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  1. If you are going for both fm and wc your best bet is probably just to do them separately while cutting ivy and fm maples. A good way to determine which to do too is to do ivy while you do hw or just want to not pay attention, then fm when you can pay 100% attention.
  2. I need to know how the number of items i can purchase per 4 hours in the ge. So if you know the max for different categories, or if you can link in to me that would be great. :thumbsup:
  3. easy clue Hardest clue i have and probably ever will have! Was 2 wildy coords, 1 wildy emote, 1 regular emote, 2 Puzzles makes sc funner(going for 99 eventually btw) never chopped ivy before as i didn't like the idea of no gain, but now that i have, ivy is by far the best way to go.
  4. This new skill need to be a serious money drain. it is now RARE to see a level 115+ with less than 50m total net worth. What has this Runescape come to?
  5. I would spend the first 10 on hunter to get me to level 80 so i can train easier with 5 traps. (not to mention the free 2.5m from the training) Then i would spend the rest on 40 hours of fast sc to get me 200 hammers for 99 smithing.
  6. If it were possible to fast forward your character's progress for 50 hours, what would you do? It can be anything you want it to be! So what would you spend your 50 free progress hours on?
  7. This sat in my bank for ages. i wan't even aware it was a level two until after the first cord.
  8. If you are going for 99, definitely do NOT block black demons. They are great exp, have okay drops, and have great crimson drop rate. Not to mention with prayer(like 5 p pots is a task) and you can just afk them in the edge dungeon.
  9. They have already defeated jad :shock:
  10. Selling me that Purple would be a good 250M for you. :P Sell the santa's. they have the least street "credit"
  11. IT'S MANBEARPIG!!!!!!! ...there is a pedobear also. i guess I'm missing the manbearpig. :-|
  12. Please dont get me hyped up, only to be crushed again.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!
  13. Okay, first off, what exactly is "upgrayedd" supposed to mean? Besides being completely unpronouncable, it makes absolutely no sense. Upgrayedd = Upgrade :P Yes, we know. But we're still trying to figure out what it means. I've read through entire updates threads wondering if I was the only one scratching my head. :| And this. Oh, I can explain it. Upgrayedd is the name of a character from Idiocracy. Basically it's a movie about what would happen if everyone in the world devolved into morons over the next 500 years. And he spells it with two D's for the double dose of his pimp hand. :razz: Anyway, I started calling Upgrades, Upgrayedds because I found the whole idea of substituting large content for the upgrades rather stupid. I understand that upgrades are necessary to the game, but I think there have been too many in lieu of bigger updates, more in depth additions, etc. I also think that the new content has suffered in terms of length and playability because of the upgrades, can anyone say 2009 the year of the 20 minutes quests as well? Basically though after I post this I'll be ridiculed for my opinion because everyone here likes to mark out for the upgrades and put them over like they're the best things ever, when in many cases they're just fixes to problems created by Jagex in the first place, case in point, the 38 thousand PVP updates we've had this year this year. I don't rip on the other news stuff because that's what it is, other news. Small fixes. Those are usually fine, as are the patch notes. But when this kind of crap is pawned off on me as an update for the week, I get irritated. Also, I think that the upgrades should be made, but content shouldn't have suffered which I think it has. So when I see an upgrade that is crap, like this Champion's challenge and the Leprachaun champion, which doesn't even give you the music which is also dumb, so that the whole thing is completely idiotic I'll call it an Upgrayedd, because I think it's a stupid upgrade. [/hide] Well, that's good to know. I thought it was a bad attempt at cleverness. Thanks for clearing that up. I do agree that making 2009 the upgrade year was a bit of a disappointment, but I'm really looking forward to what they'll throw at us in 2010. Upgrade year? I thought this was "let mmg make crappy decisions about a game he has hardly played until he starts planing (almost)decent updates about 3/4 through the year" year.
  14. YAY :mrgreen: I've been itching for new areas for a while now.
  15. I'm actually excited for this, but I guess I'm one of few.
  16. runecrafting has only gotten the guild sense then, and smithing hasn't had any updates.
  17. Str is kinda pissing me off now. I always strive to get into the top 100k for each skill, but now that seems a long way off for str.
  18. the skill will be both members and f2p, but it is easily assumed that only parts of the skill will be available to f2p.
  19. just to put it into perspective, it took me 2 and a half no life days to go 91-99, about 35-45 hours in total with sharks which at the time lost me 3m. I dont think there is even a logical way to get 99 from 70 in 42 hours for less than 1.2m
  20. Any word on smelting bars? What bars/methods would be best to do. Also any bars/hour or exp/hour rates would be good too.
  21. Lol olly that means obama would have maxed that already. how much gp's he's dumped into it
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