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The Official BlogScape Index - RECOVERED!

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Many thanks to andufus and jimmyw3000 for reminding me about this, I had forgotten it. Even more thanks to Cowman, for helping me check the validity of the links. The entire Index (as it was before the forum setback) is present here, without any new updates. Any blog links that featured smileys or characters not currently supported by the forum (its amazing how many blog names have these) had to have those removed before I could post it properly, so those are missing now (hopefully not a giant problem). Any updates since the rollback have not yet been addressed.




All links in the index have been checked, and comments have been made next to blogs that have invalid links or links to non-blog posts, for their owners to hopefully find and correct...




I will be taking active care of the index again, now that it's back in shape.




The blogscape index is the easy way to find blogs without having to hunt through the pages of the forum. Blogs will only be added to the index on a request basis.




In order to request that your blog be added to the index, post with a link to your blog in the following format:




[code][url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=######]YourForumName - WhatYouWantTheLinkToSay[/url]





An example:


[code][url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=000000]ImNotARealAccount - I like blogs[/url]





You must follow this format (it's easier to simply copy that and fill it in, anyways). The url link should be the link to your topic, not to a post within it. You need to fill "YourForumName" with (you guessed it) your forum name, and then, after the dash, you can give it a name. You can ask to have both the link and the name of the topic changed at any time (please don't abuse this, there are limits), but you will have to post again in the exact same format. Posts will be cleaned out every once in a while so the topic does not become messy.


If you choose to switch your title, please put in your post, "Name Change" or something of that sort so we don't count your blog as a new blog in the index. Furthermore, if you make a new blog, please also advise us so we can take out your old and put in your new without messing up the blog count. Thanks! ~Devoted12




There are currently 330 blogs in the index. Blogs are organized alphabetically by forum name.






-Devoted12- - Devoted's Blog to 99 Construction!


-Peronix- - Peronix's Blog of Random Goals and Achievments


11the Mask 1 - ~Masky's Hawt Blog~ :mrgreen:


777thZapster - A Long Road to Victory






a local guy - a blog to 99 fishing


Acenator - My Goals and Achievements


Acer_1234 - Acer's Blog - The road to 85 Slayer!


Adaleira - Diary of Diversity


Ady - 2200 / 2300 - Erm, weird post... link not really valid


Afroman103, Afro's blog, Slaying towards the Whips! - Link invalid


Agent 1777-Agents Undercover Blog


AGrimNight - A Grim Night's Blog to 99 Ranged and Slayer


AlexRn - Alex's Amazingly Awesome Astounding Awe-inspiring Blog.


Andufus – The Final Goals List


Animalmagik - (](*.*)[) Animals blog!92/99 fletch!(99 smith soon) (](*.*)[)


ant6186 - ~W00tpeckers Blog~Time for slayer!~


Ard_Choille - Ard's Progress...


atacker8 - the hawt hunter 4 real- atacker8s hawt blog


Azurechaos - Azurechaos' Blog to Tankdom!






B Ryan20 - ~~B Ryan20's Road to 91 Runecrafting~~


baalboy5 - baal blog to 100cb N 70rc


Beckh_M - Beckh_M's Great blog to 99 strenght and all the good that comes along


Behind You0 - Behind's Blog to 99 Crafting


ben331 - Blogging Benjamin ~ Goals and achievments! Santa achieved, 99 fletching next!


Bini - Bini's F2p Blog!


Blacksimon - Bbq Muffin's pure adventures of DOOM


BlazeTheMovieFan - Blaze's RuneScape Adventures!


Bloody_Scife - Bloody's Bow Chicka Blog Blog!v2


bloodyhatchetbear - Cooking and Fishing... The Journey!


BlueLeopard - From Rags to Riches


Bobthesock - Aneron's Combat Blog


Bonebomber03 - Bone's road to 99 attack and 85 slayer


Boris5000 - Blog of Boris


boxer5543 - Boxer5543's Bloggy Of Getting 99 Hawtness In F2P


Bpk_Wolfen - Yesh its Bpk's Blog


Brainymidget - The Blog Of Brainymidget






Ca2theone - Blog Of Calcium


Candymann16 - Blog for 10 98 stats


Capau - ~ The Runecrafting Magic Ranger ~ - Link invalid


Captainkidd - Captainkidd's Blog to Greatness


caribbeangirl - Ali Baba lives! ~Sugar's Blog~ Ranked in Att, Def now :)


Celt23 - Celt23's Blog


chad197 - chady197's blog - The life of a ftp


Chapp3rs - Blog of a monster hunter


Chazimcgee - ..::Smither Sid's blog::..


Chickenfase0 - A Chicken's Journey To Riches and a Fire Cape? - Link invalid


child_sycopath - syco's crazy blog!


cjmftw13 - CJMFTW needs to visit Pyromaniacs Anonymous.


Codguy - Cod's Blog about whatever


Colossus110 - The blog to hawtness


Corn_corn2 - Corns Blog of 1227ness and farming!






Da Latios - Latios' Laps To 99 Agility!


DaDieselDude5 - Diesel's Bloggy ~99 Cooking~ Slayering and other fun stuff!


DAE2008 - How to Make Money – Links to a non-blog post


Daehoidar - _The Endless Road To Advancement_


Dalcyte - Dalcyte's Blog to 99 Crafting


Dark_Aura - |= Dark's Epitome of Bloginess =|


DarkDude98 - Dark Dude's Blog - Droptastic!


Daviduhlich - Dave's Blog


Davow107 - 100% F2p Blog!! - Link invalid


Daxter76 - For Awesome Goals.. and Stuff? CLICK HERE!


Dead Socks - Questcape at 85




Deathmath - Deathmath's Blog To Decency – Link invalid


deathslaya91 - Dea Dea's Skillin Blog


decebal - decebal's blog to 99 rc+ more


Deejay_hr - Deejay's blog of ExTrEmE iNsAnItY


Deiophobus - Blog of a wannabe skiller


Denacke - Goal Of 85 Slayer - Links to a non-blog post


Dragon312 - F2P BLOG


Dragoonson - The Shlickest One


Dragonthug's Blog - Blog of me...cuz im the best! - Links to a non-blog post


Dragontotem - I r a skillor o.O


Drazhar44 - .,;:'Drazhar44's Fail Blog':;,.


Drazon - Blog to full third age (Ranged) - Link invalid


Dudecrush8's The Road to a Godsword!


Durza345 - Durza345's Uber Blog


Dusty668 - Dusty's Blog to 99 Turnip Growing


Dutty4u - Dutty4u - Links to a non-blog post


Dynastyfan0 - Dynasty's Blog: Hunting to 99 Ranged






Eagledude81 - ~v^-My Blog to 99 FireMaking


Eagle Tas - A couple's adventures in Runescape!


Eduard_F - Ed's Mining


El_Mexican - Road to 99 wc - Link Invalid


ElCusco - The Achivements of Cusco


Empror1 - Road to all 99's


End_of_RC_Pk - Arioch 666 - My road to 126 cm and 99 rc


Enipeus - Enipeus' Blog


Etpelletier - Etp's Bloggy ¤99/99Cook¤ ~MoneyMaking throught Skilling!!!~ <!-- s<3: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_love.gif" alt="<3:" title="Love" /><!-- s<3: -->


Evil_Ruler7 - Blog to 99 fishing






Fairness - Revenant Hunting Blog


FallenDarknessAngel - .:Raven's Blog of Blogginess!!:.


Fedorca99 - ~Fedorca99's blog of skilliness!~


Fire_Slyzer - Road to 99 agility


Fireseeker10 - Security1233's blog to 99 fletch


Flodder450 - ~~Flodder450`s~~ Blog Of Skilling~~


flowerboy - Tirmenat's Climbing the Ranks Blog


footiegod14 - Japlin69 - 1450 at 59 Cbt! Onto Combat!


Free2play69 - F2p's Blog - Links to a non-blog post


fronzz - Peterrabbi66's blog!


fubol - fubol's blog to hawtness


Fudgepuppy2 - Fire, How It Burns Me So! To 99


Fudgy999 - Fudgy999's Vegalicious Blog!






Galindito - My blog to 99 fishing


Gameboypen - Game's Blog Fun Stuff Awaits


Gandalf14141 - All F2P Stats to 70 and Beyond!!


Gandorf61 - Gandorf61's Bloggie of Skillz


Georgelemmons - ››››››››››»»»Supernova190's Bloggeh«««‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹


GGunitfan10 - G Unit's blog ta suhweetness


Ginger Warrior - Ginger Warrior's Revolutionary Blog


Goofers - From nobody to somebody


Gradeskip93 - Gradeskip's Blog to Awesomness!! <!-- s<3: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_love.gif" alt="<3:" title="Love" /><!-- s<3: --> <img src='http://forum.tip.it/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/icon_upup.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':<img src='http://forum.tip.it/ipbnew/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/happy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='^_^' />:' />


Green_Link - Green Blog! I'm on the road to 99 Agility!


Grindable - Grindable's Blog to discover Runescape


Guthan312 - 123 X Pac~Bank Pic :) 85/99 Attack`75/99 fm`~






happy123 - Mcginess's Hawt Bloggy!


Harding_10 - Harding's Blog To Randomness In Rs


Hawt_box - Road to 90 Slayer and beyond


Hbk_Hossack - Tatanka 94's Blog


Helbovie's Blog - Links to a non-blog post


hellbellz - Jesse's Blog // Cooking // Toast is nub


HK's Road to Enlightenment


Hephaistos50 - Hephs blog!


Hhank Hilll - Hank the anti-tank's blog


Horntail203 - Blog O' Ranged






Ice and spec - {gods} blog of stuff =]


Ickdeep - 522901's Blog of RS LIFE - Going for 99 Crafting


IgnacioxD - X H0st3 X's Major Blog To 99 fishing!!


Imkewl1353 - Look at him run!!! 77/99


Infernosage4 - Inferno's Blog to All 70+


INLINER - The Cooking Chronicles - 99 Fishing Completed, 99 Cooking in the making


iRange - Sandy Arab's Blog to 85 Slayer and Under Rank 250 Range! - Links to a non-blog post


Istolethepie - The road to 1000 Total, all F2P!


Iwatake - Iwatake's Eccentric blog






J35u5_M4 - ~~~J35u5 M4's Blogeh To Greatness!!!~~~


Jamesjeffery - Jim's blog to skilling and stuff


Jarnoontje - 8r34ch3z0r's blog to richness


Jaxonin1 - Jax's Blog


Jcfc - Ending the Third World War


Jega111 - The First Runescape / FunOrb Combined blog on tip.it!


Jemathonical - Jem's F2P Blog


Jimmyw3000 - Lagging my way to f2p success


Jmclark911- Clark's Slayer and Skill Blog - Link invalid


Joke33- Joke's blog to 99 Woodcutting


Jonomb0 - Jonomb0's Blog


Jopie211 - Jopie211's Blog full of Noobiness (and Penguins)!


Juhniz - Juhn's mess of random Achievements and Accidents






Kanshti - One of the Remaining Few.


Kaphias - One Final Goal...


KaPow - 25's blog for quest cape(got now!) - Link invalid


Kburts - Blog under construction ... check it out! :mrgreen:


K G Is Me - KG's Blog of Awesomeness!


Kickpointy - My Hawt Blog to 99's!!!!


Killerred005 - 100 % F2P| 1k+ total | 100+ Combat


knex2 - Ipwnkthxbai's ownage blog-New acc, same nexy


Knight_Zaros, A quest for Glory


Knotch_Blade - <(^-^)>~_/~Hunter Noob Extrodinare~_/~<(^-^)>


kohe - Kohe's Blog to 99 Slayer


kota21 - kota is in the 69


Kragg3802 - Few skills to 99


kris c6 - blog to 99 agility


kuu4 - _-kuu4's small bloggy-_






L0rd - L0rds Shix Blog - Link invalid


Lady Shahdie's Journey to 99 Smithing!


Lara156 - ~*..:Lara's Bl0g:...*~ On my way to 99 wc!!


Larathiel - Goals & Achievements




Leithon1 - Lleithon1's slayer & monster drop blog-goin for betta skillz - Erm, weird post... link not really valid


Lewagold2 - My Blog To Teh Quest Cape


Lil Dan Def - Defender of F2P skills - Erm, weird post... link not really valid


Lit0ua - Lit's Blog to 99 RC ~


Liviu31 - Getting all skills to 99 - Link invalid


Getting all skills to 99


Lodewijk66 - new blog, new stuff


Logdotzip - 91 Runecrafting and on...


Lonk41 - | Lonkeh | blog to Awesomeness


lordragonknight - Hobo’s Blog to F2p Hawtness






Mag3dufool - Mag3dufool's Blog


Magicplayak - ~ Magicplayak's Blog ~


mahomus-mahomus the ranger


Manu's Achievements - Mastersmith - Erm, weird post... link not really valid


Mario sunny - A dragon/fish slayer's blog


Markies - Markies' Blog to 99 Strength


Master_Smither - The Dwarf N33B Blog to 99 Defence


masteryall5 - master4000's blog


Mauranius - Mauranius Pure F2p Blog


maxdout4life - 99s on 3's blog!(ya rly)


Mc90123 - Mc90123's Blog


Mcneilp - Blog of (Nooby) Greatness!


Mensilater - Blog of interesting things. - Erm, weird post... link not really valid


Metoo1000 - Metoo's Blog!


Mikercool - Miker's Futility


Mikespartan - Mikespartan's Skillage Blog


Miss War - My Runescape Life SKilling 'n' Killing


misterdeathbringer - Xecer's blog to pink domination!


Mlbfan13 - The Great Big Blog Of MLB! - Link invalid


MmmSyrup - Choc's blog to 99 wc


Money123678 - Everyone loves Money!! (Blog to 99 Mining and Smithing)


Monkeychee1 - Monkey's Goals and acheivments


Moonshadow - Moonshadow's F2P blog! Click to see what I am working on!


mr_invisable - Den Usynlige's Demonic Blog


Mr_Muto - Muto's Blog


Mrk252 - MRK252's Tiny Blog of Not So Much Phailure


MrMyk - Huggle monsters HQ blog


mrph3r - 89 combat and WHAT total?






Nabbagad - Nabby's Blog!


nac fan- Nac fan's blog and goals


Nando - Goals and Acheivements


Natedoggygog - Nate's Blog![/color]


Neishc/Sara_Mange - .::Neishc & Sara Mangers Blog to Success::.


Nivek180 - *.:Nivek180's G & A.:*


NJE03 -1260+ Total - 100% F2P


no_way2go - Cabbage his blog to 90 smithing and beyond!


N00bfiterpk6 - Pwnage zerker pure - Link invalid


Nomoredead - Nomoredead5's Triple 99 and 1500+ Blog


Nrzonline - High Quality Blog!






O Mirzan's bloggy to 99 woodcutting. 700+ total lvls on f2p! - Link invalid


Original - Or1g1nal's Original Blog - Link invalid


Ouchy_S - Frea Guitars 1337 Blog!






p8ntball_maniax - Maxhockey11-A Fishermans Blog


patjjking - Patjjs Bloggy, Skiller & Killer!


Perakp - The Feather Collection


Peterpan538 - Peterpan's Skilling Blog


PFJ - Arms' Blog


Pikemaster25 - Blog to 99 WC & Fish


Pinkbullet3 - F2P Nub.


PhaperPlane - Blog to 99 Theiving!


Potter Pkr - Potter's Blog


Pravtsios - Prav's Blog of Achievments


PuppyKing - Minergoo - Blog to 99 Fishing!






QueenValerie - Climbing The Runescape Ladder!






r0ckyk34n3 - (Rocky Keane) Rocky's blog to 99 Hunter and 99 Magic!


Rahila- Rah's blog to 99 theiving and more!


ReneDestroy - Rene Destroy's Awesome Blog!


Riakk - Boy Power's bloggeh! To 99 Fishing! and beyond?


Robert Rdam - Teh Rob's blog!


Rocker_22- Rocker's 99 Fishing Blog - Link invalid


rooneyrules0 - I R Rooney - Blog of a 10hp player


Rsautohater - Cruz1310's blog <3


Runescapeloser22 - Ub3r P0//n@g3 b|0gg@@


Ryuuka - Alex's road to hawtness, now with "Spot"pedia






Sa121 - Click For My Huge Goals!


SaidinWoT - Everyone really should Quest More! (Quest More)


SaidinWoT - Where's SaidinWoT? Tracking him through 2008 (SaidinWoT)


Sailor89 - Sailor89's Blog! A new start to life!


sallaste - Saq Prets's blog. Road to get Firemaking skillcape!


Samari81 - A Day By Day Blog =]


Sammy200 - prepare to be pirated


samurai_lassie - Samurai's Blog to 99 farming


Hugger 88 - Bloggle of RC and udder st00fs


Saruman44 - The blog of a skilling narb


saskiasnow ~ The link to Saskia's Blog


Scim_2_Two_H - Blog to a F2P Strength Pure


ScoutIvar - On the road to all skills 60+ and much more


SerpentEye - THE HISTORY of SERPENTS: a blog


Shadow_Clawe - Eve's Blawgey ~ The road to 99 agility at Level 3!


Sharkious Hawt Combat Blog


Shazarabbit - Everyone's favorite Australian Rabbit!


Sheynara - Sheynara’s Blog!


Shivers21 - Firemaking, hunting, and farming blog!


shotdown12 - Shotdown12's blog!


Shrimps For Me - A Becoming Tank – Link invalid


SirHartlar - Click here for my blog, comments are appreciated!


sir lonewolf - My quest for the quest cape and 99 slayer all good luck, well wishes and help welcome - Link invalid


Sir_Thingy – “Dear Diary...”- The History of A(nother) F2P Experience - Link invalid


Sithlord man - Blog to 99 fm


Sjakie_1_1_3 - What's next?


Skully Sc - Skully: A Monsterhunting Blog


Smi Mandos - Just A Smi


Soap - Soaps Goals and Achievements - Links to a non-blog post


sophia1900 - sophia1900's blog


Spialot2 - Blog of goals, pics + more!! CLICKY!


[bleep]e159159 - [bleep]e's Blog of Adventures+Levels


SportsGuy's blog -> Membership, the 50+ plateau, and beyond


S_S_S_V - S S S V's Journey to 99 Minning / 99 Smithing 100% F2P! - Links to a non-blog post


stillakid - stillakid007's spiffeh blog <33


Supanova - Lava blade5's insane bloggeh


swedishboy5 - Swedishboy7's blog


Sword User - Sword User's 99 Smithing Blog


Sycosis5 - Sycosis5 Does Duel Arena


Syzygy - Syzygy's F2P Progress Blog - Links to a non-blog post






Tard53 - //Tard53's blog to the galaxy! 99 fletching here I come\


Th3_Crusader - ~Th3 Crusader's Blog to Emptiness~


the_tallest1 - Farmer Tall: Plowing on to 99 farming - 90 cb 1878 total


Thekiller308 - Fighting many uphill battles - Link invalid


Theskalabrad - The RoadTo the Success <!-- s<3: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_love.gif" alt="<3:" title="Love" /><!-- s<3: -->


Thiesje - Thiesje's F2p goals


Tintin113 - Tintin113's Bloggeh!


tinyslam90 - fishing for eternity blog


Toast647 - Mad Goals


Tomboy1491 - Tomboy1491's Blog for 99 Fishing ~Fisher for Life~


Toshiba23's Runecrafting Blog


TriangleNub - Triangle's Blog to Slayering Stuff


Triplewich-Road to 99 Str and 85 Slay]


tripsis - :: 81/99 Smithing ::


Trollman118- My new blog!






Ubahman - Ubahman's blog of Pies Insanity and Barrows


ultimania92 - Ultimania92's blog of eating oreos and toast, post or ill turn into B 50 2


Ultimatballr - <-Ulti's Goals-> BloggyThingy


UnderOath13/Bootyhairyay - ~A Tale of two Skillers~






vapour - Vapour's goal to become the best f2p merchant


Vesuvius27 - Blog to Ultimate Fame!


veyron27 ~ Veyron's awesome bloggeh


Video_Tycoon - Video's blog from rags to riches - Links to a non-blog post


Voldmort0 - Vold's Goals


Von Goon - Mar's Blog of a Hero


Vulxai - Spontaneous Blog of Spontaneity






wackoredhead - barrows blog to a white phat


Wakeborder42's Blog to Above and Beyond =)!!


Wakka102 - Wakka's Blog To All 99's


Warriormonkx - The Way of the Warrior


wcingisgood - Wcing's RuneScape blog ~~ Fishkilling and Cooking!


Weston9905 -Weston9905's Blog-Long/Short Term Goals - Links to a non-blog post


Wild_Goat_14 - Goat's Bloggy Blog of Blogginess


Wizzkid785 - Wizzy's Procrasinating Blog to Hunt!!


Wouters blog of daily updates!






X_Flippo_X - F2P Goals & Achievements!


x_martins_x - blog to 90 fish/all skills 60+


X_Oh_Ex_Oh_X - My blog to 99 Hunter!


x1992x - ><1992>< skilling blog - i am the 1337 master of bazooka camel


Ximigda - Ximigda's Blog For 99's


xxxgod - Atom Smash40's LaTJ to 99 Mining






}Y Guy 4 Life{ The Blog! - Links to a non-blog post


Yarred - Road to 99 Woodcut & 99 Range.


yakkun - Mebera the Zebera's blog to 99 fishing


Yomyth105 - ~~Pyro's F2P Hawt Bloggey <img src='http://forum.tip.it/ipbnew/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/eusa_dance.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<img src='http://forum.tip.it/ipbnew/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />/' />






Zeddude - Lets see..My goals and adventures!


Zestrux - New Skiller's road to a 99!


Zierro - Zierro to Hierro


zunee_boy - Skillz ~ Cash ~ Goalz ~ Zunee27


Zzzuperman - Zzzuperman's Lil' Blog Til' Some Hawt F2P Goals


Add your blog to the BlogScape Index!

SaidinWoT can now be tracked easily on weekends - Erm, maybe when I start playing again.

Levels do not measure intelligence OR maturity.
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Top Posters In This Topic

I am currently working to bring the BlogScape Index back to its status before the deletion. Unfortunately some blogs have also gone missing due to the deletion - please, if you see one in the list, post about it and it will be marked or removed as needed.




This project will take a bit of time, as my only resource is in HTML rather than BBCode.


Add your blog to the BlogScape Index!

SaidinWoT can now be tracked easily on weekends - Erm, maybe when I start playing again.

Levels do not measure intelligence OR maturity.
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Everything is updated, all invalid links are noted, all blogs have been counted up to this point (288 indexed). Every post up to this point in this topic has been added in, except those by Barrage and Fadooda, who both provided invalid links.


Add your blog to the BlogScape Index!

SaidinWoT can now be tracked easily on weekends - Erm, maybe when I start playing again.

Levels do not measure intelligence OR maturity.
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I have a blog registered up there named "Tintin113's Blog - Path to 60+", could you change that for this please:




[url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=716129&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=0]Tintin113 - Tintin113's Bloggeh![/url]






Thanks to Quarra for the awesome sig!

Xbox360 Gamertag = Tintin113

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Here's mine:


[url]http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=753923[/url]Guthan312 - 123 X Pac~Bank Pic :) 85/99 Attack`75/99 fm`~[/url]

League of Legends Referal link: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4e55a571778d2633364408

"Life is short, and shortly it will end, Death comes quickly which respects no one, Death destroys everything and takes pity on no one"

Drops: 8whips, 28dboots, 1hand cannon, 2 dmeds 3dskirts 2 dbows

99s(in order): Attack Constitution Defence

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"Name Change Please"




[url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=698553][color=yellow]Etpelletier - Etp's Bloggy ¤99/99Cook¤ ~MoneyMaking throught Skilling!!!~ <3:[/color][/url]






Thanks :D




Etp <3:

Ty Veyron for Siggy help!

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\' This is to replace my old link (the Daxter76 one, obviously) so replace that one, with this one.




[url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=744612]Daxter76 - For Awesome Goals.. and Stuff? CLICK HERE![/url]




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[url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=765970]Vulxai - Spontaneous Blog of Spontaneity[/url]

~ Proud Father ~ Proud (Currently Deployed) Army National Guardsmen ~ Proud Lakota ~ Retired Tip.It Crew ~

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zunee, I took the second link as it appeared to be your 'main' blog... it would be best if you had only one blog, as it allows people to see all your achievements in one topic and doesn't clutter the forum.


Add your blog to the BlogScape Index!

SaidinWoT can now be tracked easily on weekends - Erm, maybe when I start playing again.

Levels do not measure intelligence OR maturity.
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[url=http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=772635]Bloody_Scife - Bloody's Bow Chicka Blog Blog!v2[/url]

7,436th to 99 fishing on July 13, 2008


[hide=Quotes that I lol'd at]

the day the fantastic four come into runescape, i will eat my socks.

what kind of topic is this. ihaven't read it yet

but i now it must be stupid.

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