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Tip.It Times: 12 April 2009

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Time for a new release of the: >>>Tip.It Times!<<<




When replying please make sure to clarify the article you are replying to! Thanks!




Enjoy the articles!





RIP Michaelangelopolous
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[hide=Interview With Das!]Das & N_odie








Tip.It: Today we are Interviewing Das, an Administrator here at Tip.It to get a feel of the future direction of the site. Thanks for accepting the invitation Das!




Das: Thank you very much for the opportunity to be interviewed.




Tip.It: Haha, our pleasure. To begin the interview, lets get a feel of how long you have been a member of the Tip.It community?




Das: I have been a member of the community since 2001. When I first joined Tip.It, it was on the black forums. Before the current Tip.Tt forums, they were called "Scapeboard."




Tip.It: That really interesting, it is crazy to imagine 8 years have passed since that time. How has watching and being part of the community over those 8 years affected your Rs gaming?




Das: I would say Tip.it had impacted my gaming more in the older days than currently. In the older days, things such as "logging out in the wilderness is bug abuse" impacted how I thought about pking honor and how I want to play the game. The game then had tough debates on X'ing, teleporting, among other things. Now things are not as exciting, I'm set into my ways and generally the community cant get behind many things to actually make a movement that would affect how a player played the game.




Tip.It: So, why have you stuck so close to Tip.it over the latter years?




Das: My relationship with Tip.It has been sort of love/hate. I always considered Tip.It my home website. I have not always agreed with the way it has been ran, but I came back because the staff wanted my views on the clan section in a sort of evaluation type thing by the users.




Tip.It: So naturally, as staff received your views you ended up being invited as a moderator. How do you feel clan and Tip.It relations have improved from this point on?




Das: I feel, that is improving slowly, our clan section took a hard hit back in the old days due to bad moderating, and a poor view of clans in general from the administration. I feel we have slowly improved to a point to where we may be in position to be the #1 clan fansite someday soon.




Tip.It: Thats great to hear! I know I am personally loving the clan page found on the main site. Many of the features are very interesting even to those who may not be in a clan at this point in time. Does the clan moderation team have any future plans or surprises for us?




Das: The Tip.it War Rankings (TWR) is a really exciting system we have in place for clan wars. As far as for surprises and new content for the webpage, I have a few ideas in mind that I would love to get coded up, but as of now they are currently in the planning stages.




Tip.It: Sounds sweet! I look forward to seeing some of those features in the future! Now, how long where you a mod before you where invited to become an Administrator?




Das: You know, honestly off of the top of my head, I dont really know. *goes to look*




Das: I became a Moderator on Jun 26, 2007 I became an administrator officially on Mon Jun 23, 2008. It sure does not seem like I was a clan mod for a year. Time flies.




Tip.It: Ah, it sure does, so you have been an administrator for 10 months now! What are some of the changes you have seen over those 10 months that you would deem notable?




Das: Well, I would say seeing Jagex work with us overshadows anything. I would say the clan section has received a very notable overhaul with it's very talented clan staff. Bigger Avatars and Signatures - I would also like to think we have made some great additions to the staff in that time.




Tip.It: I know all those where received happily! Now, you mentioned the announced Jagex partnership. Would you say staff as a whole is pretty excited about this?




Das: I dont know anyone who isnt excited about this. I think some people fear that our forum quality will degrade with the influx of RSOF users, but I dont think this will happen at all. They are not looking to replace RSOF with other forums, just help out other fansites.




Tip.It: Do you think the forum community will be affected with this partnership when it comes to full realization?




Das: Yes, only in positive ways with more to discuss and talk about.




Tip.It: Thats very promising! How do you think the partnership will affect the main site?




Das: I think it may provide new content, I cant really say much, Jagex likes surprises! I really dont, so all I can say is knowing what I know, I can see new content.




Tip.It: Haha, well it is something we are definitely looking forward to! Aiming towards a conclusion, where do you see Tip.It and its community in a year from now?




Das: I see us as a stronger fansite than ever, I see our forums more active and with more new features than Tip.It users have ever had!




Tip.It: More features! Sound cool. Any last comments or advice for the community?




Das: I have had a fun time working for you guys, if you ever have any ideas for features, rule changes or improvements, please PM them to me.




Tip.It: Great! Thanks again Das for taking the time for this interview! I have personally enjoyed it and I am sure the community will as well![/hide]




[hide=Two Birds and a Stone]Ts_Stormrage




For a while now the new PvP system has been in place, and it has been horribly abused by whats commonly known as the PvP-trick.




To explain it to those who don't know about it; if you and your partner risk 25k+ on an F2P PvP world or 75k+ on a P2P PvP world and take turns killing each other with the other one "fighting back", you can get drops FAR better then the amount risked by your opponent. This is determined by whats known as "drop potential", and for that I refer you to the Knowledge base. Doing this in a single way combat zone prevents other people from crashing.




I know that Jagex intended on making PvP popular again, but in my opinion this is ridiculous. It shames the true nature of what PvP was all about. PvP means you make money, yes, but at the demise of others - not having both players gain from it. It defies all logic that your opponent would be dropping more value then he was holding. Talk to any old school PK-er and they will tell you the same thing. Bottom line so far: the PvP system needs to be updated and tweaked to resemble more closely what it used to be in the old wilderness.




Another venom courses in the economic system of RuneScape. Junk-trading has made it completely impossible to buy the true wealth-status items such as Party Hats, 3rd Age gear, or Elysian Shields in the GE.




People who have such GP intensive items in their banks keep track of the item's real value as opposed to what the GE says. And this fluctuates faster then what the GE can accommodate. With Junk-trading, people want to have more GP for their item than that it is currently valued at. Which means they sell you Item X plus a bunch of junk that nobody wants anyways, which you have to pay the additional GP for. As a result, the item no longer trades in the GE, and it becomes frozen, unattainable for the common man.




The solution to both problems is easier then you think.




Jagex could modify the system. Just enough to make sure that the drops of a killed person on a PvP-world never exceed the total value that which he carried. But at the same time, they could factor in the "drop potential" of the person who just killed him to put the total dropped value closer to the maximum, depending on that drop potential, of course.




This would not only remove the "junk" label from a lot of items, as more and more people will now be welfaring (and a lot of the easily obtainable junk items are used in whats known as welfare pk-ing). It would also provide you with an opportunity to transform the junk back into actual money. And all of a sudden the notorious Maple Longbow (u) suddenly has a value again.




I know that there are still a few holes to be patched. But these simple solutions would give the respect back to PK-ing that it deserves. And while slamming the breaks on Junk-trading; it wouldn't remove it completely, so it is still possible to give your friend a gift.[/hide]




[hide=Invoking the Muse]A Behind the Scenes Look at the Tip.It Times






This is a semi-behind the scenes look at the Editorial Panel.




When one starts to write an article they obviously need a topic. But this can be very difficult. Now that we are writing multiple articles a week there are very few truly fresh articles that can be written.




So when you think of a topic any given member of the editorial panel needs to cross-check it across all of the other previous articles. Once this has been done, it is imperative that the article has relevance to the community. Generally an article focused on a 4 month old update does not seize the attention of the community. Then, is the topic writable? Is it possible to write a decent length article on the subject? Here is an example of the general development of an article.




Not only this: there are many subtopics of articles that can be chosen. An article can be opinionated, neutral, factual, or simply meant to spark debate on the forums. In this case, we have a factual article.




Then it is really important that you take into account the reader. You cant go on a thirty-page well-written rant about the problem of Real World Trading in Warcraft. As a slightly more subtle example, if something is already being debated on the forums, generally interest is focused on that. Also, the forum-goers will going to be interested in newer updates.




This is even more difficult if an opinionated topic is taken. In the case of an opinionated topic you definitely should not spark anger in all of your readers.




Once a topic is thought of the article must be flushed in. If you are going to reference any figures or examples they must be researched, and sometimes this involves playing a little bit of RuneScape yourself.




Then comes the analysis of this data. What does it mean, how was is caused how can it be fixed. Ts Stormrages article this week demonstrates how an article can include possible solutions for a problem.




As well, the editorial panel does obviously not have unilateral views: we are not the Borg. For this reason, although articles do not need to be entirely one sided, they must be open to all views.




There are also two other types of articles from the community: one is a response to a previous article and the other is an article itself. Sometimes these come in well-written but are edited for coherency or grammar etc.




Then the article is looked upon by other members of the staff and edited, trying to improve it to the type of quality we need. As a reminder, we are still accepting Tip it Times guest articles and responses to articles. To find out more be sure to visit this topic.




After looking at this article, we hope that you greater understand and appreciate what happens before it magically appears on the main page.[/hide]




[hide=Rat King - Part 2]Necromagus




All around the room the crowd roared, animals shrieked and money flowed in a steady stream into the pockets of the pit bosses. Borr tried to ignore it all, but the noises, the sights and the sounds were impossible to drown out. He sat huddled behind the highly decorated chair that had been placed in the centre of the room to accommodate their special guest. Lady Pianna observed the spectacle quietly, showing no outward reaction to the cacophony of bloodshed that she had come to inspect.




Borr had seen her arrive in the city two days previous, observing her carriage bouncing noisily over the cobblestones through the sewer grates that lined the streets. While it didn't have the luxurious trimmings that the nobility liked to boast to show off their wealth, it still had the unmistakable air of a vehicle built for someone who wielded considerable financial and political power. The army of beggars that usually trailed such vehicles was conspicuously absent, scared off by the remarkably simian looking guards that leered menacingly from the back of the carriage.




Borr scampered along the sewer pipes to keep up with the carriage until it came to a stop in front of the stately manor of the master of the pits. The bodyguards got off first, flanking the carriage door. Right on cue the pitmaster made his grand entrance, his stubby legs carrying his bloated body as dignified as they could in the elaborate silk slacks he was wearing for the occasion. He looked extremely flustered, obviously feeling threatened by the mere presence of his guest and the people she represented.




He had to adjust his legs to prevent them from cramping up, squeezing himself at an almost impossible angle to get the best possible view of the carriage door as it swung open to give him his first glimpse of their visiting dignitary. She was a stately woman, middle aged, with a sharp face that seemed to be pulled taut by her hair that was coiled up in a tight bun. Her dark robes, wrapped tightly around her thin frame, shimmered slightly in the light of the setting sun. From his distant viewpoint Borr had no idea what was going on between her and the master, but the nervous little man soon led her inside, obscuring her from his view. Borr quickly scampered back through the pipes, afraid that his absence would be noticed if he stayed out much longer.




The next day he got an unexpected visit from one of the pit bosses. When he heard that he was to attend the night's grand show at the request of Lady Pianna his heart skipped several beats out of sheer terror or being forced into proximity of someone with so much authority. He was handed a surprisingly clean set of clothes and told to forget his duties for the day and get himself cleaned up.




As he wrestled himself into his new garments his thoughts wondered at the reason why Lady Pianna wanted him to attend the show. He usually went out of his way to avoid the ghastly spectacles, disgusted by both the bloody animal fights and the audience they attracted. He knew very well that there would be no escaping the grisly displays of violence tonight and any dreams he had had about using the guest to escape his miserable existence seemed nothing more than a distant fantasy.




Dinner had come and gone, the usual watery soup and hard bread, but Borr found that he couldn't bring himself to swallow a single bite. He lay curled up on his bed as each second seemed to stretch itself out to an eternity, waiting for the summons. When he finally was called to attendance his legs, which his nerves had seemingly reduced to jelly, felt like they could barely carry him. The man that had come to retrieve him angrily barked at him to keep quiet and keep his head down, which had pretty much been Borr's strategy for the night anyway.




He was led into a small round room that, to his relief, was occupied by several other people that seemed to share his predicament. He recognized the faces of several rat catchers, bookmakers and pit bosses, every one of them as nervous as hew as. When the horn that signified the start of the show sounded, the door on the other room opened and those that had been called to sit with the lady filed through it in single nervous file. The crowd roared in enthusiasm as the master of the pits read out the list of events scheduled for the nights, and Borr's instincts led him to try to find a secluded spot, which was all but impossible on the crowded podium. In the end he settled for a place behind the lady's chair, hoping it would spare him from any attention he might receive.




As the show went on and the crowd got louder, Borr began to notice a pair of men, dressed in matching uniforms, move back and forth between the various spectators on the podium. One by one they were called to the lady's chair, and even though he was sitting right behind them the roars of excited bloodlust made it impossible to hear what was discussed. The people called to the lady usually only talked with her for a few moments, then hurriedly left the podium. In the dim light Borr tried to interpret their body language as they left. Most seemed, if anything, relieved to be dismissed. As the group thinned however, Borr only became more nervous, wondering when it would be his turn to talk to the mysterious visitor. The fact that he couldn't think of a single positive reason for him to be there didn't seem to help at all.




He was pulled out of his nervous contemplation by the sound of a large gong that seemed to instantly hush the crowd down to a quiet murmur. It was time for the main event, and despite his nerves and his general aversion to the games Borr shifted to get a good view of the pits. He watched as the master of the pits waddled to the centre of the large room, his voice echoing off the domed ceiling as he rattled off the usual pre-match speech that was specifically designed to not only get the crowd excited, but to get more of their money into the hands of the bookkeepers as well.




As the master of the pits walked back through the curtain, a creaking sound came from a small trapdoor built into the roof of the room. Borr looked away again, knowing exactly what would happen next. Soon enough the crowd was counting down, working itself into an even higher pitch of excitement as the mechanism slowly lowered Borr's rat king down towards the central pit. Four hungry cats, all scarred from dozens of pit battles, circled the place where the rat king would soon land, licking their lips and hissing menacingly. Borr couldn't look, knowing full well what was about to happen. Luckily the roar of the audience quickly drowned out the screams and hisses, and Borr was left to stare at the wall again.




It was over in a manner of minutes. As the bell to signify the end of the match sounded, the boos drowned out the cheers. Borr let out a sigh of relief. Boos meant that a lot of people had lost their money, and that tonight had been especially profitable. Borr didn't know the odds against his rat king, and he didn't really care. All he wanted to do now was leave, tear out of the uncomfortable clothes he was wearing, get a good night's sleep and get back to his work in the morning. He had almost made it to the door when he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. He turned around, staring directly into the eyes of Lady Pianna.




"You are Borr, the boy that makes the rat kings, aren't you? I was hoping we would get a chance to talk during the event, but I'm afraid other matters took up more time than I intended them to. Will you please follow me back to my quarters?"




Borr could only nod, amazed that his knees hadn't buckled under the sheer weight of the terror that had hit him when he realized that not only Lady Pianna was talking to him, but that for a brief moment he had stared her directly in the eyes.[/hide]




[hide=Did you know...]... that it is possible to feed your Bunyip some Lava Eels? Fishing these is very fast xp (slightly better than Shilo river Lure fishing), and feeding them to your Bunyip gives you up to 11 Water Runes, the most sought after elemental rune. And with the ability to recharge your Summoning points nearby, you can stay in Taverly Dungeon for a long time. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)[/hide]

RIP Michaelangelopolous
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Very good article with one of the greatest did you know's.




Bravo. :thumbsup:


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Lava eels? Why have I never heard of this before? *Goes off to catch a blamish snail*


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Tbh, the #1 way to fix the 26k problem is to make bh-like skulls so everyone can see if that guy with nothing on dies he will indeed drop items.




Trust me, everyone in pvp including me will go for them.

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Best did you know




that's amazing :)


null and void

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I'm getting 150 water runes for 23 lava eels seems the xp is a little slower through.


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I'm getting 150 water runes for 23 lava eels seems the xp is a little slower through.




yeah but it might be faster at a certain lvl.


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theres 4 new articles and you discuss on the 'did you know?' :lol: (great 'did you know' btw ::' )




enjoyed the articles, except fictional, never reading those :?










if it was that simple jagex would've done that -.-


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TBH, I really don't mind having the 26K trick. Nobody is harmed by this at all.


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i hated the two birds and a stone article. absolutley hated it. it seems that ts is just pissed off that people found a good way to make money that ISNT based around making people lose hundreds of thousands - or more - at a time. also, all it is, is emergent game play, like the original way of getting 2 firecapes with gravestones, or the zilyana wall safespot in the past(did anyone notice how all gwd bosses had other "glitches in their room? surely its not a coincidence. jagex wanted hilts in the game fast). all were controversial, ofcourse but there was nothing wrong with them. jagex didnt chose to think through all the possible ways that it could be, as you so coldy put it "abused".




the pvp trick doesnt hurt anyone, really. and there is still danger in it. several times i have died, or nearly died, doing the kills because of high levels waiting nearby with an ice barrage and some shiny red claws.




whilst i do agree with the possible solution given, i dislike the way you put your opinion forward on it in general.


ive also seen people say it is bug abuse, but it is not. bug abuse is things like the µ glitch, durials rampage, duping, and the like. not simple cases where jagex forgot to look through all the potential possibilities for emergent gameplay

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Kudos to the person that submitted that Did You Know... fact. :thumbup:


Rest of the articles were pretty... uninteresting for me.

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Great Did You Know and main article (the interview)! :thumbsup:






I have to disagree with Ts_Stormrage, though. I will agree that PVP drops shouldn't exceed the value of lost items since this just seems cheap to me (NOTE: the PVP-trick is in no ways against the rules and I aplaud whoever started doing it first for coming up with the idea, but I don't agree with the principles behind it).




However, I don't agree with what was said about junk trading. Even though it makes buying/selling certain items much harder than it should be, I do not see any alternatives to it unless Jagex starts using their so-called GE Team to (incrementally) update prices that become so far off as to cause a complete hault in trading via the GE (or possibly make the GE update more often if they also made price manipulation (think merchant clans) a bannable offence). I would also like to see the removal of price floors, ceilings and 'ties' (where one item's price is determined by the price of another item(s)), but would be satisfied if they just started doing what they said they'd do back when the GE was first implemented.

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Like others I don't agree with what TS_S wrote.




First, it was always very possible for your opponent to drop more than the game would recognize. Why did so many players use smite if not to drop the opponent's protect item prayer and get a godsword or abyssal whip that the player wasn't planning to use? I heartily disagree with altering the system to not give a drop better than the items the person was carrying. This won't "fix" PKing to make it more balanced, it will force every kill to take money out of the game. As it is, you sometimes get more and sometimes get less. Jagex needs that randomness to remain in order to combat people using PvP worlds as a means of transferring wealth.




Also, a quick note: players aren't "ridiculously" earning money. Drop potential is earned one of two ways: dying with money (the money becomes drop potential points) or being in a hot zone (or longer in a non hot zone). If you choose the dying with money approach, you can't be certain that you'll get a drop to make up for it. If you're choosing the hot zone method, you either have to use food or runes (which also costs money, though not as much) or you have to be on the look out for attacks. Either way, you're spending time which earns you profit later. Time should equal money, and while this isn't a traditional moneymaking method, it isn't handing out money for free either.




Finally, on to the junk/unbuyable/unsellables problem (I consider unbuyables/unsellables to be the items that can NEVER be bought or sold on the GE, high end items only like partyhats, spirit shields, and 3rd age armor). The economy needs unbuyables to hold true wealth. The easiest fix to this is to add more memory to item stacks to allow for extra max cash, because 2147m is not hard to make with clandestine merchanting manipulations. Also, taking junk out of the game will not make the prices of these items correct. People simply won't sell the junk; a lot of junk is made purposely to be traded, not to be sold. Merchants won't sell junk even if they could (although Jagex is working on a quest that lets you recycle junk as a reward). If junk was somehow completely removed, people still wouldn't sell unbuyables on the GE; they would simply find some other way to trade them or wait for the GE to correct its pricing. Also, the GE can only correct unbuyables if the price change limits are loosened up; otherwise, people will always have enough time to dump one unbuyable and hoard another.




To me, the article sounded like an average joe's look at the current problems and not an insightful examination of cause, effect, and solution.

2496 Completionist

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First I would just like to point out two typos you guys may have missed




Tip.Tt forums, they were called "Scapeboard."


From the interview with Das, should be Tip.it.




And on the front page it says "the game as well has a fantastic fictional!" I think you guys meant that word to be as.




Anyways that doesn't matter too much as all the articles were excellent. The Did You know was once again something I never realized and will probably try once I get to 68 summoning.




It was also nice to read about how much work it takes to make these articles, makes me respect the writers and editors a whole lot more. You guys do a great job.




As for Two Birds and a Stone I have mixed feelings about this. While I agree with Ts_Stormrage on how the system doesn't quite seem right and junk trading is a problem but the lower drops doesn't seem to really solve any of this. The whole PvP system needs some fixing to make pking profitable for good pkers without causing lots of gold to be removed from the game. I can't think how this would be fixed though.




I admit to using the 26k trick because it was really the only way to gain a lot of drop potential and get good drops in PvP. Any other way and I'd have just lost money.

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Great interview with Das :thumbsup:




I have never really gotten into the PvP worlds, but the 26k/76k trick seems like the only good way to make anything out of the worlds. As I said though, I don't PvP, so I don't know. :?




A look into how the Times are made was pretty interesting ::'




I love the fictionals, always. Keep up the good work Necro :D




And I HAVE to try out the lava eel thing! :)

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Its good to see my editorial sparked some debate... As I said there are still loopholes and I can understand that this doesn't solve it completely... And as what some may think, I actually don't care at all about the PvP trick being an "unfair" money maker (the fact that it sparked a discussion means the article was a success)... What I care about is that it ruins the respect that actual PK-ing once held, and how it is a shame that it is easier to get a DFS from this system rather then a drop from actual dragons...




jettrider wrote: "First, it was always very possible for your opponent to drop more than the game would recognize. Why did so many players use smite if not to drop the opponent's protect item prayer and get a godsword or abyssal whip that the player wasn't planning to use?" How does that add to dropping more value than the total value of what that person has with him? I think you misunderstood it a little there...




And acenator; I think that "fixing" the GE prices back to normal was kind of a given, so I didnt include that... Right now the only thing that is keeping inflation from surging is the fact that we actually have price manipulators who seem to end up with the GP in their pockets that the common man is willing to pay "too much" for a certain item... PvP has to become a money sink rather then a money maker...






As for the Did You Know, there are some unanswered questions...


Credit goes to Cabaretboy of my clan... We have tested this, and at level 80 fishing, you get as much fish as you would in Shilo. But you get fish that is worth all 60xp instead of some 70xp (salmon) and some 50 xp (trout)... And since you ALWAYS get more trout then salmon (averaging slightly below 60xp per fish), the Lava Eels win out...




I do hope now that insightfull people realise that they can also throw their trout and tuna (from swordfishing) in their Bunyip... Tuna gets you even more Water Runes then a Trout, but is nowhere near as fast...




Oh and dont worry about getting damaged on the way to Lava Eels either, the Bunyip Swallow Whole scroll allows you to eat them raw provided you have at least 53 cooking...

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Not a PVP'er here, but i did benefit from it as a herblorist before GE came in.




To answer the 'it doesnt hurt anyone' arguement - how can it be beneficial to someone who sits and kills mithril dragons for ages to get a DFS, to have somone with much lower stats and only 75k risked able to get the same drop?




I like the point that Pkers were rich because they had to earn it, risking big to win big - not just slog away with a mate in some quiet corner.






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The current system is not ideal and neither is the one from two birds and one stone: The amount risked by the dieing player and the amount risked by thep layer influence drops some, but it's hard to get up dp and...




It's an imperfect system, but it does the job. (atm)

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