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  1. Assassin_696 and YarrPaperClips. Maybe even Zierro if he took off those creepy spongebob avatars..
  2. You got hit a 2 through meele pray? :o He's in the smoky well where you fight Fareed in Desert Treasure, it constantly damages you slightly if you're not wearing slayer head gear but never under 10 LP so you can never really die there if you have Melee prayers up
  3. Soul Wars bank is non hotzone, but you can still gain EP there and not much people pass by there.
  4. Probably the Camelot teleport tablet.
  5. RuneScape Resizeable doesn't work for me...the inv never gets on top of anything. You just have to drag it until it eventually overlaps, should be able to do it.
  6. For the ring slot I would suggest not using the RoL since if you get comboed you will most likely lose a huge chunk of your health. Also you can get back inside the Bandos room in under 6 minutes so if you do die then you can retrieve your stuff quite easily. Use Seer's ring for magic defence or Warrior's ring for attack bonuses or imbued rings if you have them.
  7. You can message Mirrorforced and submit DYKs, it's who I contacted to message some of mine.
  8. You don't HAVE to use PvP gear in order to kill Zil with melee. In fact you can use Dragon Claws with the setup in the first video I posted and it would still be effective as a spec weapon. I was simply pointing out that people DO kill her with melee.
  9. Slayer with Dragon Claw specials You bring one or two to Corporeal Beast solos or small groups to use Statius Warhammer specials General monster killing where you dont need inventory space Free for all boss killing Let it rot in the bank :P

  11. The eyes really look terrible. I'll be sure to keep a helmet on 24/7 now :angry:
  12. Yeah, you can cast vengeance yourself, have it activated and have another player cast vengeance other on you (if you have accept aid on) and you will have the effect once more (no need to wait 30 seconds, but you'll need to wait 30 seconds for you to be able to cast it again)
  13. You buy bandos and a dfs once. Gotta have prayer level (costs money..usually. although just once) Then prayer potions... I would agree, but like others have said it's not really who has money, it's how they spend it. From an efficiency stand point, using turmoil/piety has a greater effect on the speed of slayer than Bandos/DFS. I understand that some players find it fun to slay in such gear but.. it just has to be pointed out that they're being inefficient. You're pretty much free to slay in whatever you want, but you're not making as much use out of your money as you can (which for me is what I enjoy :razz:)
  14. Probably one of my biggest nuisances are people who manage to wear Bandos + DFS on every slayer task and then say they don't have enough money to turmoil/piety the task >_>
  15. Some people don't want to continually pound a button every 1.8 seconds to just get 70k magic an hour. Alching is pretty much a defunct training method only used by inefficient users. String Amulet has a much more 'afk'ability factor where you can press one button, check another window for 30-40 seconds, then check back, and repeat. I'd much rather that method than continually pounding a button 1.8 seconds for hours on hand (who honestly wants to do that for 60k mage an hour?) I don't know why you're bringing up smithing exp into this, when we're talking about mage exp. Not only is it redundant and pretty much require constant attention to your inventory and to click every 2 game ticks ( :shame:), but you're severely estimating the costs of training magic via superheat. As of today, the prices are as follows: >265 for gold ore, 213 for nature rune - 478 gp cost >97 for gold bar, 97 gp return Net gp = 381 gp, Superheat - 53 xp Gp/xp for superheating = 7.1~ gp/xp That's nearly double of what you claim. This is of course disregarding smithing exp since this is a discussion of training magic, not smithing.
  16. Pretty sure bursting rock lobsters is closer to 600 - 700 an hour. Maybe 800, maybe, if you had concentration and focus like the devil. If it was 600-700 casts an hour and around 170 mage exp per pile of lobsters (at the 9 rock lobster spot) it would just be a little over 100k mage exp an hour, which is quite low. I'm pretty confident with my 700-900 casts an hour estimate except maybe the 900 part, which probably isn't feasible
  17. Ah okay. The general hourly rate of magic at lobsters varies between like 150-200k (or more?) and depends if your're using the 7 lobster spot or the 9 lobster spot, if it's at the 9 spot you get around 150-200 experience per cast of pure mage exp. Making an educated estimation this would put you at around 700-900 casts an hour including the time spend luring. There are lots of things that affect this though - luring ability/speed, choice of spot, mage experience, mage equips, etc. however I don't think this'll be a huge factor it's not like you'll be getting somewhere extremely low like 200 casts an hour unless you really don't know what you're doing :lol:
  18. Combat spells are 5 ticks per cast ( = 3 seconds). Assuming no breaks in casting (you didn't specifiy what exactly you were doing) you can cast an absolute maximum of 1200 combat spells an hour. Now, depending on what you do it will be different obviously, i.e. there will be more breaks in casting if you're at rock lobsters than at say, Soul Wars spawn camping.
  19. pretty decent for magic lol... when you can get 2gp/xp highalching gold bars (+100% afk -low xp) and 1.8gp/xp superheating iron (-moderate work involved +155k xp/hr 125k magic + 30k smithing) I cannot imagine how 4-5gp/xp for only 115k-125k hr is remotely "decent cost for magic" It is decent for magic because it has one of the least minimal efforts involved in magic and one of the fastest xp/hourly rates you can achieve. I do not know how you can consider alching 100% afk, you'll have to keep tapping the mouse key or the keyboard to continue alching. Also alching peaks at a maximum of 78k an hour and that's considering no human error. That's a pretty mediocre method of training magic despite the relatively low gp/xp ratio, considering the fluctuation of the items you are alching, and the amount of physical clicks you will have to put in constantly to gain experience. As for superheating, people tend to avoid paying that much attention, which is why they tend to opt for other options such as string jewelry. The only place where people should really be using superheat is in an area where it really shines, Living Rock Caverns (superheat, alch/drop gold bars while mining). To address your 4-5 gp/xp isn't a decent cost for magic is inane. Considering a 115-125k exp/hour rate of stringing amulets that will cost at a maximum of 500-600k an hour, which EVERY member can make gathering mort myre fungi, not to mention the plethora of other things available to a member's disposal. Disregarding combat and its application (some people prefer to train magic slower or faster depending if they're training it on slayer or at rock lobsters or mummies or what have you) String Amulet is one of the BEST, if not the BEST way to train magic. If you are trying to argue that you cannot make the 500-600k an hour to string amulet, your point is moot because in fact everyone can make that amount.
  20. My recommended setup. The only thing you would replace is Ahrim's Hood for a Full Slayer's Helm or Hexcrest (forgot to equip it at the time)
  21. From the other thread posted only a couple threads down;
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