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  1. Yes you can, you don't need two wait 4 hours as they're different items :smile:
  2. Having a great grandmother is pretty neat, I never even got to meet my grandmother on that note, or if I did then I was at an age where I couldn't even remember the occasion. My condolences.
  3. Many guides out there but basically you wear some good range defense armor with magic 'accesorries' staff, etc. You will lure rex to a safe spot, best method of soloing you will actually still need a partner go in and die so Surpreme and Prime are not on you. Best bet IMO find someone that witll Duo with you, go down and show you the ropes. Ah cool, that was helpful. So you still need a suicider to get rid of supreme and prime? So what happens when you're maging rex, do supreme and prime leave you alone the whole time? Or will they attack you if they get in your range? But thanks for your advice, I'll just find someone to duo with before attempting to solo. No, you don't need a suicider to get rid of Supreme and Prime, you can simply kill them yourself :smile: Just bring a whip or melee weapon for Supreme, then run to the safespot to range Prime without getting Rex or Supreme on you (after he spawns). If Rex gets on you while you're killing Supreme (you're going to have mage pray on at this point) just run up the ladder and wait a few seconds. There are certain portions of the cave where if you get near enough to their spawn points, they will attack you. Supreme's attack range is actually quite far from the Rex safespot, and the only way of pulling him is if you run to Rex's safespot approximately. Prime's attack range is actually less unforgiving, he won't attack you past the seaweed in the darkgreen patch in the NE safespot, and you're generally safe in that strip of land in the Rex Safespot.
  4. A while ago I wanted to buy Bandos boots to bring it for GWD protection against the followers and also for its range defence.. that is until I figured out that it doesn't have any ranged defence :wall: Considering its counterparts have the highest range defence for non degradable armour, it really should have ranged defence. It would be really useful over Dragon Boots at Solo Bandos and DKs if it had say, +20 range defence or so >_> One can hope..
  5. Wizard's Mind Bomb also temporarily increase your magic level.
  6. Vesta's Longsword :mrgreen: (EEX or DDS though in reality - although since you have Soul Split I'd just go with the DDS)
  7. Infi

    Void at dks

    Well, to be honest I didn't spend much time killing Prime - using both methods (regular gear and void) I didn't have time to actively go out to the safespot and kill Prime - before one of the other two kings spawned. I used a method similar to your 2.5-briding and let deflect curses kill Prime mostly. That way, I don't get over 15 prime kills a trip - I only get to shoot a few crossbow shots at Prime before either of the other two kings spawned (I tried to maximize profits with the two most profitable kings so I didn't really care much about killing Prime). I might try Void and Cannon though, hopefully that will mix things up a bit more. I used Diamond Bolts (e), Leech Ranged and Leech Defence if you were interested what prayers I used - brought an accumulator with me too. Conclusion: It's really not worth the hassle and risk to bring void, there's no real noticeable difference and you get hit alot more in those soft robes :shock:
  8. Infi

    Void at dks

    It's pretty terrible, I've tried it - not to mention void mage is pretty much useless there. Also the only king I noticed a slight difference on was Prime, and it wasn't that big of a difference honestly.
  9. Perhaps post a screenshot of what's happening? Is she letting you in? Is there a message that comes up when you try to go in? Are you sure you have the right kind of tokens with you?
  10. Adding onto this - Wolpertinger would definitely be useful even with the extra attention to not mess up lures however the boost only applies to one lobster, which really is a disappointment.
  11. Killing Waterfiends in the CT surpasses charm rates of that in Waterbirth Dungeon if you have at least 95 summoning - or maybe even 92 with a wolpertinger (using the scrolls for a huge magic defence boost) Schmuall pretty much covered the battle robes portion of the question - except the street price of Battle Robes at the moment are at around 28M total. They are worth buying if you have the patience and/or cash to get them - combined with the Staff of Light they save 50% of all casts - a substantial amount. It's worth barraging if you're under 99 mage, otherwise if you're already maxed at that then you might as well go full speed and get the charms at Waterfiends. Personally, I found that maging rock lobsters are a bit more relaxing than CT waterfiends, you definitely pay less attention there than at the Chaos Tunnels. Hope this helps :mrgreen:
  12. I've heard that some onyxes are selling in the GE now, more than usual. If you check out the 3rd Age/Spirit shields/Phats Discussion thread, you'll see (near the last pages of the discussion) that Onyxes have recently crashed to a price of about a Royal Crown. Of course if you have no way of accumulating junk or intent of entering the rare/discontinued market, it really would be advisable just to sell it for max on the GE.
  13. Just wanted to mention a specific part of Bad911's post about the Eyes of Newts - they don't work well anymore because members can buy mass amounts of eyes in boxed form to last them years in a matter of minutes. Also smelting steel bars is very, very decent cash in F2P these days.. shouldn't take you too long.
  14. I suppose that Jagex limited the use to be able to cast Charge until you've unlocked the ability to cast either the Guthix, Saradomin or Zamorak spells outside the arena. If that doesn't work, then there's definitely something wrong. Also you should be able to cast the spell regardless of what cape or staff you're wearing, so that isn't an issue. Submit a bug report if none of the mentioned things work.
  15. Are you perhaps talking about the level 80 spell on Modern Magics? You don't need to cast it x amount of times to unlock it, it should already be unlocked by default. That type of spell only applies to the Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak spells - not the spell itself. Perhaps post a screenshot?
  16. That's completely opinionated. Also they don't have a strength bonus at all, you're probably thinking of the prayer bonus.
  17. You can look for an assist in the unofficial Effigy assist world - World 117 @ Daemonheim. Alternatively, there's also a sticky in the Distractions & Diversions subforum on the RSOF where lots of people frequent for effigy help/assistance and to offer services also.
  18. Thanks buddy

  19. Making pouches is, and will always be the fastest method of gaining experience in summoning until a new method of summoning is released. This includes gathering the charms yourself. There are other methods, but they are severely slow compared to creating pouches by yourself. This includes: -Using familiar scrolls (very expensive, slow) -Summoning familiars (very expensive, slow) -Swapping pouches into scrolls (slow experience) -Trading multiple friends to trade you pouches for scrolls (not sustainable, you're not going to find much friends to do this for an extended period of time. Although it actually is faster exp/hour in the long run compared to gathering and making pouches)
  20. That really isn't relevant to the whole situation at hand.. just a response to the player itself. On that note this could go in the other topics about climbing boots, doesn't really warrant a topic by itself.
  21. As many people have said numerous times, the problem in question isn't always necessarily inflation per se, but of another aspect. I've been stressing this point a lot, so if you'd allow me I'll just quote a post of mine from another thread. It's really becoming redundant for me to post the same and same things over again, so I think I'll just save some time by doing this :geek:
  22. It actually doesn't boost it as much as a super defence potion, but it does boost defence yeah. Still a very useful weapon and you can even heal without delays if you time switching your weapons correctly.
  23. Infi

    pvp drops

    It's actually not that bad if I'm allowed to say so myself. Sure Jagex sort of had to make a compromise which included a trade off that if you kill someone with hundreds of mils in items or GP you wouldn't get it, but that was well warranted. Pre-2007 PKing didn't give much loot either for the typical Edgeville player killer - a set of rune platelegs, a dragon dagger and a Neitiznot helm only because they had to update it. Nowadays the loot is actually quite good, more than satisfactory I'd say.. it's even the cause for many disgruntled players. You'll run into a few strings of bad luck but that's what it is really in the end - bad luck. Stick at it and you'll see the Ancient Stats and Vesta Longs rolling in :smile: It could be at 0% EP, it could be at 100%.. you really never know. P.S. You don't need to sit around and gain EP, you can do other things too :mrgreen:
  24. Probably because it would do more harm than good. Some users could get tricked into downloading malicious software disguised as the real program, and there's really no quick way to monitor it (staffies are already pretty busy) so probably the safest way would be to avoid it altogether. If they were truly interested, Google would probably offer a plethora of information available at their perusal. Great to see a change in this rule though, always though it was odd.. guess you could say the updated policy... is pretty CACHE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knnwIMXuj1U&feature=player_embedded
  25. Many dragon items have drifted over time towards near their alch prices, or even below. It's simply because they were added to the PvP drop tables and there's a sufficient amount of them entering the game to push it to that price. It's unfortunate, but it's inevitable as more and more gear are released into the game which outclass previous releases. Also that they have a relatively high alch value as Elucin8er said, so there's not really much leaving the game on a daily basis A little bit more on topic - Personally I don't have a Dragon Halberd in my bank anymore (alched it :rolleyes:) Although yes, it's a decent spec weapon although it's limited to certain monsters. Another drawback is its speed, it is a fairly slow weapon and that means you'll have to sacrifice a shield slot to use it for those few seconds (which realistically in a boss situation such as Bandos would mean sacrificing maybe a Divine Spirit Shield/Elysian Spirit Shield and getting bamboozled a ton of LP) All in all I think the price accurately reflects its uses as a weapon, it's an outdated weapon and the whole class of Halberds (might as well throw in Battleaxes and Maces as well) are pretty much a thing of the past these days.
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