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Tip.It Times Presents: Scale


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This week, in Scale, Ts_Stormrage provides insight on the ever-growing and ever-changing world of RuneScape and the things that get us started and keep us going in it! We hope you enjoy it!




>>> Scale <<<






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I'm not so sure the new players would get the same sense of enjoyment that they would get before all the updates...




They'll be more of them though, since the game is alot more explained and less people would quit because they don't understand, but I still think it's far more enjoyable as a new player without all the smothering updates. =p




Remember how excited you were when you made your first couple thousand? (My friend gave me 5k when i was lvl 15 and I was sooo excited...)


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Good read,


its really annoying when those friends that are the reason your playing the game start to disappear, you really have to re-examine your aims and goals on the game, :(




It must be a daunting(sp) task for new player when they arrive in lumbridge for the first time but i guess they'll just have to take it step by step like we did.

Theres a fine line between not listening and not caring,

I like to think I walk this line every day.

Pinning blame on Jagex is like trying to put pants on an old man.

You both know he needs them, but he'll just keep dancing around, avoiding them at all costs.

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Good read, I liked all the relating things to each other, but I thought it was a little bit weird how you went straight from asking how a newer player would feel to saying how friends are the main thing keeping you going though...The last two paragraphics basically had no relation to each other :?


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I believe I also am kept going by a friend. The question which I am afraid to answer is if this friend quits, will I still keep playing myself? Since I don't bother to add more friends to me list(or delete old ones for that matter) I only have a few "friends" that still play regularly, one of which I talk to frequently. I think new content as it comes in will keep me playing, but also that one great friend I have that plays too.




I liked the article. Then again, I always love reading the Tip.It Times. :roll: :thumbsup:

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Good read, although when I first read the headline I thought the article was about level-scales as in we have no room to progress in RS. Our max-hits keep on growing bigger and we keep on getting better and better weapons and armor but the level-limit is the same. That´s something I find a problem. :roll:

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Great read. :thumbup: I enjoyed reading it and it got me through the rest of my Abby Demon task. <3:


Thanks to all those who have messaged me concerning a revamp of my Range-Slayer guide. Because of you all I will start rewriting it asap.[/color]


Formerly RobinHoodie.

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It was a good read, I always look forward to the times. I can relate to the author in someways, however it seems that they had a resentment towards the new updates and didn't really take the time to think about the pros of the updates and focused on the cons.






It seemed like the author was talking to themself, rather than to the reader; the article left a feeling of being excluded. It was however, interesting as the writer reflected on the history of runescape and brought new meaning to the term "boss monster". I think the article was fair.



k1tt3h$ f0r t3h w1ns!

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Very good read! 10/10


This made me feel very small, as I remember all to well those days..... I remember my first five 5k. I made many good friends... Although now that I have moved to a different time zone I never see any of these friends....




Then when all the hackings started on my file and all my friends began to quit, I really had to question my self, "What was I going to do with my account?" So i did a total rework of pass, pin, and recovery questions and the hackings stopped.... Still my friends had quit and I was destitute... I had to work very hard to keep going. Now I am a member and am much better off, I am still remembering those days were I was a noob with fond memories... And I still long to find a really good friend...




Well, there's my report for the forum.




B bye



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Another great read from TS_Stormrage!




I'm sure that thanks to new trade limit less people will join, I practically lived off my friends from day one!




Unfortunately you cannot do that anymore, and I'm sure a fair few friendships have been lost and a few thousand characters abandoned.

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friends make rs basically.


the same can be said about most things however. Stivking to rs you make money so you aren't trailing behind everybody and your mates are doing all things you would like to do. If they get highier cb than you they run off killing kbd/KQ/GWD and you feel left out (i'm 115 and hate it when mates go to bandos without me lol). A mate has a 99 cape and you don't etc etc. Without this things become stall, your in a lonely world with no1 to share achievements with. I can be done alone but say maxed cb stats with 1 person on your friends list is a slow journey. (then agian you never have to go bail out your mates, help a new mate do cooks assistant or be bagdered to lend them your stuff ::' )

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Good read! :thumbsup:


Although it sounds quite similar to the last article.




I'd have to say, since my best friend quit rs (he wasn't very into it at the time and then died and lost most of what he had, causing him to quit...) the only thing keeping me in rs is my clan. Although I love quests to much to quit rs...If it wasn't for my clan I'd just play rs the day a new quest came out. Possibly only if a continuation of a quest storyline comes out.




Rs content lasts you a while...but eventually there comes a time where friends are the main thing.




Completely 100% off topic: Does anyone know how to unlock the Bounty Hunter Level 3 song? I was running around high level bounty one day but I couldn't unlock it -.-

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Well if it bothers you that the game is more fun now, then you can go cry in a corner. :shame:

your article was the equivalent of a circumcized porcupine

The only thing wrong with it is the lack of a percentage for when you need to stroke it.


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Good read, and a goof topic to touch on.




I started because of a friend, and loved it ever since.


now it's been a couple of years and i have somewhat surpassed him, and we can finally play as equals, but or beside the point.......




I'm an inspired video game creator-to-be, and I get a TON of inspiration from Runescape: like what people like, and what keeps them playing for years to come. I just hope that I can create a worthewhile game such as RS.

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A very good and interesting read. Many players play because of friends in game, I know that since quite a few of my own friends does.



Add me if you so wish: SwreeTak

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Great read


i must admit i left runescape for a year and a bit and then when i came back i was a bit schocked by the amount of people on the servers as i was expecting so many more than what i saw.


I hate the fact that because theres no more major trading and that runescape world is so big (ie. everyones all over the place) that the days of those big trades in Varrock banks won't exist anymore, i always used to get a buzz from it.


Also there are so few lower level players nowadays i must admit.




But (just quietly) i heard that there is a rumour circulating that jagex might be bringing runescape back to its old ways?!?!?!?!


My honest opinion is that Jagex should let all people (not just members) be able to vote for whether a new update is really essential or just another waste of space.





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