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  1. It said rs3 to eoc in title, I was somewhat confused.
  2. Now it's double the old, rs2014, viswaxscape
  3. Waterfiends, much better for everything overall.
  4. Staff of Light's the best Imo, has a substantial chance at saving rune cast, and doesn't need repair.
  5. 250% more vis wax for daily challenge now, u serious Jagex?
  6. Nerfed once again a few months back. Haven't seen one in over 5 months myself.
  7. How long would it take to train a new acc up to the reccomended stats for this? Assuming I play an average of 40-50 hours a week.
  8. The boss fight was dull, repetetive, and infuriating. Just another sorry excuse for a puzzle :(
  9. So fat people have more energy. QED. As if, I barely have enough to get me out of bed in the morning
  10. Well ,as we've seen through new skill releases, there are "people" who do have the cash to do so.
  11. Might be cause the rsn you're trying to use is actually taken, even though it' not. Or because jagex doesn't release name batch rsn's to f2p
  12. Honestly, anyone who would destroy shb for 12m worth of feathers would sicken me.
  13. Fairly rare, odds of finding one won't be too high, hop around a select list of 5-10 worlds till you find one, or whenever vos switches. (always in affected sector)
  14. Iron ingot i's are 41.5k xp per hour, but cost 1.5 gp/xp. At level 95+ smithing is free atm
  15. I used airuts the one time I got that after 138 :( Think they're 150 something
  16. I'd suggest you give it a go, don't know for sure. I'd guess not
  17. They're not lendable, and if I had one I wouldn't even trust my mom with it
  18. This quest wasn't bad, but the ones leading up to it...
  19. Grats Alkan, hoping to see Gunnar Cap all skills soon after :)
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