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Tip.It Times Presents: We Need More Cowbells


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This week's Tip.It Times has been released. Feel free to discuss the article or post any comments. If you have any criticism, please make sure it's constructive! :D








We Need More Cowbells




The Editor








Working my way through Jagex's latest quest, Cold War, the other evening, I found myself giggling like a fool at the various jokes and social commentary embedded in it. The quest itself was fairly straightforward; what made it so much...








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good article, I have noticed a lot of things in game that pertain to the real world. Like that one guy in draynor fortunado that sells the vinegar. When you examine him, it says, "could do with a bit of amontillado." This is from a poem written by poe, we had to read it in language arts.

I would put a cool link here but I don't know how.

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lol short article, I think he's running out of things to talk about :P








My favourite examine option has to be the Piglet's at Draynor Village "I sahll call him mini-pig". My GF was round at my house when I examined it, she was in fits lol!








I like the way that Jagex can make references to historical events, such as the Soviet Union (which is still a part of history that plays a MASSIVE effect on our world today), and yet not be serious about it and not cause controversy, and make it into a fairy tale.








As for the Recipe for Disaster quest, the way that you could go out of the room and talk to people about how you defeated the enemy - shades of LoZ: Ocarina of Time on the N64, with the bit where you learn the Song of Storms!

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good article well done, i would also like to point out that jagex has done the best job every on the latest quest "cold war" it was funy and had a good story line with the also challenging parts, well sort of.








I would agree that Jagex has done a good job on most quests, others have jokes that just go over my head, i guess i'm too young to understand some of the topics, and have never seen what the others are actually reffering to. I think that what they're doing is good, but they should expand into all the different age groups.








Then again i might just have missed out on some of the classic shows :cry:

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However, the funny thing is that people take runescape to seriously. I would understand it if Jagex was serious about this game, for after all it is their life! But there are all these people who take it seriously and forget something. It's just a game.They think about leveling, training, fighting a high monster, bragging things like that. But before you go on runescape, do you ever think, 'I'm going to have fun!' Isn't that why we play games? Well apparantelly not to some. That's my two cents.

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Loved the article. I just did the Cold War quest myself, and was laughing and telling people (lol who already did it) that it is soo based off the actual Cold War!!! lol.








I also agree with every point made, a good read for sure, keep it up editor(s)!!!

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I would agree that Jagex has done a good job on most quests, others have jokes that just go over my head, i guess i'm too young to understand some of the topics








Ya thats the thing about some of the kids playing the game.








Very nice job on the article. Short and sweet.








It would be nice if Andrew or one of the other Boys at JaGex would respond on such an article as this one O:)

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I greatly enjoyed this article. My favorite Examine option is of the cannons... "Aim away from the face". :lol:








my fave is the hammer :wink: give it a shot








(oh yer if you examine the penance spawn statue in barbarian place youll find somthing interesting... :-w

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