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  1. As a rule of thumb, people usually raise skills that are either extremely expensive or extremely slow to level up. Herblore and Slayer come to mind. You can choose to do that and follow that guideline or use the Bonus XP Weekend to raise a skill you genuinely enjoy >_>
  2. Per amulet it takes about 3 game ticks for an amulet to be strung (A game tick = 0.6 seconds, so that would be 1.8 seconds per amulet). So assuming without banking, you can string up to a maximum of 2000 amulets per hour. The spell gives 87 Exp total (4 to Crafting, 83 to Magic). So again, without banking the maximum hourly rate you can gain WITHOUT banking is 166k/hour. Now realistically, you will have to bank to get more amulets to string and will have some human error which will slow down your hourly rates. I actually did some stringing at some point, so I can tell you that the hourly experience rate for magic will usually vary about 110-125k an hour. That's about 1385 amulets per hour, so it would take you about ~13 hours to string 18k gold amulets into the respective strung version. Now, how can you increase your hourly rates? Well there's a couple things you can do: Use a one click bank (Castle Wars or Soul Wars come to mind, but Soul Wars would be preferred since you can't get random events in that area) Have a nearly full bank so you can use the deposit all function without dumping all your Astral Runes with the strung amulets Use a Mud Battlestaff. It may not seem like a lot of experience to string one extra amulet per inventory, but over the long run it will amout to quite a sum of experience. You can sell the Mud Battlestaff after you're done too so it isn't a permanent investment in which you're stuck with a 600k item. Either way, you'll probably save more money using a Mud Staff since both Water and Earth runes are expensive >_> Use filters in the Magic spellbook to isolate the String Jewelry spell. A lot of spells in the lunar spelbook share the same runes as String Jewelry, so you'll either have to memorize the location or the icon of String Jewelry, or cut down on the visible spells in your spellbook so you don't click another random spell. Also as a tidbit you're free to use a Magpie while stringing, as it gives back a little money to help offset the costs of stringing (stringing isn't really that expensive though, last time I checked it was only 4-5 gp/xp, pretty decent for Magic). P.S.: If you've finished one of the Summer Series quests, you can sell your strung gold amulets for low alch price (130 gp) to the Rogue in Varrock after you've freed him from Rogue's castle near the Chaos Elemental. Last time I checked you get more money from selling it to him than to the GE, and it's faster too (You can only sell 10k at a time to him, but you can sell it noted)
  3. You don't need Ice Gloves to actually kill him, he only hits marginally higher with Melee without it (and you just protect from melee anyways). Just select the option to Auto-Cast your best water spell without anything equipped in your shield or weapon slot, and just mage him to death (Mystic or Ahrim will suffice, it's honestly not a hard opponent)
  4. Adding onto this Black Dragons could be a task which could drop Elite clues - that is if you're interested in killing the KBD >_> A high population, Coinshare/Lootshare enabled world with Maxed Melees/Rapier/Turmoil/Extremes offer fast kills, providing that you can out-damage any other parties there. The teams really speed up the kills :mrgreen:
  5. Several worlds are down and I suspect that also some of the Lobby worlds are down also (the screen that allows you to choose your world - each player is assigned to a 'Lobby world') A possible fix for this is to go to Google, and search Runescape (Link here) and under the first result of the Runescape homepage you should see some options (Play now, Grand Exchange, etcetera). Click the Play Now option, as it's suspected to route you to a different Lobby server - one that isn't down (Source, RSOF). Once you get into the Lobby screen, go to the World Select page (don't use your Favourite world quick option, they may be down) and choose a world that isn't offline. Hope this works for you and anyone else that is having the same problem.
  6. What I would personally recommend is to not to range most of your slayer tasks (barring some in Kuradal's dungeon, which with darts are surprinsgly fast Range exp/hour) but to rather cannon them with melee (an exception to this would be black demons, fastest done with range in a safespot + a cannon). You'd be surprised how much range exp you'll rack up, as well as Slayer hourly rates far more imperssive than solely ranging. If you have your eyes set on actually physically training range up front on slayer, then just be aware that it's going to be slow - in both Slayer and Ranged hourly rates ;)
  7. Here's my setup for metal dragons if you need one; Of course you're going to replace the Chaotic Rapier/Defender with a Z spear. Also my familiar is a Yak, with 10ish prayer pots.
  8. I was just wondering what's the best way to get 200 (For Dragonstone Imbued) and/or 300 Rank (For Zerker Imbued). Is there a world to accomplish this? How much money will I have to put in to obtain the necessary Rank/Credits? MA has something I've been confused about so hopefully I can get some answers, thanks in advance :lol:
  9. I spent like 150M on Herblore and then this comes out. I'm not really bitter but this was just inconvenient luck for me :lol:
  10. What's with the iron titan? I don't use Deflect Melee so I use it for the 10% defence boost and (mainly) to track how long it's taking me to finish that task, lol
  11. 96 Slayer today, didn't expect that at all Got a dagannoth task the task after, and this is personally the highest hit I've seen with Fire Surge so far :mrgreen: High hits with Dragon Claws First Granite Leg drop, didn't expect that either too lol. Was from a week ago or so
  12. Gargoyles in the tunnel are NOT more efficient. The bonuses from Kuradal's dungeon used in conjunction with the Ferocious ring outweigh any, if any benefit outside of the dungeon. Also gargoyles have the same exact frequency of charms in any location. I also don't see how they're less dangerous to kill especially when it's multi-combat in the tunnels while it's non-multi at Kuradal's :shame:
  13. Riftspitter has high melee defence, mage works best against him.
  14. It has 8 charges. The next best thing would probably be Edgeville teleports using Amulet of Glory, then running to the fairy ring between the Grand Exchange shortcut and the teleport spot, slightly past the Summoning Obelisk.
  15. I always thought that Farseer helm made you look like some sort of ram.. so I avoided wearing it. Even if it meant paying *Gasp* 5k an hour to use Ahrim's Hood.
  16. I can confirm that 2H is the best weapon.
  17. I can confirm that 2H is the best weapon.
  18. Got chaotic rapier a few days.. went to go test it out on slayer. Note I don't have Extremes (yet!) and Abby Demons only give a max of 29% Strength bonus with turmoil. Regardless, I got a pretty sweet screeny of a pretty sweet hit With more strength boosting gear like DFS and Strength Ammy and Extremes, I think it'd be easy to pop 700-710s with Rapier :thumbsup:
  19. Nope, Full Slayer Helm and/or Focus Sight doesn't increase the max hit of the cannon hits
  20. Yes and you can bank items even if you've been teleblocked (tested it myself :razz:)
  21. There never seemed to be any to actually talk in the cc, but to be ranked it's like 138 cbat, 135 and 85dg or less cbat and 99. I think. I never got ranked, but could now. Not dging until Batch 2 though, so i see little point :) The requirements are 138 Combat AND 80+ Dungeoneeering or 135+ Combat AND 90+ Dung. That or you have to be really good at Dung to be made an exception. You also need a referral from one of the members. I'm also in DGE :lol:
  22. I've heard that having a higher slayer over the requirement will give you a higher chance of being assigned a slayer task with a slayer level requirement.. don't quote me on that though
  23. When I used to buy them, it regenerated in 24h.
  24. Infi

    NVM: I'M A RE RE

    Even though you removed the original post I'm still curious as to what the hubbub is all about :oops: Anyone mind filling me in?
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