye Kiteshield -Full Armadyl, Verac's Helm -Overloads or
  4. You can do many things to ensure the safety of your account: 1) Anti-Virus Software and Protection: I strongly suggest the following two, -Microsoft Security Essentials http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/security_essentials/default.aspx -Malware Bytes: http://www.malwarebytes.org/ 2) A strong password containing both numbers an letters as well it being hard to guess. 3) Exercise good judgement when visiting sites or downloading things. As well, from Runescape's official Safety & Security Guidelines (http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/security_information)
  5. I personally go max maples and the rest coal - you can see which the profit/loss for each production method here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Managing_Miscellania If you've done both Royal Trouble and Throne of Miscellania, you can put a maximum of 7.5M gp in your coffers. You should note that workers take the greater value between 75k or 10% of what's in your coffers as salary per day. 2M is a good amount to put in your coffers as you're guaranteed profit from nearly every production method - however I would strongly suggest putting max workers on maples and the rest on coal. You can really collect any time you want as long the value of your coffers does not drop below 750k if you've done both quests, or 500k if you've only done Throne of Miscellania - however I would suggest doing both quests if you haven't already in order to maximize easy profit. Just make sure that every time you collect, you raise your approval back to 100%. To answer your question about profits, profits can vary greatly depending on the seeds you get but you're pretty much guaranteed to get at least a good few seeds in every 10 or so nests. If I had to put a rough guestimation around it however, I net at least 1M in profit from Miscellania a week before subtracting coffer costs.
  6. Only problem is, on w117 everyone wants you to pay. The Assistclan is much better. Not always.. when I go on an effigy binge I use both W117 and Assistclan at the same time and here's what I found based on my own experiences: There's much more people looking for assists than offering assists in Assistclan, and if I recall correctly there's a pretty strict policy of how many times you can advertise your own effigy needs per lines of text there isn't yours. Some people hop really fast too and by the time you can even contact them or get to their location, the assister will have already used up their daily XP. With 117 there's plenty of people offering assistance but there's also a fair share of people looking for help, however you're going to be there for a while if you're specifically looking for one assist depending on the skill. Both W117 and Assistclan have their pros and cons but it doesn't hurt to use both at the same time - just rejoin whatever Friends Clan Chat you're normally in after you're done your effigy business.
  7. Sounds like a player owned clan house. If this is the biggest update of the year in terms of content, I'm going to be disappointed. Jagex has so much potential that they could work with this update, or it could just be a bunch of rooms where people sit down and do nothing. I'm curious to see how they're going to approach this, heh
  8. Infi

    Party Room fails

    I too took pleasure in seeing the disdain of others once they realize that the potential "5M" they could have made turned out to be a bunch of assorted lower leveled useless seed, silly tribal masks and defunct ranged gear (javelins). I'm disappointed to see this feature not carry over post free trade and seeing as Jagex has their hands full with other projects on their priority list, it's probably going to a long while until we see newbs get teleported from random banks only to be disappointed :mrgreen:
  9. and full of bots. :/ Not necessarily, the only place I found where Black Demons are crowded by bots is in the Taverly cannon spot. Chaos Tunnel Black Demons are almost nearly empty beside the occasional slayer and the level 70 Resource Dungeon for Black Demons are almost always deserted. There's safespots for both places I listed so if he were to range them it could definitely fill his needs. Note I'm not saying that ranging Black Demons are the most efficient thing to kill but you should be aware that it's still an extra option you have, if you decide to do it.
  10. Didn't manage to try out world queuing until today where I tried to log into World 2. It was around 4:00 PM EST and it's summer time so I expected it to be busy - to my surprise I was instantly placed 40 in a line and it didn't take long for me to be logged into a world shortly after. I've just become so accustomed to constantly mashing log into World 2 so much that it seemed like such a relief, heh. These are the small updates that I appreciate but they just make Scaping so much more enjoyable. Now if only I could convince Jagex to make a visible specials tracker somewhere else besides the combat tab =x
  11. Very unique achievement. Now next is 1,234,567,890 exp =P By the way what skill did you raise to achieve that exact amount of exp?
  12. That really depends on your preference.. to an extent all monsters you kill for a long time will phase out and eventually be "boring" but you could try switching between money makers like Frosts (filled with bots) or Aviansies (filled with bots). Have you tried using rune/adamant darts for greater demon tasks in Kuradal's? Maybe also using a combat familiar at dust devils should shake things up. Either way, we have no idea to tell you what is fun and what isn't fun because it's ultimately down to preference
  13. 500 here as well, and I chose to go with the Reverence aura. It was a decision between Knock-Out aura and Reverence aura for me, but I decided to go with the latter because it's more expensive without the sale and Knock-Out is cheaper. Plus the prayer restoration bonus and prayer drain slow would be a little useful at bosses? I guess :unsure: They all don't seem to useful for the most part but at least it's something..
  14. While I wasn't playing at the time and was more or less impartial to the result of that poll, if I were given the option to vote I'd probably vote no to free trade and wilderness. I feel there's a shrewder use of bots compared to pre-"freedoms" and although I appreciate the low prices of raw materials, it really hits home when I can't even camp frost dragons while competing with 8-10 other "players".
  15. What this game was built around...skills While I agree to some extend, there's only so much you can spend on skills for some people out there.
  16. i use EE for spec,what about waterfiends? they any good with rapier? or should I go with ZS? Rapier and Whip is surprisingly not bad at Waterfiends. At maxed melees, extremes and turmoil (Piety is better than Turmoil for Waterfall Waterfiends) I averaged about 140+ kills per hour with Chaotic Rapier (About ~110-120 crimsons per hour). Crush definitely is more effective for Waterfiends so a Chaotic Maul would get more kills per hour, but Chaotic Rapier is definitely a viable option to use for Waterfiends. If you're slaying CT Waterfiends however that's a different case.
  17. I'm 5'10" and weigh 150 pounds. I would actually prefer to gain more weight and bulk up, but it's just not happening for me >_>
  18. Reading this thread just makes me realize how poor I really am, heh.
  19. This is a good alternative. If you can find a Runescape game card at the places you usually buy it at, you'll definitely be able to find some pre-paid credit cards too. You can buy different amounts like 10, 25 and 50 dollars and although there's a small activation fee (I think a buck or two for a $25 one, not sure about the others) it's definitely cheaper than buying the actual Runescape game cards. Also since the pre-paid credit cards behave exactly like a normal credit card except it has a fixed amount of money, you can use it for other things too.. but let's not go there :razz:
  20. I'm back :) Not many of you know me since I don't post that often but I'm back from my one year hiatus from Runescape, heh. That means I'll also be swinging by here too since I quit everything Runescape related during my short break. Either way I never got to make a proper introduction since I joined in 2004 so I thought this would be fitting. Nice to be back here :)
  21. Rest in peace Alduron, my deepest condolences to your family and loved ones.
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