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  1. Usually the House Party world - World 31 I believe.
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    You know what really grinds my gears? Well.. The AFKer - Self explanatory, the person who will leave for random amounts of time and not even explain his absence before or after he goes away The Smither - The person who will go out and make Full Promethium for a rush through a small dungeon when odds are you won't even get hit once even when fully naked armed with only a weapon >_> The Coward - Waits for other people to go in a room first, then conveniently slips in and doesn't take any damage The Food Stacker - The individual who ALWAYS likes to grab all the food as soon as it drops the floor, while the others are left to survive on 2 Heim Crabs and a Short Finned Eel. Is living it up with a pack full of Salve Eels The Lever Dude - There always seem to be one of them. Doesn't know what to do with a lever and randomly pulls it and single-handedly almost kills the whole team The-Doesn't-Know-Which-Emote-Is-Which Dude - Hey, it's not that hard to tell when the statue NODS or SHAKES its head.. The Ditcher - Randomly leaves when he wishes because he/she dies or just because he/she doesn't feel like Dungeoning anymore :wall:
  3. Promethium 2Hs are used by many dungoneering pros out there too, it's really either 2H or the Spear, both are good.. maul is only limited to one attack style so it's out of the contest
  4. True, that'd be a better option.. but in the end you annoy everyone around you who has sound on so it's a win-win situation haha :mrgreen:
  5. A crossbow enchantment spell can be cast in 0.6 seconds (1 game tick) but due to the interface and the span of the menu to the actual bolt, it'd be longer. Assuming that you can cast (60/0.6 = 100) enchantments per minute though, you can enchant 1000 bolts per minute. But realistically, it'd be a lower amount. Hope this helps.
  6. I blew like 50k on molten glass and went to the GE, no one really complained :shame: I'm down to meet up and blow the Vuvu- err Glass Blowing pipe if anyone's interested :razz: Also I suggest making Beer Glasses when you do blow the pipe, they're probably the most useful there if you do the Sq'irk Gardens.
  7. Here is my setup for DK Tribridding (Solo) without overloads; Yak Inventory; You are obviously going to replace Verac's helm with a Full Slayer Helm. The trips are short (1.9 Pack Yak pouches - 0.1 Pack yak pouch time is used to get to the kings itself), but very intense and you're always in action with a King. Since you lose the +3 prayer bonus from the Verac's helm, I suggest bringing an extra prayer potion instead of a Saradomin Brew. Integrate your Arcane Stream accordingly instead of the Mage potion in the inventory, since I only use it against crashers and you should be fine with the Stream alone. If you have any questions about the gear, setup or beast of burden inventory don't hesitate to ask
  8. You can run 2700+ charms an hour using the Spirit Kyatt + Duel Ring combo with Mousekeys.. (can be done without but not exactly feasible) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJFqKPYtiGY
  9. My friends usually got me to the floors I could do, but they rushed through them pretty quick.. then I was pretty much excluded from floors 20-35 because I couldn't even do them at all >_> I was just wondering what would be the best route to take at my current level.. as in should I do 1:1 complexity 1 rushes to Floor ___? Then do 2:2 Mediums or Smalls to 20? That's the part I just want to clarify and would give me the best exp Note I am members if that clears any confusion up at all
  10. That dragon really looks like a Rune dragon at a quick glance.. wonder how Rune dragons will look when they'll be (if at all?) released :pray:
  11. I just started Dungeoneering seriously a few hours ago, and I pretty much tagged along with friends to get around level ~39. At my level what would be the best difficulty, size and partnerships in order to maximize EXP? The max floor I can reach at the moment is 20.. Thanks in advance
  12. Shouldn't be a problem.. I am maxed combats except for range so I wanted to bring a cannon and kill all three. I'll definitely check out the guide first though
  13. Where is the best place to put my cannon? (I'm soloing and I only want to use it to kill prime)
  14. What does it have to do with anything anyways? It's his name, he's entitled to put it in his thread topic :rolleyes: Nice loots, I'm a pretty hardcore Dag King'er myself :mrgreen: Also, I find that I can push out nearly anyone with Claws of Guthix + Void Mace pretty easily.. Fire Surge is definitely better - not to mention you can use the Soul Wars cape.
  15. You should use Onyx Ring (i) if less than 50% of your hits do not hit. I believe that's from Zarfot's Mega Slayer guide. I abide to that guideline and it works out pretty well :mrgreen:
  16. Very nice, my best is two staffs in a task. But i've gotten that twice, so I'm not at all mad at you for your luck :P Ice Strykes own!! :thumbsup: Btw, use Wolpertinger with scrolls instead of yak, the bank is close, and it usually only takes two trips at the most for me in a task, the speed from hitting higher is well worth it :thumbup: I never need to bank during my tasks, even with Wolp. Just plan your invy well :P And Svs, that is part of my theory on drops. EG, if I let deflect mage kill prime, and only tag him once or twice, I NEVER get a seers/axe. Don't tell me a dry streak of over 700 kills is coincidence. I always let kill Prime on my dagannoth trips through deflect curses. I hit him at least once to make sure I get the drop; gotten 3 seers so far - but no axes.. I can provide pics if you want too
  17. I bought a santa for 82M (minimum) yesterday, woke up and decided to sell it at mid - got around 90M for it.. hope that helps in any way for those interested in Santas at the moment
  18. 120 * (1.51 [15 from Staff of Light, 15 from Hexcrest, 21 from 7*3 percent each level boosted from wolpertinger]) + (40 from Kuradal's) + (30 from Chaos Gauntlets) = 251.2
  19. You don't need the level, but you need to have the ability unlocked in order to be able to make the rings.
  20. Nope they don't, they're just market price.. just wanted to post it here though :mrgreen:
  21. Alright, just bought this baby :mrgreen:
  22. Actually you can choose to teleport in front of the portal now, although I'm unsure if that yak method is faster than kyatting.
  23. You could have always checked really quickly. Just buy 1 grimy herb, clean it and sell it on the GE. Of course I haven't cleaned any herbs for a while so I can't be 100% sure so it's best to make sure just in case Jagex has made any ninja changes to the game :ugeek:
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