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  1. Don't bother doing 5:5 smalls. The general consensus seems to be with the top tiered Dungeoneers (100+ Dung) is that they do 1-24 Complexity 1 Duo Rushes (resetting when Complexity reaches 5th Complexity) then doing 5:5 Larges floors 25-35.
  2. Sure why not. Best place to kill them would be Zamorak's area, just wield an Unholy Book if you have it, and use mage boosting gear - whether it be Mystic, Ahrim's, etcetera. Don't forget to bring your Full Slayer Helm too. Although personally I haven't done them myself, they don't hit too hard. Bring a couple of food or if for some reason they are hitting you too hard, bring prayer potions and protect from Melee (they shouldn't be hitting too hard). If you want to speed up your task (and if you are willing to spend money and/or have these available to you) use a Wolpertinger, Extreme Magic Pot, Magic Potion or Magic Essence potion to boost your damage modifier. As for the spell, at your level I would probably recommend Slayer Dart or some type of Wave spell. Or, you can ignore whatever I just typed and just skip it if you really wish, if these aren't as what you expected them to be.
  3. Promethium 2H has a considerable amount of strength bonus, slash and crush bonus over the Prom Battleaxe. I personally have a Prom 2h, and it's what most top tiered Dungeoners use. I'd say stick with the Prom 2H.
  4. You'd probably have better success checking out W117 Daemonheim or checking on the RSOF than trying to find someone to assist you here
  5. I think I've alched all my arrows before and it carried over to the next floor.. I never knew or even heard that you needed to keep at least 1 for it to carry over
  6. Infi


    Today, I went drove to my local Shoppers Drug Mart to replace my lady scented body wash with some Old Spice body wash. Do I look like Isaiah Mustafa? No. Can I smell like him? I dunno :razz: Anyways, I was looking around for a while then I noticed a huge gap in between all the body washes, all of the Old Spice body washes were sold out :lol: Every other brand was full to the brim, found it pretty funny. I ended up buying some Old Spice anti-perspirant anyways, but when I looked down and looked back the my purchase, they turned into diamonds <_<
  7. Yeah well, if they change it so that you can't gatestone out of a boss room, then they better make sure that when people click the door, someone else clicking the door during the buffer time doesn't get flung into the boss room. I wouldn't be able to count how many times my gatestone has saved me from a needless death.
  8. Destroyed my Prom Spear (p++) and opted to switch and bind a Promethium 2H my friend smithed for me. Liking it so far, the extra slash bonus really helps out at mysterious shades and the like. Also just as a random side note I've been getting lucky on bosses and usually get all the primal drops >_> Really want the last of the Primal gears to come out so I can bind a Primal 2H and Primal Platebody :shock:
  9. I hear NCP - Limit being thrown around with dungeneering but i have no idea what it means, can some one clear this up? in context to the above quote aswell. The max amount of NPCs that can be spawned in a dungeon at any given time is 255 - includes monsters, barrels, and statues.
  10. Neitiznot Helm's icon looks different.. I feel kind of nerdy for seeing that :oops:
  11. Severely under priced in my opinion. Not only is it the best in-slot for mage at the moment (15% damage boost is WAY better than the marginal +3 mage attack bonus given from the master wand), but the rune saving ability will eventually pay itself off in casts in the long run. I got mine for free (yey Slayer) but I definitely wouldn't mind paying prices of 20M for it, it's a really phenomenal weapon. 5M is a steal to be honest, so you'd be crazy not to buy it if you use any form of combat magic. Hell, I'd pay 5M for it just to use it on Ice Wyrm tasks..
  12. The combo ignores defense, and procs bonus damage like crazy. Downside is low base damage though. If I were in it's level range, I'd certainly go for the set. wait a sec ur telling me it ignores def entirely? dear god..... also confirmed by the #1 rs player, zerker does work on spears and he does notice his 1.2x dmg upgrade on his spear learned a few great tricks from the guy, best way to solo ferret, how to solo a lvl 500 shadow forger, how to do a 5 man lever set with 4 people hes pretty good but not as fast as some guys ive heard about, castle wars was still fastest key runner ive played with Care to share some of those tips? :lol:
  13. There's been quite a few threads already about the topic; http://forum.tip.it/topic/271952-the-truth-about-ranarr-spawn-and-jagexs-great-conspiracy/ http://forum.tip.it/topic/271840-19-jul-2010-dungeoneering-update/
  14. I can't find the video, but I really wish I could... These guys duo the corp with magic, might be a solo, can't remember. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSuW0iLxh3w 6 minute and 6 seconds mark. That's the one you're looking for
  15. You can't be serious as to expect someone to sift through (possibly) hundreds of pages of the topic to see if a video was posted or not. Do you really care that much? Level I got recently;
  16. We already know that they don't devote their staff who work on Runescape to Funorb or Stellar Dawn, so you don't have to worry about Runescape getting overshadowed. Sure they might be some members from Runescape hopping to SD to try it out on release maybe, but as large as the RS community is at the moment I don't see much happening or it dying out it the near future.
  17. There's a whole subforum already here: http://forum.tip.it/forum/201-stellar-dawn-discussion/ and a thread already about that here: http://forum.tip.it/topic/271475-stellar-dawn-website-open/ (I signed up for the Beta, hopefully I'll get it unlike the SC2 beta)
  18. Of course, how could I forget that :wall:
  19. Of course, how could I forget that :wall:
  20. I'll post a setup and inventory in a sec, got course registration in 2 minutes and can't miss that - been waiting anxiously :mad: I'll edit it in about 10-15 minutes.. EDIT: Here you go as promised :lol: You can swap out the Explorer's Ring for Seers. You also don't need to bring a cannon but it speeds kills up
  21. String Amulet is about 5 gp/xp and around 130k Magic exp an hour. 1 click and it does all the amulets in your inventory 1 at a time, 83 mage exp per amulet.
  22. That is easily the WORST dks setup I have ever seen someone with a yak use, and I've seem some pretty damn awful setups. What's wrong with it? Also that isn't a range pot, it's a magic pot in case of crashers.. although I don't get crashed often lol Also about the Normal restores - they're not only cheaper than super restores, but they can restore melee stats BETTER than Super Restore. You can take 4 doses of brew then restore fully with the normal pot, whereas you can only dose 3 times before you need to restore with Super Restores. I don't bring a range weapon because I only kill Supreme and Rex on a nearly maxed population world. Only would get 1-2 hits on Prime before one of them would spawn again. I let deflect curses kill Prime, hitting it at least once to get the drop. Setup works perfectly for me. I run out brews, prayers, antipoison, yak time ALL at the same time - within two yaks. Trips are short, profitable and intense. So I don't know what you're on about. You can take it to PM if you really want to criticize my setup :rolleyes:
  23. Pretty sweet level: Eventually going to go for 80 Dunge, so I can get a Chaotic Rapier :razz: My DKs setup with Arcane Stream <3:
  24. Infi


    Doesn't mean I can't rant about my own experiences that I've experienced :rolleyes:
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