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I believe that it goes here rather than into rants since it is more about players than ingame features.




If you've played RS, you surely know what I mean.


Killing one monster over and over(mostly abyssal demons) which apparently some "true slayers" do not like.






Camping is bad exp/money/whatever




Sure, most of these "hardcore" scapers which only play with a scientific calculator and 5 Excel spreadsheets oepened at once will barrage you with comments how green dragons are better money/whips are worthless with a low drop rate or how you should go armored zombies for exp.


Abyssals are more fun, good overall loot, they are easy and even the occassional whip every now and then....why not?




You take up the spots for the people wanting to train TEH BEST skill, which makes you the meanest person on Runescape




I've got 85 slayer, I've got the same right to kill them as you, only that I don't have to plow through countless metal dragons in order to get a single task in a week, just so these noob campers can ruin it.




I'm tired of getting ordered around by a guy with bronze claws which is secretly laughing at the repeated tasks while he plots how will he make you write another slayer task rant thread.




You killed the prices of whips




More people get 85 slayer, more people kill them, more whips come into the game and the price naturally goes down.


Though, it's easier to just blame somebody. Can't disagree on that.




The usual suggestion from an angry slayer




Make the drops or monsters slayer task only/increase drop rate for slayers


Yeah, and I say make them require a berserker helm to kill so your holy slayer helms can stay at home.




You might think that it was made up, but I've seen all these points raised several times.


Same goes for wild pies, most of the people which hate camping treat them like AIDS.




I'd really like to hear valid points from these camper haters. Or even just random insults. They make me lol.

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Slayer is fine as it is now.


And for those flamers, just ignore them. If you got the levels, why not?

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I'm fine with camping; I've done it often enough. I do dislike pie'rs though, just because they didn't go the whole way through with it to kill whatever monster it is. Though they get less kills/trip at a higher cost, so, whatever.

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Some good points there.




Personally, I don't see how camping at Abyssals is different from camping anywhere else.




I stopped at 85 Slayer because I got bored of the tasks. For now, I camp at Abyssals (for the past 3 days, I have been there, unless on a clue/banking, and have got 1 Whip, 1 D Med and 1 Abyssal Head). I know they are not the best money, or experience, but I enjoy killing them, personally, I hate Green Dragon, and I didn't really see how Armoured Zombies could be enjoyable when I was doing the quest.




So yes, despite what others say, I will continue to camp at Abyssals.




Hell, I even pie'd for under 100 Demons, because I wanted to try killing them (got a Whip at 82 Slayer, wasn't trying). If someone had told me not to, I would have asked for a valid reason.


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The same issues are going to be raised with the addition of the new slayer monster (requiring 78 slayer to kill).


I wonder how many people will complain about campers then, because there inevitably going to be thousands, considering over 100,000 people can kill them using pies and there is only going to be one location where they can be killed.




I'm fine with the idea of camping, killing over and over is comfortable and gives consistant exp and money.


If and when I come across it it annoys me, but just the point where I log off and try another world.




That said, I will probably camp the new slayer monster for awhile just because of the prospect of high valued new drops.


When I hit 85 slayer I'm unsure if I would camp Abyssal Demons..I would probably continue training slayer.


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Aside from them being an inferior method of making money, gathering charms, or getting combat experience, abyssal demons are boring in my opinion. So I could care less if people camp them.




There are more than enough abyssal demons for everyone to slay. And since I've stopped training slayer pretty much, I could care less if the price of whips goes down. although this does not appear to be happening (!).

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I tried camping but got bored of it and just went back to slayer. I hate abyssal demons actually since they take forever to kill but if people wanna do that, go right ahead. I don't really care about taking up spots since the abyssal area is mostly empty all the time.

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What he said ^




The only thing that botters me when I'm fighting abyssal demons is that some people just don't know when to hop. As said, there are plenty of spots available, so there's no need to log in and fight when there are already 4-5 people fighting. Although people have the right to be there, it gets annoying. But that has nothing to do with camping really.

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Camping is fine, but you acting like a child towards the people who tell you camping is wrong is just about as idiotic. We get you find these people arrogant or unreasonable, but making stupid comments like "TEH BEST," and "holy slayer helmets" only shows how much of a jerk you can be back.




My 2 cents.



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Camping is fine, but it's something I personally don't do because I find it boring. I, and probably others, somehow tend to look down on things we don't do ourselves. I guess you'll have to blame me for that.




What I dont get though, is people like clifford, who actually say they'd rather do homework than camping, yet they camp there for 100 whip drops and torture themselves.

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Camping is fine in my opinion. If some doesnt like that you are camping then just put them on you ignore list and go on with your camping.


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Many people camp at ankous, green dragons and such


They are never criticized because the high lvl need the drops


But at abbys, slayers get whip and try to sell because most already have one. They don't want the prices to go down


So it depends on the monster you are killing but i say it is fine to camp



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Wh-what are you people doing? He specifically wanted someone to challenge his argument, and you're agreeing with him! At least insult him! Call him a noob?




Your mother was a hamster! Much better, right?




Wait, no, I agree with you too. There's nothing wrong with camping, really. It's a mixture of xp and potential pricey drops. Of course, some people also find it fun.




I'd also love to pick a fight, but when someone specifically asks for it, you know something's wrong.







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Camping is fine, but you acting like a child towards the people who tell you camping is wrong is just about as idiotic. We get you find these people arrogant or unreasonable, but making stupid comments like "TEH BEST," and "holy slayer helmets" only shows how much of a jerk you can be back.




My 2 cents.


They don't tell you camping is wrong.


Some people even call you a camper for using a slayer mask and not a helmet.


Some even completely reject you like a cheater just for the fact that I have 3 abyssal heads and my slayer is still 85.


Shame that none of these decided to show up yet......I could name a few, but unfortunately, this forum doesn't allow it.

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I've been doing alot of slayer lately, almost level 85. The problem i'm seeing is alot of places are constantly packed. I'm not sure if all these people are on a task or if their camping. I have no problems with camping, i just wish there was more monsters to train on. Through all the frustration of dealing with spot stealers and what not i came up with a possible solution.


Jagex should add an spot of slayer monsters that can only be killed while on a task. This would allow people to camp where they want, but give slayer trainers a place that they can train without hassle.

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I am one of your so-called "camper haters." I hope to break your stereotype of why people dislike campers. First, a little background information - I am 99 melees, range, magic, prayer, and summoning with 2142 total. I am level 91 slayer and have tried both slayer and camping in the past. I am also a proud member of TSG, The Slayer's Guild, in which our favorite skill is Slayer. I am more concerned for the success and balancing of the Slayer skill than for my personal wealth, as current drops do not make any significant impact on my bank.




On a personal level, I dislike many of the campers I meet, but I obviously cannot speak for all campers, because I'm sure there are some great people there just as there are some truly awful people in the Slayer community. Many campers will log in and just take a spot from those Slaying. Since they are not training another skill in addition to combat, they have less to lose from reduced exp and seem to find amusement in being a complete jackass to someone who asks politely to share or hop. Also, many campers use less than ideal gear and refuse suggestions. These are a few of the initial reasons you may see "camper-hating" from slayers.




But the main problem I see is that the system doesn't discourage camping. At the risk of sounding like a Jagex employee, the Slayer skill's purpose is to add an incentive for players to use different training spots and to loosen the load on more popular training spots. With modern weaponry and armor and the influx of gold, 85 slayer has become a quite easy level to obtain. If the incentive to keep training the skill stops a quarter of the way through it, I think that points to a poor design. I honestly want the slayer skill to succeed, and the mountain of people stacked at level 85 suggests that intervention is needed - and that intervention has never come. It is irrational to be angry at the campers themselves, and so I instead direct most of my frustration towards a lack of decent high-level Slayer updates (Smoking Kills was helpful, but universal).




There are many solutions to this problem. The best would be to indeed make rare drops increase with Slayer level, but it is far too late to implement that idea. The next best would be to make the drop rate of rare items increase on task - I think it is not too late for this. The obvious would be to add higher level monsters (87/88 or 92+). A more extreme fix would be to add these monsters with a drop only gained on task - to compensate for this advantage, the item could even be untradable. But clearly we need something to motivate the mass of campers which currently rests at 85, not in the 70s where the new slayer creature is placed.




Implementing these changes would end an unfortunate side effect on the market. You can't honestly tell me that the price of whips should truly be 1.4m and dark bows 800k. Both are vastly underpriced for their benefit in my opinion, and I think their price deserves to be bumped up at least a little without lowering Slayer's incentive to train. On a side note, boots up to rune should be made f2p to keep the market for them stable. This will increase the profit of slaying uncamped monsters. Remember, with some of the changes being suggested, this would keep profits for campers steady while increasing the profits of people actually training the Slayer skill. I think that a well-designed skill should entice players to train it.




I hope I've proved that the frustration of many Slayers at campers is really a frustration at how the Slayer skill is designed. The changes that you wrote off as ludicrous could be successfully implemented. When you consider the two objectives that the Slayer skills aims for (competitive exp to traditional training methods while providing decent profit), I hope you can see the grains of reason behind our want for an anti-camper update. It isn't hatred for campers the vast majority of time that pushes the Slayer's point of view. It's a desire to keep the Slayer skill profitable and on the same pillars that it was designed to rest upon. If higher-leveled Slayer creatures become too much of a popular training spot, it is time for a change that can only come from Jagex.

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I feel pretty lame replying after Jettrider because my post will be much shorter and his post reflects a lot of preoccupation to a number of high level slayers.




Camping is by all means a matter of choice, you can either train combat through slayer all the way, or camp at several monsters (waterfiends for charms, green dragons for money, armored zombies for xp and abby demons... for balanced training). Of course, filling the upper level of slayer tower makes the slayer angry (fairy rings code ALR seems better IMO...), but everyone has the right to fight what they want.




I respect the fact that you are doing what the hell you want, but in my perspective, a camper is a lazy player that just sits his hero in a place and just kills stuff. I met a ton of campers who would stay there for hours (without banking herbs and gems, without getting more potions when they would run out....talk about lack of efficiency). Yeah it is generalizing for all based on a couple cases, but that's how it looks from my perspective.




Adding a couple more monsters to the most crowded ones who solve a lot of friction between players though... kalphites and abby demons are the first to come to mind.



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