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17-Aug-2011 - Temple Trekking: Revamped


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Protect travellers journeying through Mort Myre in our Temple Trekking revamp, with a range of new rewards, finer control over the route through the swamp and a new, diverse set of companions who grow in experience and skill as they travel.


The pilgrims are an eclectic bunch, including mad wizards, militia members and elderly men, and have bucked up their ideas following their previous trips through the swamps. As such, they will now be able to aid in fending off any enemies that decide to cut your trip short, instead of sitting back and making you do all the hard work! In turn, you can trade them food to help them survive the arduous journey through the murky morass.


Each time you help the locals embark on this perilous journey, you’ll be rewarded handsomely in resources and XP tomes. By continuously travelling with them, you will help them to level up, unlocking new skills and items to make subsequent journeys through the swamps that little bit more interesting. The mage Pazuzu, for example, will gain the ability to secure enemies in place with Bind, weaken their defences with Vulnerability and, eventually, to destroy them with Fire Wave and a Staff of Light.


Rather than selecting an easy or hard route for the trek as a whole, you will be taken to a hub after each encounter, where you will be able to continue down an easy, moderate or difficult route. Persistently escorting and developing a particular person will build their trust in you, and will allow them to foresee the dangers that lie down the branching paths ahead; great news if you’re low on food and need a safer route home, if you’re looking for a particular piece of gear, or if you just really hate vampyres.


The rewards have also been given an overhaul and a multitude of new items have been added, including a new outfit that everyone levelling Construction will find invaluable. On top of this, it is now much easier to obtain the full set of lumberjack clothes, which are a great help while levelling Woodcutting. These are just some of the great rewards up for grabs by the tenacious temple trekker.


How to start:


Check the noticeboard in Burgh de Rott (requires In Aid of the Myreque).

Check the noticeboard outside of Paterdomus (requires Legacy of Seergaze).


Mod Chris L


In other news...


Along with the revamp of the Temple Trekking minigame, Morytania and many of its inhabitants, from the supernatural to the slimy, have received some major graphical updates.


The trees around the major cities of Lumbridge, Falador and Varrock have been made taller and more detailed than ever before in the latest of our visual improvements.


Finally, familiars no longer need to be dismissed when entering the Grand Exchange. Instead, they will be hidden until you leave the area. The familiar’s timer will also pause while you’re in the area.


The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).





Oziach won the case against the Edgeville Reconstruction Committee, and as such has had his house remodeled free of charge.

Miss Schism in the prison during Court Cases no longer slides about on her chair.







Logging into a section of Within the Light will no longer occasionally fail to put the player in the correct place.

The Castles in the Sky task will now unlock when players visit a Citadel.

The wording on the Citadelementary task has been updated to state that your own Citadel must be entered to complete this task.




Activities / Distractions



The ring of stone, Easter ring, and bone brooch are now restricted in duels if ‘disable rings’ is selected.

Fingerprints in Court Cases will no longer state that they are not matched up correctly when they are.







Sir Owen no longer talks about being glad that you stopped Lucien obtaining the Stone of Jas as you didn't.

The head guard in a Clan Citadel will now give out Clan cloaks correctly.

Familiars can now attack players who are using a ring of stone.

Teleport spells now use sounds specific to the player, instead of area sounds.

The ice barrage spell sound has been altered, and will now play the sound every time the spell is cast.

The keep-on-death interface now better reflects the costs of the abyssal vine whip and ornate and spiky treasure trail items.

A spirit kyatt's ambush attack no longer skulls players erroneously.

Players can no longer avoid poison from the blood spell by getting out of Stealing Creation in an unexpected way.

Godwars degradable items no longer degrade on free worlds.

The ‘you mine some stone’ message in Citadels is now filtered correctly using the game filter.

It is no longer possible to gain more than 10 full cooking urns by dropping them.

Players can no longer make planks on a free world by using logs on the sawmill operator.


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Well, maybe the better graphics will make it more enjoyable. :P


Construction clothes though. Interesting.

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These rewards are gained from levelling your companions.


Level* Reward

100 Shortcut - unlock the ability to change the destination of the swamp gates to lead to the Nature Spirit's grotto.

200 Constructor's hat

300 Constructor's trouser

400 Constructor's garb

500 Teleport - unlock a teleport to Burgh de Rott on the Minigames necklace.

594 Ghast familiar (requires 50000 gold)


* Total level of all NPCs.


I'm most interested in the Burgh de Rott tele and Ghast familiar :D

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PLZ no server downtime again?




hidden till leave the area...

So still can't use bobs in there...



I hope they made it hidden as is not visible to others.


Isn't there a menu where you can acces storage in bob? (i dunno im 1 summon)

Me and the wise old man go way back.... he was a foolish boy back then.



My crystal armour idea.

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The rewards have also been given an overhaul and a multitude of new items have been added, including a new outfit that everyone levelling Construction will find invaluable.

Good thing I didn't use my planks yet.

On top of this, it is now much easier to obtain the full set of lumberjack clothes, which are a great help while levelling Woodcutting.

Means my multiple sets are worthless now :|


Ah well a bit of work on the guide.Should do it sometimes this summer.

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Anyone else think that the name Pazuzu rings a bell?


Yes... :3




More proof that Jagex employees love metal? :P


According to Wiki he was "In Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, Pazuzu (Sometimes Fazuzu or Pazuza) was the king of the demons of the wind, and son of the god Hanbi. He also represented the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and drought."





Reacting impulsively and saying what's on your mind feels oh so good.. for a little, until you realize you just started WWIII.

2672nd person to reach 2496 total.
Thanks to Wicked for the awesome siggy :D

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The new Vyrewatch look amazing!




40,919th person to access Turmoil. 21,559th person to access Overloads.





Are there any hidden bonuses here?


No bonuses


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New food interface.


Don't forget sickle/ivandis flail for vyrewatches.


Can resume trips you cut short or can start a new one if you decide to tele midtrip. Seems you don't get the same event(had a vyrewatch event got a rejuvinate one now).

Zacchory Bragg jumped to level 10 from level 6(start), after the rejuvinate event.


Campfire event interface is better( can heal the people faster by simply using the food on them.You don't get blocked for a few seconds now.



(Sorry for all these minor edits, I keep editing the post as I go through the run.)


Can also use a sickle,Flare.


Companion seems to be leveling by fighting.Zacchory is already level 19 from just 2 combat events.Might want to tank the monsters and let him kill them.

He's level 23, going to be 25 by the time I'm done with the first trek.This seems too easy.


He's level 26, still shooting water based spells.Think it's water bolt.

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Time to go make me a new Ivandis flail.


PS: Ghasts look badass.


99 Strength 99 Fletching 99 Range 99 Hitpoints 99 Attack

99 Dungeoneering <3 99 Magic 99 Smithing 99 Herblore

99 Theving

Slayer Drops: 14 whips, 22 D boots, 27 Granite Mauls, 42 Effigies, 5 Dark Bows.

What would be cool is if Drakan and his minions kill all the sig heroes in the quest except Raptor who is wrecking. You and him team up and cave in some vampyre heads. He becomes a total bro in future quests and in a GM quest he receives a fatal injury and his last dying words to you are "Brofist, mang"


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Jayne in burgh de root final reward unlimtied druid pouch sounds handy.


Also good tip:

Mages and rangers (follwoers that is) have auto retaliate off attack something in cmb event (works best on easy so u dont die) and get between monster n follower. Just stand there and let them do all the damage, they level loads then.


Works-ish with meleers too but they likely to get attacked and need food resupplied.


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