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Multi-tasking Runescape-Good or Bad?


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i know everyone's done this once...no shame in admitting it...you've been doing something else while leveling on runescape, anything from downloading music to even playing another online game. Question is...is it good or bad? While you may be getting levels without being that bored, i'm pretty sure they made runescape to appreciate each level. feel free to comment...

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Heh, well it isn't really bad, but it's not good either.




if you multitask put both screens together, I learned the hard way.




I multitasked at...oh yeah amoured zombies.




Died from not paying attention for 7 minutes(Was using tank armor)




Lost 2mil.




But it keeps you entertained if you're fishing, or wcing, stuff like that.




So its 50/50 ^^ :pray:

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Well, completely ignoring any practical benefit from multitasking (since ethics is not based on practicality or rationality), I would say it's legal because you are stay at the computer. And if you think playing another online game while playing runescape is "bad", there's a game caleld Silkroad Online that allows players to stay online FOREVER, or at least until a new patch ;)


Although there is no auto-retaliate in SRO and only leaves the benefit of a stall (essentially the G.E. for us) the players must be online to do so. Which begs the question how those servers can stand so many people logged in constantly?




I could be on vacation for two weeks and "playing" SRO ftw. :lol:

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This forum would be really inactive if you couldn't multitask anymore :P



There are three sides to every story: There's one side, there's the other, and there's the truth.

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There's no requirement to have your eyes peeled on the Runescape screen when you play. And that would be ridiculous if that was required. So no, it's not bad. It's no more than logical.

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I wouldn't say it's bad because you can easily get really bored by watching your character doing the same thing hundreds of times while training skills. So yes I think that multitasking is just using your time efficiently. :D


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I'm pretty sure everyone multi-tasks. If you don't, you would have probably ripped your hair out from boredom and probably quit by now. Because the fact of the matter is...








Edit: It's actually pretty fun, I wasn't thinking about what I was typing :P.




But, unless you do something exciting like GWD or chatting or something interactive, it can be boring. It's fun to level skills but without multi tasking it will become repeptitive and you can easily get bored and eventually quit from clockwork actions.




I say multi-tasking is fine, it's just that it is risky when you are doing something dangerous, and I'm the type of guy who can make anything dangerous :thumbsup:


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I'd say it's good because you're not letting yourself become committed to rune scape, and you're also increasing your happiness.




But if you mean it's good or bad for the in game community of rune scape, then I'd have to say it's sort of bad because then there is a lot less people talking, just a lot of emptiness.

What's a sig?

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I don't see how you could solely focus on RS without doing something else to keep your attention at the same time. Most skills such as WC or mining are tedious and repetitive and usually have some delay until you mine your next ore or the tree respawns. Granted, there are some skills and activities where you should be focused on, but for the most part, RS is a lot of repetition. Multi-tasking is a definite positive.




In addition, I don't really see how multi-tasking makes Runescape empty as someone previously stated. Some people would rather go about skilling on their own and maybe read the forums or something. But, if you are that desperate, you could always just strike up a conversation with the person next to you if you feel RS is too empty.

Back to P2p soon!

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i nearly always multi task while training


like right now im collecting charms but its bad when you get


ingrosed(is that how you spell it) on what ur doing



in a dark dark forest

in a dark dark house

in a dark dark room

in a dark dark cupbord

there is a dark dark Chicken!!!!

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This forum would be really inactive if you couldn't multitask anymore :P


Haha, amen. :lol:




The mechanics of this game kind of requires you to multi-task. After leveling up to mid-way, it gets tremendously boring grinding up your skills and, unless you have a massive attention span, you cannot physically stare at your character chopping down wood for hours.

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I think its ok as long as your not AFK or on another runescape account which jagex has warned against both.




Its great on those endless hours of willows but impossible when you are burning them.




It pretty well evens out with what you can and can't multitask with.

In fact, I do have some pancake mix.


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  • 2 weeks later...

if you do things you have fun doing in the game, like the game was intended, you wouldnt have to afk.


i dont get my satisfaction knowing i was mindlessly bored for days getting a 99 ill never use again, id rather hop around skills and do bosses and minigames to keep myself entertained.


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Depends on what your point of view with efficiency is. A lot of us are different in that aspect. Some people claim that doing things as fast as possible is the best way to go, yet they use a GS when the Whip is said to be more useful with training. It reminds me of your economic stance - nobody is 100% left or 100% right, they're usually towards the middle. Nobody is 100% efficient or 100% fun either.




Personally, I think it's good. I browsed the forums a lot while training.

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Bad. I can't focus if there's another window open at the same time while playing RuneScape.


It might be different for others though.




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Multi-tasking is one of the best aspects of Runescape. I have a large 22" screen, which lets me play RS and browse forums, watch videos, etc at the same time. Wouldn't have gotten this far with training skills if I couldn't multi-task.




Jagex doesn't require you to keep your eyes peeled to the RS window, nor could they if they wanted to. So there is nothing wrong with multi-tasking. Whether one likes to multi-task is a personal opinion ofcourse.

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I think being able to multi-task is great, though I avoid doing online things at the same time because my laptop is so crap it can barely handle another tab when I've got RS open. But I tend to Woodcut and do irl things at the same time. There was a time a few weeks ago when I had to write out 16 pages of notes 3 times, handwritten. By combining Woodcutting and revision/homework, I ensure that I don't feel bad about 'wasting time' doing homework and actually do level because I normally wouldn't just woodcut for several hours.




Unless it's botting and that sort of serious afk-ing, just not paying attention isn't bad.


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There is a reason why I lurk in Forsakenmage's clan chat all the time... Even when I'm doing something like fishing or woodcutting I'm still in the clan chat, mostly because I feel lonely if there isn't a constant stream of red text in my chat box :lol: .




But when I'm doing something like Agility I need something to half-pay attention to so I don't get bored and stop trying to get 60-70 agility in five days...




Yes I multitask! Multitasking is win.

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