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  1. 1. Barrows gear when can afford it, also void if you want to spend time doing pest control for when you don't need extra defence. 2. I presume only the Full Slayer helm with the hexcrest and focus sight would help with your range, not the regular slayer helm. 3. Ring is very helpful, but both are up to your discretion. Focus on blocking tasks you don't like first. 4. Bork drops 7 crimsons, 5 blues and some other charms once daily. Others that come close it waterfiends, coming in at an 80% crimson drop rate. 5. Probably meant "he did overloads" in the sense that he trained herblore via making overloads. 6. Not really. 7. It speeds up kills, but cannonballs are quite expensive. Again, your choice. 8. Dragon square for the price, blessed spirit shield for the overall choice between the 3 9. Unlimited stock was removed and replaced with limited, personal stock individual to each player. Hope that helped :mrgreen:
  2. No it wouldn't, because you'd be then forced to melee with it. It's a terrible melee weapon >_>
  3. Fastest would be at CT waterfiends (not at your summoning level though, you need at least an iron titan to do them effectively). Looks like barraging would be your fastest way, mixing in the summoning D&D in between
  4. I'm not sure if you've seen this video, but this is definitely relevant to what you're asking. Wastes alot of cannonballs on the spinos, but considerably speeds up prime kills: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjoAPLhCS4Q
  5. Infi


    Alright thanks, that's exactly what the type of answer I was looking for!
  6. Infi


    Which would be the best weapon setup between the three for me to use for solo tribrid, maybe duo and trio tribrid as well? -Balmung -Spectral + Whip -Defender + Whip, shield in inventory With my stats: -Maxed melees -Turmoil and curses unlocked -Pack Yak at all times -No extremes/overloads, might be willing to bring supers though
  7. I pick up all besides green because green charms are terrible :rolleyes:
  8. It sounds like your problem is that your computer is detecting two mouse clicks when you're only clicking once. I've had this problem occasionally for a while. How would I fix it? I didn't have this problem before this update so I don't know what may have caused it..
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Unfortunately, most of the replies have not met the criteria of the problems I'm talking about. I guess I wasn't absolutely clear, so I'll briefly recap what problems I'm having (which I'm 100% positive started happening after today's update - the Court case update) -Attacking monsters from a far distance with a ranged weapon sometimes causes you to run straight towards the monsters. The monster was right clicked, and then the option to attack was selected because the monster was higher level than me, thus I cannot have accidentally clicked left click to walk. -When I try to pick up monster drops, sometimes I run completely in the opposite direction. The other case is that I go towards, the loot pile, but stand exactly one square away from the pile and just stand there. Several tries have to be initiated in order to pick up the drops. Again, the right click mouse button is used to loot because I am very selective about which drops I pick up/leave behind as the priority drops in the left click option is usually the one I do not pick up. (Dagannoth king drops, Dag bones/hides at the bottom of the pile) -When I activate a deflect/protection prayer, I click it once and sometimes it randomly turns off, despite only clicking it once -When I transition from a deflect prayer to soul split, I find that it sometimes turns off. Again, definite that I'm only using one click All of what I described only started happening after the recent update, I had no problems with it before. Hopefully someone can relate and we can fix this or submit a bug report to Jagex to fix this asap. Thanks :mrgreen:
  10. Also when I click my deflect prayers it shuts off completely, even if I click it once. Another case is when I switch from deflect mage to soul split, it just turns off completely <_<
  11. Just a quick question, but has anyone noticed difficulty attacking monsters/picking up items since the latest update? I keep running to the spot where the monster is instead of attacking, definitely not my mistake as it's happened several times now. Just wondering if I'm going crazy or not :pray: Yep, definitely not crazy. Just attacked prime with a crossbow and got supreme on me, and when I went to attack supreme I ran to where he was standing instead of attacking. Had to go up the ladder and log out as it was simply ridiculous, it's really hard to attack monsters properly..
  12. Every weapon except spears are halved in damage when hitting corp. Because of this, no weapon is as good as spears on him, despite the speed or stab bonus. Also while talking about spirit shields, I've been noticing Elysians have been gaining about 20M in the GE every 60 days or so. This shows promising for the long run of the shields value. At that current price increase, Elysian's street value will equal the GE value, and be buy-able on the GE, sometime in the next 16 months if not sooner. I image the closer and closer it gets to street price, the faster it will rise. Magic isn't reduced to half damage if I recall correctly also
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsEgyV1ByWI
  14. I like my full slayer helm for doing Dag kings when I get a Dag task, makes me virtually uncrashable :mrgreen:
  15. I assume the special attack only works on players, since I tried using a Morrigan's javelin on a Mith dragon and I got a message saying so. I can confirm the special works on players outside of PvP worlsd though
  16. Yeah except that person isn't even level 37 to begin with.. I'm assuming it's your video too since it appears to be your channel, nice try though :???: I agree with you though. Bosses are too easy, just that video was blatantly fake and had to point it out <_<
  17. You don't even have 90 slayer, so I have no idea where you came up with the idea that Soul Split is a necessity for tanking them. From my personal experience, I used prayer potions with protect melee my first task I had them and my prayer dropped. What I noticed was that hey don't hit often, but when they do its hard (I was wearing proselyte). I opted to tank them with my usual powerslaying gear (Bandos + Piety) - (note this was BEFORE Curses were released) and found that coupled with a Uni, they don't give you any trouble at all.
  18. Actually I finished the quest yesterday and you only needed 1 scroll and 1 abyssal lurker pouch, as you only need the thieving boost once to open the chest to get the item. You also can complete it with just one macaw.
  19. I just went on a questing rampage yesterday actually, finished 5 quests and Temple of Sentisen to get curses. I really hate quests =(
  20. You could do advanced gnome course at 80 using summer pies, just a heads up
  21. Thanks alot much appreciated, will go ahead with the quest now =)
  22. Really quick question - Rune wiki says I can use boosts to get to 66 thieving to complete the quest, my friend says you can't.. which source is right? Thanks in advance :mrgreen:
  23. You can also steal seeds from master farmers, they have a bunch of those weird hop seeds which happen to fill your bank quickly. That, and gen store/costume room stuff are some of the other things, you should have no problem filling up your bank :mrgreen:
  24. Any monster, an ideal place to lower the charge would be lighthouse dagannoths by the way.
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