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Community Spotlight ~ Tip.it Events Team

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Welcome to the Community Spotlight!




This is a chance to get a behind the scenes look at a specific branch of the Tip.it Staff. This one is all about your one and only Tip.it Events Team, a team filled with a rich history of smiles and great times.




Join as we take a tour through some of the great things this group can do. We'll start with a fictional story, something each of our Team Members write up for each event. This one is extra special because it is a record holding longest TET Fictional Story. It's a long read, but trust me, it's worth it. We will then learn how a normal event comes around, maybe even a look into how some of our bigger events come into the picture. Next is an interview, questions asked by your admins. You never know what kind of craziness can happen within these walls. We will then end it was a video collage, showing off some of the fun to be had at the events we put on and even a blast from the past from some of our older yet memorable events. We even put a little surprise on the end of the Community Spotlight for you to enjoy.




So I hope you enjoy this once in a lifetime chance to see just a bit of how things behind the scenes here at the Tip.it Events Team. At the bottom, you will find a list of helpful links that will lead you to some important topics for your future reading pleasure. Thank you for allowing us to showcase just a little bit of our team and I hope you enjoy all our hard work put into this production.




On behalf of the whole Tip.it Events Team: Past, Present, and Future; "Bring on the Fun!"








[hide=Fictional story]Barlie and the event factory




The alarm clock sighed from the bed-side table a ring of tired noise. Barlie Chucket (who for legal reasons was nothing like Charlie Bucket) turned in his bed, only to turn back again and fall into peaceful slumber. Minutes after he had nodded off, he again awoke to remember today was the day. For such a misfortunate boy, whom didnt have the world at his feet like some children, Barlie had been very fortunate this past week. On the eve of his birthday, Barlie had discovered a hidden golden train-ticket (which was nothing like any normal golden ticket whatsoever) in his bar of chocolate. Barlie, being part of only a small family with little wealth, only could afford one chocolate bar per year, on his birthday. It didnt help that he invested all of his money into Northern Rock savings accounts, either. What fortune that this one, tasty unbrandedchocolatebarforlegalreasons would contain the ticket of a life time.


Barlie rushed out from under the bed covers as if a spider had been let loose, and strolled to the wardrobe in a manner hed never experienced before. Still, his reasons for the spring in his step were transparent; for upon the ticket lay a message which would have knocked out the toughest of men.


Dear fortunate reader,


Congratulations, I shake you warmly by the foot. If youre reading this; I invite you to join me and my team in the amazing event factory. You are allowed to bring one person with you, and only one. Youll be spending the day walking around on a tour with the team seeing all there is to see in our factory of wonder and magic! Each participant will also receive a lifetimes worth of free events, and one lucky child will be able to win an extra special secret prize at the end of the tour! Meet at the gates at 10:00am SHARPISH, on the 1st February.




Your good friend, Mirry Monka




THE FIRST OF FEBRUARY?! Thats today! Grandpa Chucket cried, Hurry up boy, no time to waste! Brush your hair, polish your shoes, clean the mud off your trousers and fetch the cat in!


It all sounds a little too odd for me exclaimed Mrs. Chucket, Mirry Monka? Sounds like a nutter


Hes the owner of the events factory, mum! Barlie explained.


Oh, that explains it all His mum chuckled. You can go, but youll need someone responsible to go with you.


PICK ME, PICK ME! Barlies brother, Dominic screamed, whilst hanging from the roof.


Somehow I think nothow about Grandpa? Mrs. Chucket suggested. So the pair set off to the factory, little knowing it would be a day to remember.




The pair were greeted at the factory gates by a vast crowd of people; children, adults, grandparents, clownfish, the lotAll wanting to get a glimpse of Mirry Monkas amazing event factory. The pair of Chuckets clambered their way through to the front of the gates, and stood in line with what looked like the other four lucky ticket winners.


The names Veruka Sock a snotty-nosed girl butted in. If you think youre going to win that prize, you have another thing coming.


Nice to meet you too Barlie retorted. The other children took Verukas rude opportunity to introduce themselves;


Mike Teebags the name, gamings the game. Its all about the strategy, baby.


Violet No-regard. I dont care for anything or anyone, especially not YOU.


Augustus Glum, here to depress your day.


Hello all, my names Barlie he politely replied. The children didnt care less, as they stood staring at the Iron Gate into the factory waiting for it to open. At the toll of 10, music rang out from the speakers above, as the gates creaked open. A Mix-tape almost of pre-arranged song lyrics rang out from the speakers. Ne-yos come closer sounded, so the group edged forwards, as the gates quickly shut behind them to stop the crowd from getting in.


*STOP! IN THE NAMEEEE OF LOVE!* the speakers sounded. The group stopped in front of the 300 foot tall factory, gazing up waiting for the next instruction.


*TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT* rang out, so the group shuffled to the left slightly.


*ONE HOP THIS TIME! ONE HOP THIS TIME! SLIIIIIDE TO THE LEFT*. The group, puzzled yet eager, followed the instructions with odd looks on their faces.


*ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE, SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES!* The group grimaced, but a restful voice came over the speaker to calm them at the right moment.


WHOA, Calm down there Mrs. Glum! I dont think anyone wants to see THOSE at 10 in the morning! Sorry about that, had the speakers on shuffleIll be down in a second!.


The seemingly strange man ran down from the top of the factory at blinding speed, down to the doors of the factory to greet the group. The group stood patiently staring at the doors after the clumsy noise of the man coming down the factory subsided. Not too long after; the doors swung open and a dazzling light shone onto the group, almost blinding them. A Voice rang out from the angelic beam;




The group stepped forward into the light, and were envelopedas the doors to the event factory shut behind them.




The groups eyes adjusted to the light change in the grand hallway of the event factory. Around them; high glossy red drapes dangled from the ceiling, torches lined the walls, and a royal blue carpet lead the seemingly long distance to a grand oak door at the other end of the hallway. To their left; portraits of all the workers in the factorytheir right; an empty front desk. Embraced by the fabulous interior, the group had forgotten their eccentric little host. A Tall man stood as the factories principal leader, the legendary Mirry Monka. Wearing a red top hat with white goggles, he stood in a proud stance. Topped with a pristine red jacket, purple shirt and his red trousers and bow-tie, Mirry Monka looked the spitting image of someone who was very excited to have people visiting his factory.


Ladies and gentleman! Welcome to the factory! How do you do, how do you do, how do you do do do! I am Mirry Monka, owner of the event factory! Today, I shall guide you around the biggest factory in the world, taking in all there is to see and more. Before we start, do we have any questions?


Is your name REALLY Mirry Monka? Barlie asked.


No my dear boy, I have to keep my real identity secret! Mirry replied.


Whats your real identity then? Augustus Glum asked.


Mirrorforced! Oh, DANG IT Mirrorforced answered, feeling quite stupid. Oh well, the cats out of the bag nowGET IT?!? CAT?! BAG?! He continued.


ARE YOU A PSYCHO? Veruka questioned.


Dear girl, were ALL psychos here in the event factory! BWAHA! Mirrorforced replied.


Sowhys there no-one at the front desk..? Mike Teebag asked. The group looked at the seemingly empty front desk, when out jumped an outwardly strange individual. Topped with what looked like a farmers hat and some strange peasant outfit, the man lined up in front of the guests.


HELLOHELLOHELLO, HOW DO YOU DO ONE AND ALL? I am Dalcyte; the master of paperwork, The Adonis of formsthe wizard of words! I require you all to sign in; in case of a fire hazard, damage to property, heads explodingyour standard proceduresthe sheet is here on the desk, hop to now! Paper doesnt wait all day! The guests, still bemused by the strange man, hurriedly began to sign their names on the sheet of paper, wanting to explore more of this weird yet wondrous place. After the last member had signed, Mirror waved them on to the end of the corridor to the grand oak door.


This, ladies and gentleman, is one of the best and greatest rooms of all time. Inside is full of wonder and amazementits what keeps the event factory running. Before we step inside though, I must warn you NOT to touch anything. Understood? Mirror announced. The group nodded, impatient to step inside. He then opened the doors with the key from his chain, and let the group in.




ITS AMAZING Barlie said.


ITS FANTABULOUS! Grandpa Chucket commented.


ITSBeer Mike noted. For around them, everything was shining gold. The grass of the indoor meadows was gold, made from what smelled like yeastthe trees were gold with their beer glasses dangling down from the branchesand the river that ran through the meadowpure alcohol. The group looked in awe, as Mirror explained the room.


This is one of the many ways we get around the factory, as well as where we harvest the beer, freshly grown from the best beer maker in town. This is what we thrive on, and where often some of our best ideas come from in our drunken state.


So whos the best beer maker in town, Mirror? Barlie asked. Like a hawk to the bait, the seemingly drunk beer maker appeared from behind a treecarrying an empty beer glass. Oddly enough, for such a manly drink, Barlie hadnt expected this female standing before him.


PLEASH TO MEET YOU, SIRS AND MADAMS! I amsh Sophia, the mosht amashing beer maker in the world! *Hic* Welcome to my factory! Sophia greeted herself.


Im afraid shes a bittipsy. Mirror commented. Remember who your boss is, Sophia.


Schrew you, Mirrorfworced! Sophia commented, then tumbled into the river in her drunken state.


SOMEONE MUST SAVE THE BEER! Mirror shouted. Then, seeing Sophia had been picked up by the boat coming along the river, Mirror hurries the guests along to board the boat, made from beer barrels and rope.


Come on now, you dont want to miss the ride! Mirror announced. The guests sat in rows, facing the direction of travel.


LOOK AT ALL ZE BEER! Augustus Glum shouted greedily. Its a well known fact Germans cant RESIST beer.


PLEASE KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THE SUPPLY! Mirror screamed. HUMAN HANDS CONTAMINATE THE BATCH!. Augustus dived into the river, hungrily trying to consume as much beer as possible.


OH NOES MUMMZY, I FORGOT I CANT SCHWIM! He cried out. He flailed his arms in the river of rich beer, before being sucked under the surface.




Ah, fear not Mrs. Glumthat will be the harvesting pipes. They harvest the beer every so often to be sent away to the ideas machine, your boy is safe. Mirror answered. The group turned around hearing an un-recognizable voice coughing behind them, and located the owner. A tall, bearded man stood at the helm of the barrel boat, wearing a dark blue sailors outfit, topped with white hat.




Ignore him, hes gone mental from the beer fumes Mirror explained.


I DONT SUFFER FROM INSANITY! I THOROUGHLY ENJOY IT. Now, lets get this cruise on the way! Where to, Mirry?! he asked.


Take us to the idea machine please, you old fool. Mirror ordered. The boat lurched from side to side, as if Sophia had tried climbing onto the side of the boat. Then, with sudden force, it sped off into the tunnel ahead of them at an alarming pace. All around the walls were TV screens, lighting up the tunnel with advertisements for some of the greatest events taken place. As they got further into the dark tunnel, the amount of screens lessened, until the group and boat were plunged into darkness.


SWITCH ON THE LIGHTS, PLEASE! Mirror shouted. The river of beer illuminated golden, to light up the tunnel. The group could now see they were traveling uphill in a pink tunnel, and were almost at the top.


Heyhas anyone noticed the driver is facing the wrong way? Mike noted. The group turned to face their crazy captain, and agreed he was facing the way theyd come.


How can you drive without looking the right way? Veruka queried.


I cant was simply how Mumm Ra replied. Theres no knowing where were going! He cackled, out of control. The boat leveled now into a huge cavern, where 3 routes lay, one staying level, the second leading upwards, and the other going downhill. Almost magically, the boat decided to follow the down slope tunnel. The beer was much more violent here, and the boat banged and bounced against the sides of the tunnel, almost knocking out the passengers.


MUHAHAHAHAHA! The captain screamed as the boat continued its out of control course.


YOURE GOING TO KILL US ALL! Violet screeched. The boat leveled off into another cavern, but was picking up speed fast. In this cavern, ahead of them lay a huge gushing waterfall, which looked like a sheer drop.


TURN US AROUND NOW! Mike insisted.


WERE GOING TO BE JUST FINE, YOULL ALL SEE! BWAHAAAA! Mirror screeched too. It seemed the two men had become even more insane, as the boat accelerated towards the drop. The group held onto the sides of the boat, as they sensed imminent death. At the highest pitch of screams yet, the boat lurched over the side of the waterfall, and plummeted what seemed a good thousand feet. The beer plunging from the top of the waterfall engulfed the boat in its descent, until eventually the boat neared the bottom of the drop. All was lost for the group, whilst their captains cackled. All of a sudden, the boat hit the floor, but more gracefully than expected. Thousands and thousands of fluffy pillows lay at the bottom of the waterfall of beer, in place of a plunge pool. The boat sank into them, laying gently harming no-one on board. The group stood up to observe their surroundings, before they were surprised by Mirrors words.


Wellwasnt that a barrel of laughs? He questioned.


You almost got us killed! Veruka replied.


Steady on now child, youre alive arent you? Now, follow me! Mirror proclaimed, and jumped off the boat to land on more fluffy pillows below him, till he reached the hard surface of the underground cavern they were now in. The group jumped down behind him, and followed him through the cold underground. Not before too long, the group were engulfed by warm air.


Aha, were here! Mirrorforced claimed. In front of them was a large metallic door, giving off warm steam from the crevices near to the frame. Mirror pulled open the door, and walked the group into the idea machine.




In front of them lay a huge room, possibly once a giraffe and elephant container by its size. In the room was a seemingly small computer with a larger vat beside it, hooked up. From the vat, a long metal tube ran up to the ceiling, where it wired and contorted around itself, covering the entire ceiling. From the end of this extremely long tube, its end lay at the other side of the room, and connected up from the ceiling to another machine on the floor. On this machine lay lots of levers, dials and buttons, as well as a lot of cables leading from the back. The mountain of cables connected round to what, to the groups surprise, was a hamster wheel the size of a house. Inside it looked like a typical hamster cage, set with wheel (which is what the cables hooked to), water bottle and food tray. The only thing missing was the hamster. Standing in awe, the group turned around to meet the crazy looking scientist that stood there. With the longest hair youd ever see for a man, Deejay; the name printed on his lab coat wore completely whiteeven gloves.


Hello all, welcome to the idea machine! Heres where our great ideas come from Deejay addressed the group.


So youre the genius behind the events factory, Mr. Deejay? Barlie asked.


No no no, dear child! I just process the thoughts! He replied.


So who comes up with the ideas? Mike asked. Deejay look over to the hamster cage, which had now started to rattle. The group peered inside the cage to see a hatch opening. Expecting the door to reveal a comically large hamster, the group were shocked when out came a human. Wearing seemingly normal clothes, the human looked completely sanetill a closer look revealed more.




The human suddenly got down on all fours, and nibbled at the ground.


This, deejay proclaimed is Zaid. He is the mastermind behind the events.. Zaid [puncture]ed his ears up at his name, and then went back to his hamstery habits.


He doesnt look verygenius Violet insulted.


He is the highest of high, the boffin of boffins, the big cahuna, the camels nuts of eventing. Watch dear children, as we work him to the bone to produce something of top quality! Deejay walked on over to the cage, tapped three times and drew the attention of Zaid.


Someone pick an event type Deejay asked the group.


ACTION! Mike screamed out before anyone had the chance.


Very well, ZAID! Deejay shouted, ACTION!. The curious hamster man jumped at the word, then fell silent for about 5 minutes.


What he doing? Barlie asked. His reply was cut short, when Zaid screamed out YOU MUST GIVE ME THE RING FRODO!. He ran on over to the wheel, and put on a helmet. He ran as fast as he could, screeching lord of the rings quotes whenever he had breath. His helmet seemed to light up, illuminating the hamster wheel with it. The cables attached to the wheel sparked furiously, and suddenly shot bolts of different colours up them, through the maze of pipes at the top down into the machine. The room was lit beyond belief with the array of colours, whilst Zaid still span, screaming Gandalf at the top of his lungs. Suddenly, the small computer flicked to life with dozens of words being generated at once, all in random array. When the computer bleeped, Zaid stopped spinning and slumped to the floor, exhausted. Deejay signaled the others to follow him to the computer, and they gathered around to see him working busily at the words.


Here, he said is an event, every thing that goes into it you see before you now, randomly mixed up. Deejay looked rather proud with his pet, whilst it got up to feed from the Beer filled water dispenser.


Where is Veruka? Mirror pondered. All of a sudden, a noise came from the hamster cagethe group looked around to see Veruka climbing in.


IM GOING TO STEAL ALL THE IDEAS THROUGH THIS HAMSTER! She screamed, edging forwards to Zaid. Zaid backed into a corner, as the group ran towards the cage. Zaid turned onto Veruka, and began hissing at her. Behind them, the group turned around to see the wires going crazy, electric sparks shooting out of them, before the computer exploded and the room went black. They stood in the blackness for 15 seconds, before power was restored to the room. The group turned to the Hamster cage whilst deejay ran to his precious computer, and saw only Zaid sat contently in the Hamster cage.


Whered she Mike speculated, before Zaid happily burped, and went over to the wheel.


MY CHILD! Mrs Sock screamed.


Fear not dear, well get her out of there as soon as possible! Mirror calmed.


Oh dearthe machine has broke down! Deejay squealed. I think the information was sent off to the sorting room, however! He excited.


Thank god, another event down Mirror said.


Cant you fix the machine, Mr Deejay? Barlie asked.


Dont be silly child, Im not a magician! He shouted.


Shame, Mirror exclaimed I was planning on emailing for someone to bring the car around to pick us up.


Oh, dont worry about transport Deejay said, and lifted his arms and magically teleported the group to another door.




Dont be silly, childhes a wizard. Mirror answered.




The group gathered around this new door, cyan in colour. Mirror opened the door and led the group into the new room. They were greeted by a small oval shaped office, in which lay 5 computers in a circle, with 5 workers busily typing away. Above the workers was a walk-rail, onto which the boss could observe progress.


Hello there! Welcome to sorting! The man on the walk rail shouted down, with a slight Australian twang. Come on up and join me! he invited. The group hopped up the steps, still watching the workers below, eyes fixated on the screen, to greet their host.


Hello one and all, I am Supa Davishead of sorting here! I keep everyone in shape, or else He says, emphasizing or else to the workers below, who suddenly picked up their typing speed.


Whatre they doing, Mr. Davis? Barlie asked.


Theyre sorting the random words from the idea machine into 5 categories; Story, time, place, rewards and content. Doomsavenger is on Place; picking out words to do with the start locationsCalcarbs getting the story down, Tacodudes working on time, Starman on content and Smavey on rewards. Each of the members waved up to the group after their name had been said. From here, the event will get texted into a basic format, then will be sent off to the shop for colouring and design. He continued.


Sowhats in this event? Violet asked.


I couldnt possibly tell you child, its top secret, valid information Supa claims.


I dont care Violet protested, I want to see. She ran down the steps towards the workers, who continued working at a faster pace now.


NO CHILD, DONT GO IN- Mirror screamed, but it was too late. The workers all pressed enter one after the other, and the computers connected with a great electrical force, stunning Violet to the point of unconsciousness.


WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?! Mr. Noregard squealed.


Fear not, Smavey said Shes merely paralyzed, though well have to wheel her off to the hospital immediately. Two men came in with a body bag and knives.


Ah, Crusader and Shadow will take care of her! Supa laughed.


Why are they putting her on oxyg- Barlie started


NOTHING HAPPENED, PLEASE LEAVE THIS ROOM! Supa screeched, as they were hurried outside whilst Crusader lifted her onto the stretcher.




Now then, on with the tour! How many of us are left? Ohit seems just 2 children, odd. Mirror claimed. Mike and Barlie stood, staring each other downwanting to be the winner of the grand prize.


HmmI think well take the great glass elevator this time! Mirror shouted. As soon as the words had left his lips, Deejay came running down the corridor like a madman, screamed some magic words at the group to envelop the glass elevator around them, then ran off with his arms flailing in the air.


Boom. Roasted. Commented Mirror. This is the glass elevator, it goes to every room in the factory, it goes in any direction you can Imagine! Exasperated Mirror.


OH! The children squealed.


Except left Mirror continued.


Oh The children sighed.


Ok, Off to the shop! Mirror said, whilst pressing one of the many buttons on the wall. The glass elevator zoomed off past many rooms, the kitchenEvil Mumm Ras bedroom, TET points bank, the costume room and more, before arriving firmly at a door stained with multicoloured paint.


Ah, here we are! The shop! Mirror exclaimed, and let the children inside. They were greeted by a single computer in the corner of the room, which was mapped out by whitecovering all the walls and floors. As the group stood in the blindingly white room, a door opened to the left of them, unnoticed by the group. Two men; one wearing a bright pink tuxedo, black shirt and pink tie, the other dressed in Bob the builder style overalls.


Ah, hello all. The man in the pink suit addressed them. My names Omnitec and Im head of the shop, this heres Dark Aura. Here is where we put the finishing touches to the event text, adding colour and graphics to really spruce up each event! If youd like to follow me over to the computer, I believe weve just been sent a sorted event. Omnitec lead the group over to the corner, whilst Dark left the room, to come back a few seconds later with painting utensils.


If youll look on the screen, youll see the event that was just sorted. Dont look too in depth though, its secret. Now, if I just Omnitec typed in a phrase on the keyboard, and the bony event text flickered magically onto the white walls around them.


Aha, lets get to work, Aura Omnitec shouted. He picked up a load of paint pots, brushes and mixing palettes. Then, with a flash, Omnitec and Aura darted around the room at blinding speed, almost quicker than lightpainting everywheregreat masterpieces to accompany the even greater event. They dashed and darted at incredible speeds, and had finished the entire thing within 5 minutes.


Well that was a bit slow, sorry Omnitec remarked, almost sarcastically.


Thats bloody marvelous! Grandpa Chucket commented.


We try our best! Aura stated proudly.


Excuse me child, what are you doing? Omnitec said, turning around to see Mike destroying the graphics.


The only way to win is to rule out all competition! Ill destroy all the work thats gone into this! he cackled. Omnitec calmly pulled out a freeze gun, and aimed it at Mike. With a pull of the trigger, the boy froze in his tracks, and fell to the floor.


YOU SHOT MY SON! Mr. Teebag screamed.


I only froze him, everything's fine. Omnitec replied calmly.


HES DEAD, THATS NOT FINE! Teebag replied. Omnitec raised the freeze gun towards Mr. Teebag.


I think youll find I said hes perfectly fine, Mr. Teebag Omnitec said, cocking the gun mid sentence.


I think its time we got out of here, Mirror said. Quickly, Mr. Chucket and Barlie! He continued, running through the door. They passed in through the door towards the great glass elevator, before another sound from the freeze gun rang out, followed by a murmur of Now thats what I call graphic.




Right then Mirror says On with the tour?..


Mr Monka Grandpa Chucket says Barlies the only boy left


Really? Mirror asked Oh dear heavens, my child! Congratulations! Youve won Mirry Monkas special prize! He squealed. We have one last room to see before the tour is done, however. He continued. He then pressed a button, and the elevator zoomed off to another room.




They stepped out of the elevator to be greeted by a large door, made from LED lights covering its panels; some were lit up to spell TV ROOM. The group, now a trio, walked in to be greeted by the most normal of rooms yet. Inside was a couch, extremely large television screen, what seemed to be a film camera and a computer. Everything was completely covered in red, also. A man wearing some strange sci-fi glasses ran towards them, carrying heaps of red goggles.




Why would our eyes roast? Barlie asked.


Because my body is so fiery. The man eventually joked. Anywho, I am Den Usynlige, chief of the TV room. Here, we take the finished event, and put it on the screen you see before us. From that screen, we advertise our events across the nations television sets using the satellite on top of the factory. Den claimed.


Why does the television need to be so big? Grandpa Chucket asked.


Ah, thats the catch Den explained. You see, the bigger the screen, the easier it is to accommodate the event go-er.


Pardon? Barlie asked, extremely confused.


Take a look Den invited, running over to the computer screen. Heres the finished event, fully completed and ready for shipping, but now we just need to advertise it. So, I look over the content, and come up with an advertisement for the television. I create the video, and then test it on the screen from the projector above the materialiser; the camera type thing you see pointing at the screen. Then, when thats done he explained, before flipping on a switch which projected the video hed worked on for this event earlier. we turn on the materialiser, which is hooked up to the TV and Satellite, and The materialiser whirred at the press of a button, and a beam of green light shone at the screen. The video restarted, as the green light enveloped the video. When the video had finished its run through, the cables leading up through the roof glowed green, sending the signal up to the satellite. The signal then came back down through separate cables, back into the television, completing the circuit. The beam then cut out, and all was silent again.


Sowhat did that do, Mr. Usynlige? Barlie asked.


Well, step into the television and have a look Den encouraged. Barlie, thinking hed reached the height of insanity long ago in this factory with nothing to lose, stepped towards the TV screen, and cautiously pushed his hand against it. It sank into the TV screen, so he pressed his face through to take a look. Inside was a bare white room, similar to that of the shop. Barlie came back out of the TV, and stood in awe.


One question, he asked. Why is the room bare?


My dear boy! Den said, Thats where the event will be, but its not been built yet. You see the point? Youd be watching at home, when an advert for a TET event comes on.and all you have to do is step into your TV to get there! Simple genius! Den squealed.


I think we better be heading off now Den, Mirror butted inIts getting late and the tour must finish.. With that, the trio headed out of the room, waving goodbye to den and stepped into the glass elevator.


Why did you show me that last room, Mirrorforced? Barlie asked.


Ah, Mirror responded, pressing another button on the elevator, sending them on an upwards course. I Didnt. I wanted to show you to Den. Hell be your mentor.


Pardon? Barlie asked, curiously.


You see Barlie, my time as dictator is coming to an endand I want YOU to become the new leader of the event factory as the special prize! Mirror squealed.


Ohmygod Barlie squealed. His long life dream was to own the factory, now the prize was his. Why are we traveling up by the way, Mirrorforced? he asked. The elevator was traveling up at amazing speed, coming towards the glass ceiling which led outside.




Ive always wanted to press that button Mirror explained Just hold on, and well be fine. The elevator accelerated towards the ceiling, and Barlie covered his eyes in terror. Suddenly, the elevator stopped in mid air. Barlie opened his eyes, and looked down to see Deejay firing a bolt of magic at the elevator, which had suspended it in the air. Around him, dozens of police men and others in white coats stood and stared. With a hint of nonchalance, Deejay gently brought the elevator back to the ground.




Were putting you away for good Mirror, you tried to kill all the visitors. Replied Deejay. Barlie will run our factory now.


Youll never win! NOT BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL! MWAHAHAHAHA! Mirror screamed, as the men in white coats strapped him to a wheelchair after tying him up in a straight jacket. Suddenly, one of the police men took off his hat, and stripped off his clothes.


BWAHA! the policemen screeched, IT IS I, EVIL MUMM RA! THE MOST NOTORIOUS PIRATE IN THE WORLD! COME TO FREE MY FRIEND MIRRORFOR- He continued, before being struck in the head with the truncheon of another police officer, then was also tied up to a wheelchair.


Now bake em away, toys! Deejay announced, as the men in white coats wheeled the pair off. So Barlie was crowned the leader of the event factory, and ran the most amazing events youd ever saw, and learned an awful lot. But, what have YOU learned? The moral of this story is;


Never insult the events, whether they are the graphics or the mistakes.


Never try to get pre-event information by bugging the staff, we won't give it to you!


Never try steal ideas from others.


Oh, and dont touch our beer.




The end.




(Note; TET do not condone the violence or killing of small children, only rabbits and other small fluffy creatures. No event hosts were harmed in the making, and all the children were rescued by Barlie in the end. Oh, and Evil Mumm Ra got some new clothes.)[/hide]






[hide=Event creation story]Events We all love them, don't we? They're great, and fun, and sometimes really random. Sometimes they don't go so well, and some people get disappointed, but thankfully that's not so often. Most of the time you come to an event, and enjoy yourself, have a good time. But have you ever wondered how events come to existence? What is the mystery behind the creation of events?




It all starts with an idea. Somewhere deep in the mind of a TET member, an idea is born. The TET member thinks about it, he tries to plan it out, and hopefully he will know what it should look like by the time he tells the rest of the team about it.




In the secret TET forums there is an event idea forum. In this forum we keep all the events that have been written up, but we haven't used them yet. The TET member will create a new topic in this forum, in which he will write up his idea using the event form. At this point, other team members will read the topic, and post their thoughts on the event, or suggest new features or activities. The suggestions are discussed, and some are implemented.




Every month the TET team creates a calender. We have to fill every Saturday in the month, which can sometimes be a challenge. When a host thinks that the event is ready, he posts in the calendar planning thread. When the planning is done, and we have the month filled with fun events, a leader moves the selected events to the approved events subforum.




In this subforum, the events are once again discussed, in order to make sure that they are ready for hosting. If the host requires help from other members, then he asks for volunteers to help out. Sometimes we need costume contest judges or hiders, and sometimes a co-host is needed. When all the work is done, the validators do their work.




Who are validators you say? You really don't know? Well, validators are TET members who are entrusted with the task of making our events look professional. They do the spelling checks, grammar checks, content checks, money checks, bomb checks, and any other checks you can think of. They are also in charge of planning out the events for the following month, and they make sure that everything is up and running and ready for posting.




Said validator checks the event, and reposts it in the same thread, with any mistake fixed. When the current week is over, and the event hosted, the host of next weeks event posts his event in the public forums. Sometimes we can't post the event right away, but it's always for a good reason.




When the host posts the event, he also has to post the details of the event in another thread, and the leaders update the website database, so that people can read about it on the website. Once all that is done, it is the hosts duty to check his topic frequently in order to answer any question that might arise.




After the event is over, the host has to post the aftermath thread. You think it's over? Nope. There's still some work to do. The host has to post on the points thread in the private forums, so that the leaders can update the public highscore list. With that, the event is done, and we can move on to the next event.




You've read only about a glimpse of what we do. Special events require far more preparation, work, resources and time. There's a whole lot of behind the scenes work that has to be done, but you'll never even know someone did it. Some things are so simple that you don't even think someone needs to do them, but without them, the team can not function normally. We're constantly working on new projects that will be revealed in the future. One of these projects is the Community Spotlight you're reading right now.




Finally, I hope you've learned something about the team, and how we work. Next time when you're at an event, think about the effort and time that's been put into that event. There is but one thing that we ask of you for our work. Have fun! It's the only thing that we need to continue doing our jobs. If you're having fun, we're doing our job well. So don't forget our motto. Bring on the fun![/hide]




[hide=Sneak peek]As an addition to this story, we're giving you a sneak peek of the TET forums!


It may not seem like much, but within these forums, all the great ideas are hatched here. If we find some more pictures to add, well we will go ahead and add them here. Who knows what other sneak peaks could show up. ;)














[hide=Team interview]Hi guys, thanks for being part of the community spotlight.








Mirrorforced: Thanks I guess, it might be a bit hard to answer as theres a lot of us herewe dont know where to start!




(The team laughed)


Den Usynlige: Were not used to formality, as you may have realized by the craziness that goes on around here.




Supa_Davis: Especially Zaid!




(The team laughed again)




Zeddude: Oi:(




Haha! So, to start things offwhen was your first TET event?




Mirrorforced: Ill start I suppose. I wanted to join TET after attending some events with the old group. I went on PK trips, some invasions. The main one that got me was the Shiva Tribute Slayer Tower Event. This event is one that will go down with me to the grave. Just seeing the forums coming together for the loss of a loved one just showed how much there was to be offered.




SupaDavis: I remember when I first started visiting tip.it, I saw on the front page, a post about Honest being kidnapped, and I was like WAH?!?!? And so I followed the thread for that. Anyway, when I saw that TET was doing a castle wars event, I thought "Wow, I wonder what it'll be like?" and so my first ever event was a Castle Wars event with the Tet. Then, when I was browsing the Tet forums, I noticed a thread that had the title "TETAU" and I thought "Wow, TETAU, that must be Aussie!" Anyway, I can't remember what the event was, but I went to it, and started going to them, and I thought "Wow, the people who make these are pretty cool!" and I visited them for awhile, (by the way this happened about Feb 07, yes I did join up so I could see the TET forums... and access the chat...) anyway, this went on for awhile, until the great recruitment drive of 07'.




Cool. So did you all join by recruitment drives?




Starman945: I had signed up to the TETAU Recruitment Drive, and was lucky to be picked..... Actually, TET is the main reason I joined Tip.it.




Supa Davis: When they posted the recruitment drive, I thought, "cool, for a joke, I'll submit one, and if I get in, bonus!" So I submitted one, with Guthix vs. Zaros as my event (Which, to this day, was still my favorite TET/AU event of all time), and thought there was no way I could get accepted. Then one day, I got home from school, and I had got in. I was in shock, anyway, long story short, I'm here now, and I LOVE IT! Seriously, Tip.it is the best fansite I've ever been on, and tet is definitely my favorite group of people, It's not like any other clan I've been in, everyone here knows everyone else, and the friendships I've made while in TET/AU are amazing <33 love you guys! Love you TET!




(The team hugged Supa, before someone shouted PILE ON!)




Den Usynlige: Sheynara told me about a recruitment drive. I signed up for it and got told a while later that I had been picked.




Dark Aura: I went for 2 Recruitment over the past 2 years, both Failing till a few weeks after. Mirror-Nub asked me to Join TETAU which I gratefully accepted.




So you can get asked? Nifty. Why did you decide to say yes then?




Tacodude20: Well I always loved going to the events and I learned I loved making them from TET Guest Event Threads so i decided joining the team would be great!




Deejay_Hr: Back in the old days, 2 and a half years ago, in January 2007, I was a newbie player, who didn't know much about Runescape at all. A friend of mine told me to check out Tip.it, since I needed some help. When I found out what I needed, I start reading a bit, and the news at the time was a post about Honest1 being kidnapped. Thinking it was something serious and wanting to help out, I clicked on the link that lead to the topic. Reading through it, I learned a bit about the fun that TET brings, and I loved it. After the Honest1 Rescue, I continued coming to events. In September 2007, I joined the team, and I've been enjoying it ever since.




Dark Aura: It's always had an interest to me, Ive loved Mini-Games since Back in Classicparticularly Castle Wars as my favorite.




Supa Davis: I decided to join TETAU, pretty much because I saw the opportunity in the Recruitment drive of 07, and grabbed it. And I haven't regretted it since!




Mirrorforced: I decided to become a part of TET when I wanted to give something back to the community for all it had done. I enjoyed being with people and just having fun in game. When I found out that I was offered a position for the Tip.it Events Team, I was ecstatic. That was all the way back from 2006 and ever since then I have enjoyed bringing on the fun for everyone.




Evil Mumm Ra: TET was the sole reason I joined Tip.it, my first posts were on the thread for the bad taste event. It looked like fun, it is fun. Once I had been to a few events, I wanted in, so I participated in a recruitment drive and was accepted.




Sophia1900: I joined Tip.it after I had been going to TET events for a while, then years later I got a pm from Shey (who was a leader at that time) asking me if I would like to join and the rest is history.




Zeddude: I decided to become a part of TET because I loved the events they made. I really enjoyed the idea of giving something to everyone and entertaining fellow Runescape players




Omnitec: I decided to join because I love the community, and wanted to help, make a difference and entertain those that show up every week who expect that. I also have A LOT of time, so I thought it would be a nice way to spend it!




Th3 Crusader: Simply To have fun and to take part of an amazing Community.




Shadow_Clawe: I loved the weekly events and viewed it as a new way of having fun in Runescape and meeting new friends




Smavey: I love Tip.it and I love hosting parties and meeting friends in Runescape - so TET is perfect for me. Actually the only reason I play rs is because of this awesome team!




Ive heard a lot about Sheynara being a leader and suchso you guys have roles? What sort of things do you all do?




Deejay_Hr: I recently became a TET leader, so I suddenly have more work, haha. We leaders have to make sure that all the events and calendars are ready on time, and we update all the public posts and the event database on Tip.it. Other than that, I'm the resident tech guy in TET.




Tacodude20: I don't really think I have a specific job, I do most things that everyone else on the team does.




Zeddude: I'm an all rounder- I think. I validate events, I make and host events, I think up new ideas, and I try to help out as much as I can.




Supa Davis: I make events and make sure that that weeks event is Post-ready (Spelling, Grammar, Times, All that kind of stuff)




Omnitec: My main job is to be your average team member. I write event ideas, host them, attend others...etc. What I do most of the time would be browsing the TET forums and commenting and adding to others' ideas. I also do a bit of graphics, like i make the points banners and the monthly Calendars. I'm also a validator.




Starman945: I'm what you call an "Event Maker". I make events, plan out ideas and such. Then I have a validator come and clean up my careless grammar.




Den Usynlige: I validate stuff and have started making boss themed events. I'm falling behind on my validating though.




Dark Aura: Not particularly, however over the past 7 years of my Gaming on Runesape it gave me an insight to organizing Events, Hosting Parties and what-not. So I like to think my Knowledge plays a rather good role here.




Evil Mumm Ra: The things I can (and do) do, are validate events, add events to the event database to be viewed on the main page, take care of things behind the scenes with the other leaders, together we work to bring people in from nominations, or sadly, we remove people for inactivity and such as well. There are many other things a leader does as well.




Smavey: I'd say my job has changed A LOT throughout my years here. Right now I'd say it's more to try to pass on my wise old advice to others (I am the only member of TET that has been around since the start!), as I don't have much time to do anything else.




Sophia1900: I'm a validator so I validate things. I also make sure we dont run out of beer.




I guess I also drink the said beer.




(The team laughed).




So with all these jobs, how long do you spend doing them per day?




Zeddude: Alot... in a week day, maybe 2 hours... but thats on and off, e.g i check if anythings been posted. Leave for something else and come back 10 mins later to post more. - In weekends maybe 2 to 3 hours... Not including event time.




Tacodude20: I'd say 1-2 hours on a week day and 2-4 hours on a event day (including helping out at an event).




Omnitec: Hmm. I'm on the computer pretty much all day when Im not at school, and Im always checking the forums for updates every 5 minutes or so...I spend the few hours that really matter at the events too, so quite alot of hours!




Th3 Crusader: 30 Minutes to 1 hour daily.




Shadow Clawe: 5-10 hours per week, depending on how busy I am.




Smavey: I'd say 15-30 minutes a week during school and 5 hours or so a week during holidays. (During school I don't even have time to sleep, let alone play video games!!)




Deejay_hr: I never tried to keep track of that. I usually post on the relevant topics, and then keep checking. Depending on my schedule for the week, I usually spend between 5 and 10 hours every week. If you count in hanging out with TET mates, then it's much more, lol.




Supa Davis: Wow... um... Depending on what has been going on, there's the TETAU event time, that's an hour, then about an hour a day, depending on how much has been going on overnight. So that would be about 5-8 hours a week If I'm creating an event, hits about 6 - 10 hours a week.




Mirrorforced: can safely say I put in about an hour a day just doing normal forum routines that I do. That would be reading new posts, giving constructive feedback, and staying communicated with others. There are some days that I just set aside a ton of time to clean the forums and attend some meetings. So on average, my week can look to be like 7-15 hours a week just on TET work. Then I have other areas of the forum that I do also attend to...so I am busy around these parts.




Starman945: I've actually been busy with looking for a college, so not enough time lately. But when Im planning an event, usually up to 3 hours a week.




Den Usynlige: I check the forums and all TET forum posts every day. Maybe 30 mins a day if I'm not working on an event or validate anything. Minimum 3 and a half hours?




Dark Aura: Usually, if I'm home the day I duck in for about 10-20 mins a day, perhaps 1-2 hours a week at most.




Evil Mumm Ra: Probably not enough currently, maybe anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on what needs to be done at the end of the week




Sophia1900: Maybe 30 mins each day and about 1 hour each weekend not counting the 1+ for each event I go to, I dont get on the PC much anymore.




So a lot of time working then :o. Is it all work, do you meet up in-game or elsewhere for fun?




Sophia1900: Yep we meet up on Runescape some times and on MSN.




Tacodude20: I chat with Omni, Deejay and Den alot on Runescape or an online chat server.




Evil Mumm Ra: I do, a few of them hang out in my clan chat, and if I see them around in Runescape Ill hang out with them for a while.




Dark Aura: Not really, since I'm new to TETAU, Ive still been bustling my goal of 99 Defence for the past 2 years which is also my First 99 Skill to be obtained, so I havent been in full contact on a non-work basis.




Den Usynlige: I'll stop and chat if I'm not busy doing something.




Deejay_hr: Of course! We all like to hang out. We have our own private chat on Tip.its IRC server, and we chat a lot on MSN. Sometimes we even meet in game at someones house, and just have fun, or we go and play a mini game together. After all, TET is all about fun, isn't it?




Starman945: Well, we have something in our cozy TET Lounge called the "Tet Games Room". Just like the games room in the Forum Games Section, we have made games that we can play with one another.




Supa Davis: Oh yeah, all the time, MSN, IRC and Runescape, and not always about events and Runescape. We have the most random and awesomely meaningful (sometimes) conversations as well. If i didn't have this kind of relationship with the other members of Tet, I don't think I could put up with being here. It would just be another boring day job.




Mirrorforced: Oh yes, I have some of the weirdest conversations on MSN with some of these guys. We don't just talk about events and Runescape, no; we are so close on a relationship level that some of these people I consider some of my good friends. We laugh and cry together with real life issues and just help each other out. If I did not keep these relationships up, I probably would get really tired of position, but they and the users make it worth it every bit.




Supa Davis: Everyone on the team is so energetic and fun, I just love messing around with them for fun, they're so funny and great.




Omnitec: Yep, I hang in our IRC chat with whoever's in there, and I keep in contact with Zaid, Supa, Soph, Den, Evil, Deejay and Mirror on MSN too. Sometimes I hang with them in game, For example, me and Soph sometimes go to Stealing creation or a PVP World. I'd probably say she would be the person i spend most time with in-game.




Th3 Crusader: I'm usually fairly quiet in game. I will talk to members and leaders occasionally.




Shadow Clawe: I keep in touch through pm whenever they happen to be in game, and occasionally we might do something together




Smavey: Yes - I've made some amazing friends through TET.




You all seem like a really close team! Well, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions today; youre an asset to the tip.it community?. Any last words?




(The team looked in deep thought, till they all had the same idea)




The Team: BRING ON THE FUN![/hide]










Youtube HD Video - This video will cause high CPU usage, to view the video in a lower quality, please click here.






The Team list; viewtopic.php?f=102&t=618677


The TET Points shop; viewtopic.php?f=102&t=793786


TET Public Guide; viewtopic.php?f=102&t=788881


A Guide to TET points + Highscores; viewtopic.php?f=102&t=775947








And as a last little gift for reading through and hopefully learning a bit about the Tip.it Events Team, we would like to give everyone a little gift or memento as a sign for your support of the team. You may have seen some of the TET members wearing this sig, now you have the chance to wear it yourself. This signature was made by the one and only Turtlefemm, so all thanks go to her for her wonderful job. Enjoy! :D












If you have any questions or comments feel free to respond here or PM your nearby TET Leader. They would be glad to help you out. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Many thanks goes to the whole team for their work on this project, but a special thanks to Omnitec, Deejay_hr and Den_Usynlige for their dedication on this project. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as we did working on this. And for one last time, our motto, Bring on the Fun!

A reflection is just a distorted reality held by glass and your mind.



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*Fluffy the Rabbit drinks Sophie's beer*




Fluffy: Bwah Bwah Bwah. (I will have my revenge on the TET staff for killing fluffy creatures)




I would like to enjoy the events more. :P

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I can't be bothered to read looong stories (I may get to that later if I have time), but I did read how events are created :P




After reading through that complicated process, I'm sort of glad I didn't choose to join TET when the opportunity arose; that's a lot of work you'll guys do. Attending these awesome events is more fun in my opinion and the TET points are a nice addition ::'




I'm glad you're all so dedicated though. Keep up the good work and bring on the fun <3:<3:




I also lol'd at the beginning of the video when HD was changed to TET :XD:


[hide=Funny Quote]

Cbow! Cbow!!!!! +120 range is orgasmic. Or maul, thats what I'd get out of those two options.

I agree with baconisbacon, Cbow looks freaking sensual

Runescape: Where strong weapons bring sexual pleasure.

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It was nice seeing the video. I remember some of those events when I used to regularly go to all the events. I haven't gone for a while though; the video made me want to partake in some events again :D

RIP Michaelangelopolous

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