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pure f2p - 7th 99: hitpoints

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VERY nice.... and verie bad :P




what spiders did you train on? there are like a bazillion :shock:


The spelling and grammar of that email was that of an 11 year old palestinian goatboy who is speaking english for the first time
Quite simply, Facebook craps on Myspace. Then makes it eat the crap.
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Congrats, 99 hp awesome. :)




[spoiler=Stats:]Updated December 22, 2011:


Total level - 1442 - 170M+ XP , Combat level - 115

Combat skills: Attack - 90, Defence - 99 (24.45m+ XP), Strength - 90, Constitution - 99 (16.42M+ XP) Ranged - 99 (13.32M+ XP), Prayer - 60, Magic - 99 (13.25M+ XP)

Non-Combat skills: Cooking - 99 (13.80M+ XP), Woodcutting - 99 (31.95M+ XP), Fishing - 90, Firemaking - 99 (24.82M+), Crafting - 90, Smithing - 90, Mining - 85, Runecrafting - 60, Dungeoneering - 85


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What u train on for 99 melee, and what u craft for 70 rc!?!!








Not too hard with the W16 air company..








Still loads of money, and ess....








Anyway, very, very nice, like you.
















bank pic?

Currently hunting for clues. Any advice? PM me please =)

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i almost wasnt gonna post...








u make my 1k total f2p look like junk, psh, ud b my role model if i didnt think it were so impossible to get to where u are now












*stab, steal ur xp* <.<



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