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Masters of Dragons Closes


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Today, after 4 years and 7 months of existence, Masters of Dragons closes.


Almost two weeks ago, I made a post in leadership circle stating I was stepping down. The reason for this is that my life has become busier, sooner than I thought it would be. There are a number of things I want to focus on, that have been pushed away as a priority in my life since I started the MoD revival a few months ago. Since then both Ravindave and Busterlin have decided to step down. With Nintendo also not being that active recently, a complete new leadership was needed. Leadership started discussing our options. With activity in the clan dwindling already, no-one really felt that they could step up as leader and be successful, and so the leadership agreed that it would be better to close MoD now while we are on a high, than head back down the increasingly likely road of where we were a few months ago.


I suppose too many people in the clan have moved on from the game. That drive for runescape and clanning isnt as strong as it once was, with a lot of people not as active as they feel they need to be to make MoD succeed.


I myself have been in MoD for just over 4 years, and it has been a great experience. Ive met hundreds of great people, had countless good times, and have learnt a lot. Weve had a huge number of great achievements, and to name them all, would make this post far too long. I have no regrets from the times I lead MoD, I made mistakes for sure, but always tried to do what I thought was best at the time, and learnt from anything else. Our forums will remain open, after I re-arrange them to be more accessible to guests. Irc will stay, and vent will stay for a few more weeks until it runs out (after that I suggest people get skype to talk with). Over the long time Mod has been alive, we have had our ups and downs, but always we remained a close knit family with a great community, and I hope that the community remains, and people keep in touch with each other, despite closing.


Im not going to make any special shout outs to individuals, as there are simply far too many and I wouldnt want to leave anyone out. But I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who went above and beyond what they were expected to do as a normal member of the clan. Thank you to all the councils, leaders, warlords, generals, elders and team members etc whos time into the clan, really made us what we were; your work did not go un-noticed. Last of all, thank you to every person, who was once a part of MoD, even if not a part of the clan now, you made your impact, and I hope everyone enjoyed the time they did have here.


There will we be no substitution for MoD for me, but all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately its time for MoD to be laid to rest.


R.I.P Masters of Dragons.


Quoted from our leader, Kiwiwithbow, from our clan forums.


Personally I was in MoD from May 2008 and really enjoyed my time. Glad to have been with MoD until the end.


Once a MoD, always a MoD.

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sad to see another clan go.


I use to say this to all these recent closing topics :sad: Do take note though that this closure is not related to any of the recent closures of clans. All during 2009 we were basically struggling to get MoD back to where it use to be and this just happens to be the day we accept closure

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I never saw a clan fight so hard from within to rise back to power. You went out of the box and tried new things with enthusiasm--like RSB recruiting. I remember the incarnations of Masters of Dragons throughout my time in the clan community and all of those memories are ones of fondness and respect.


Later, MoD.


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rip guys gl with your new clans, if you choose to join another one














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